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Wheatland Fireplace a Trusted SASKATOON Hot Tub tip on the Spa Marvel Water Treatment

Your first step into the beautiful Wheatland Fireplace showroom will help you understand why Wheatland Fireplace has been given the Thumbs up by Trusted Saskatoon.

This really is where your Saskatoon Outdoor living and Fireplace dreams meet in spectacular surroundings! Wheatland Fireplace Saskatoon is a TRUSTED Saskatchewan company that sells products that make your life better. Wheatland Fireplace services and installs their high-quality fireplaces, barbecues (bbq), grills and smokers from industry leading manufacturers. They love their customers and as a result,their customers love and TRUST them. Wheatland Fireplace are your Exclusive Trusted SASKATOON FIREPLACE store and they are Trusted SASKATOON OUTDOOR LIVING & RECREATION Experts

Here they share some tips on the Spa Marvel Water Treatment, Conditioner & Cleanser:


The following are not “requirements”, but rather recommendations for achieving even more fabulous results with Spa Marvel while at the same time reducing hot tub maintenance and care. 

  • Shower First: Showering will reduce the introduction of dirt, oils, hair products, deodorants, makeup, perfume etc. to the spa. Four people in a spa are the equivalent to 400 people in a pool.
  • Keep the Air On: Spa Marvel works better with air in the water. Leave the air intakes “open” between uses to maximize Spa Marvel’s effects. It is better if you can point the jets upwards to increase water agitation when you are not in the spa.
  • Clean Your Filters: The Spa Marvel system relies heavily on filtration. Regular and proper cleaning of the spa’s filters using a product such as Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner are pivotal to the success of using Spa Marvel.
  • Maintain Water Level: Water should be at least 7 ½ centimetres (3 inches) above filter intake. Low water levels will lead to cloudy water.
  • Avoid Detergents: Bathing suits and clothing will retain detergent left over from laundering. This detergent will dissolve in the water and create foam. To prevent this, wash bathing attire in water without any detergent to ensure it is free of detergent. Alternatively, don’t wear any clothing into the spa.
  • Increase Circulation: Too little circulation may lead to water quality issues.
  • Shock Monthly: Shock your tub water monthly with a non-chlorine shock (potassium monopersulphate). 

Spa Marvel Cleanser

  • For cleaning the plumbing of jetted bath tubs. Use 2 capfuls initially and then 1 capful once a month for maintenance. The Cleanser can be added to bath water before it is drained.
  • For cleaning dishwashers and washing machines. Add 2 capfuls and run the machines without dishes or clothes. You should notice quieter pumps. Any foaming you experience is from built up detergent residues that are being removed, it is not caused by the Cleanser.
  • For stain removal. A strong concentration of Cleanser mixed in water is great for removing tough stains in carpet and fabric. Always test on an inconspicuous spot first for colour-fastness.


Spa Marvel Cleanser and Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner contain Sodium metasilicate, Sodium percarbonate and Sodium borate. If swallowed, call a Poison Control Centre or doctor immediately. Do not induce vomiting. If in eyes, rinse with water for 15 minutes. If on skin, rinse well with water. If on clothes, remove clothes. If breathed in, move person into fresh air.



Visit the Wheatland Fireplace' showroom at 625 1st Ave North or see their listing in the SASKATOON OUTDOOR LIVING & RECREATION category. They are your Trusted SASKATOON FIREPLACE Experts!


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