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Trusted SASKATOON PAINTING CONTRACTOR provides a Trusted Tip on Color Palettes


There are a number of colour palettes that harmonize beautifully with every type of interior design. These classics have remained current despite the passage of time and trends, easily adapting to changes in style and furnishings. Follow these simple guidelines to choose a palette that will remain in tune with your own evolving home decor.

Rule 1: Limit your palette to a maximum of three or four colours for your entire home. Remember that these shades will govern the majority of your colour choices. You can also apply several hues of the selected palette, but try to stay as close as possible to your original choices.



Rule 2: The chosen colours should blend harmoniously when placed next to each other. Closely examine the swatches in different types of light to ensure that they continue to complement one another.


Rule 3: Avoid painting all walls in the same colour as this can sometimes create a box effect. Instead, combine shades that fall within your initial palette. This will create an harmonized and dynamic decor.


Colour tip : For a sophisticated and timeless look, choose a similar colour combination:

See photo below for an example. 

Start with a base colour consisting of Natural white, which is warm and delicate. Afterwards, introduce a light complimentary shade (brown) to soften and stylize the overall effect. Complete the palette with another complimentary shade ( grey ) in the same hue that is subtle yet elegant.



Rona’s new Group of Seven colour series, which was inspired by both natural and urban landscapes from across Canada, are specifically designed to accommodate a variety of decors and furniture styles, from classic to trendy. We invite you to browse the different palettes contained in this new series to find the combination that best reflects your color preferences and the atmosphere of your home.



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