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Trusted Saskatoon RV Dealer shares a Tip on Airstream Rvs

In this Trusted RV Tip they share the fascinating story of the history of  Airstream RV's and why they are such a GREAT RV


In 1929, Wally Byam purchased a Model T Ford chassis, built a platform on it, towed it with his car to a campsite, and painstakingly erected a tent on it. The effort was tiresome and unpleasant, especially when it rained. Spurred on by his first wife Marion, Wally built a tear-drop-shaped permanent shelter on the platform that enclosed a small ice chest and kerosene stove. He then published an article that ran under the headline, "How to Build a Trailer for One Hundred Dollars." Readers wrote Wally for more detailed instruction plans, which he sold at a cost of one dollar each. The response was extraordinary, earning him more than $15,000. After building several trailers for friends in his backyard, "the neighbors started complaining that I was making too much noise," Wally observed, "so I went out and rented a building." Airstream Trailer Company went into full production in 1932, when fewer than 48 trailer manufacturers were registered for business. Five years later, nearly 400 companies squared off against each other. Today, of those 400, only Airstream remains.


Why the name Airstream?


The Wind Deflects Off Its Shape Lightweight. Streamlined. Fuel efficient. There's nothing better than traveling with your Airstream on a blustery day and smiling inside – because you know the wind will flow around its aerodynamic shape.


It Sticks to the Road like Glue


Aluminum skins and frames give Airstream its rigidity and durability. A rubber torsion axle and wheels with under mounted holding tanks create a low center of gravity. Plus, its aerodynamic design offers up to 20% more towing efficiency than standard box trailers.




Silver has always been green!


Airstreams are handcrafted by Americans to be handed down, not dumped in a landfill. In fact, nearly 70% of all Airstreams ever built are still on the road, meaning impressive resale value for you. Its exceptional rigidity and low, rounded shape creates increased towing efficiency, stability and driving safety, too.


Airstream Performance


How does an Airstream handle on the test track?




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