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Trusted Saskatoon Nail expert - has Tip for beautiful Gel nails by Rene


Here Rene shares her first trusted tip on Gel Nails Saskatoon!


Wether you have Gel Nails or are considering getting them for the first time, I suggest taking care to choose a Trusted Saskatoon Gel Nail expert..and to consider the following factors when making that important choice.

1. Hygeine

Hygeine should be of utmost importance to your Gel Nail esthetician, nail files should only be used once and all tools should be cleaned and disinfected for every client.

2. Nail Preparation

Proper preparation work and clean up on the nails before a new application or a fill mean nails last longer.

My clients reguarly go 4 or 5 weeks between fills ..and some have gone as long as 2 months with no breakages  ( although 3-4 weeks is advised, and is dependant on how fast your nails grow, and the type of work you do )

3. Artististic ability/ Design

All of my nail design are done free hand , not spraying with watered down product..this means designs last longer and look better ...although the classic french polish is always popular choice, many clients now love to experiment with different colors, polishes  and trends...a current popular look on many of my clients is nail art & design on the angle...



Benefits of Nail art & design on the angle


1: You can't tell the nail has grown out like a normal polish.

2. This allows you a longer length of time in between fills.

3. These nails ALWAYS ..draw positive attention and feedback.


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