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Trusted Pest Control Expert provide us with some tips on preventing BED BUGS while travelling


Tips for preventing the spread of bed bugs while traveling:


Wash and/or dry all clothing, towels (fabric items) that you intend to bring. The heat will kill any bed bugs that may be attached to the fabric. 


• Be sure to follow the step above before placing in a suitcase/backpack/duffle bag. Add two or three garbage bags in your suitcase/backpack/duffle bag before leaving home. 

• Prior to leaving for home, have all the clothing that you brought with and place them in the garbage bags that were brought with. Be sure that you or your clothing do not make contact with any furniture (bed, sofa, etc.) after you have changed and everything has been packed. This will help in minimizing the risk of spreading. 

• Be sure that you do not place your suitcase/backpack/duffle bag on the bed, sofa, etc.

• It is also a good habit to get into by making sure that your jacket/hoodies are hanging in a closet or on a hanger and not placed on a bed or sofa. 

• If you suspect that you may have bed bugs in your home, please do not try to self-treat as this will increase the risk of spreading the infestation. Instead, contact a professional to verify the pest and if required, they will instruct you on proper treatment procedures.  



• Remember that you must not move your furniture if bed bugs are found. Doing so will either cause them to spread or run and hide which in turn will make it harder to successfully exterminate.


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