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PickNic's Catering your Trusted Saskatoon Catering and Wedding Cake Expert answers your Facebook Fan Page Questions - Part 2

What's the difference between good food and absolutely incredible dining? Fresh, quality ingredients, generous portions, imagination and creativity! From a simple catered lunch with gourmet sandwiches, to a Picknic Box for 2 for a romantic evening in, to a fabulously catered wedding or event, let Picknic's Catering and Fine Foods create something special for you!


PickNic's Catering are known for their wedding cakes. Talk to the ExpertsTrusted Weddings & Events Show - Questions for Nicola - PickNic's Catering and Fine Foods 

Part 2:

Q: Brandie Parker: A wedding reception is it still ok to do a large meal or is something lighter such a finger foods more appropriate, and can both be done in a balanced manner to stay on budget?

A: Being upfront about your budget is the best way for your caterer to help you build the menu to encompass your vision. It is trendy to have a couple light hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour to welcome your guests, and then a proper entrée style meal. The meal doesn’t have to be as elaborate, and yet your guests will look back on the evening and have the overall impression of being very well taken care of.

Also, an ongoing selection of Appetizers, for a cocktail-type reception is lovely if you are having a non-traditional schedule for your wedding day. For instance, an early afternoon wedding ceremony followed directly by an afternoon reception in an outdoor setting is light on the budget, easy on the waistline, interesting for the guests and allows for a lot more circulation and mingling of your guests as they stop by the variety of food stations. 


Q: Bruce Voldeng: Food choices always seem difficult but now a days even more so with allergies to nuts, gluten, color dyes, diabetics, low sodium etc. How can I juggle these all with my meal, cake, and midnight lunch as well as gift opening food choices? It seems impossible to accomodate everyone. Is there a point where you just say that's all I can do? or is that totally rude?

A: I think it is important to attempt to accommodate everyone up to the point of the dinner itself. If there is a single gluten free person in your group, its not crucial to do a gluten free cake for them as one of your layers of your wedding cake. Perhaps a single gluten free cupcake can be prepared for them instead. So, they don’t get a slice of the real thing, well, they will still be thankful that you thought to manage their needs in some way.

In regards to nuts, just because they can be so deadly, we advise any groups with a nut allergy to stay away from nuts in the wedding catering and especially cake altogether, its tricky when slicing one layer not to cross contaminate the next layer. Best avoided.

Sometimes, when we have three or four allergies, we will create a single dish (casserole) style entrée that encompasses all the needs: Gluten-Free, Vegan, Nut-free etc. We have tent cards in place to let the crowds know what it what.

By the time midnight lunch rolls around, I would not spend too much energy managing needs - other than a deathly serious allergy. Picky eaters can just nibble at what may be available or not at all. At that time of the night, many people don’t really have a voracious appetite anyway. If their dietary needs are not met, they likely won’t hold it against you. 


Q: Jessi Kildaw: How do I avoid cliche's while still staying safe enough to keep everyone happy (within reason, its still my day damnit lol).

A: If a cliché on a menu is meat and potatoes, for instance, then there sure are a ton of alternatives these days.  If you have a theme going, use your food to carry the theme through.  People won’t be upset if they don’t have turkey and ham at your wedding. They might just sigh in relief when they see fun and alternative items on the buffet lines.  We have an “indulgent Mac ‘n’ Cheese” dish that is so unexpected on the buffet line that it is the heaviest hit item every time.  People have their guilty pleasures and if you present it in a dressy enough fashion, your guests will be thrilled!  


Q: Vanessa Pauls-Doell: If you are new in the wedding business what do you recommend as the best way to gain new clientele?

A: A strong online presence is crucial in this day of internet savvy brides. Make sure you have a facebook page/instagram account/other social media pages, and take lots of photos of everything you do.

If you are a services based business, testimonials are great.

Also key to getting some bridal biz is to be well presented at some of the excellent Bridal trade shows here in the city.

Make sure you have lots of advertising paraphernalia, some sort of fun/memorable sample and lots of visually interesting work on display.

Be dressed for success - stylish and classy.

Read up on trade show etiquette and advice.  I have certainly done so and have had a lot of success with bookings because of it. Once you have done a few they get easier and easier to prepare for. The first ones will feel like a phenomenal amount of work for a few hours of exposure, but it is absolutely worth it. And the more weddings you book and the more brides you make especially happy on their big day, the more happy brides will be chatting about and referring you/your services to their friends. Referrals are powerful and exponential in their scope.

And never, never, never cancel out on a bride! If you commit to a product or service for a wedding, move mountains to make it happen. There is nothing like the desperation and anger of a bride who has been jilted by a supplier/service provider. And she will likely vent online. Ouch. 


Q: Vanessa N Pat: How do I know what size of cake I need? How do I know that I’m not getting too little or too much cake?

A: Please take a moment to check out our Wedding Cake info page on our website:

You will find a handy cake serving chart that helps you decide on number of tiers, size of tiers etc. It is important to note, if cake is your main dessert or not makes a big difference on consumption, thus size accordingly.  We are always here to help you choose the right sized cake.  Call us or schedule a cake consultation. Our number is: 306.343.7374! 


Find PickNic's Catering and Fine Foods at 210 33rd Street West or online here- or go to their listing in Saskatoon Catering & Bakeries to read all of the wonderful things her clients had to say about PickNics.


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