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Here is her first installment and 1st VLOGS- be sure to follow along on her journey for the next 3 months  ..maybe it will inspire you to take the first step on your journey to a healthier fitter you!



The Trusted Challenge- Saras Journey -Part 1 

18 months ago I made the huge decision to risk everything and start my own business, lots of people thought I was crazy to leave a 'safe career'  to do this, especially as a single Mum with 3 small kids, some even told me i couldn't do thing I knew was that it wasn't going to be easy , and to make a success of it I would have to sacrifice lots in my life and work harder and with more intensity than I ever had before.

This meant that other things that I deemed ' less important'  like working out, going to the gym and maintaining a healthy lifestyle were really put on hold till I felt I could give them my time and attention again. I now know that this was a mistake , and when I was challenged me to work  to get fit and healthy , I knew that I had to accept for my family , myself and my all have been negatively affected by my sedentary ( working 70 hour weeks and sat tapping away on  the computer for 40+ of those hours) and somewhat unhealthy lifestyle ( too much wine and restaurant food)  for the last year and a half!

The biggest attraction to me was working with a personal trainer ( I have never done this before) ...this meant that I HAD TO SUCCEED and take it seriously, or I would let them down. Having a stranger invest their time and energy into helping me achieve my goals means I will not skip training or cheat ...I accepted the challenge immediately and I will share my journey in regular blogs and VLOGs so you can see whats involved when you work with a  Personal Trainer. I  expect this to be really hard..but I commit to give it my best shot , so wish me luck!  

The first 2 VLOGS below are what happend in my first Meeting with my Personal Trainer ( and perhaps my nemesis !)   

VLOG 1 is the Lifestyle Consultation and Assessment meeting - ( how unhealthy am I ?) and VLOG 2 is the dreaded Weigh in and BMI results ( how much of me is FAT) .....and yes I do share all the numbers...eeeeeek!



So there we have it 20+ lbs to go and 3 months to do it in, be sure to read the next blog as you see me tackle Tims dreaded Fitness Challenge - which had quite the dramatic and unexpected ending! 

Stay Trusted my friends!





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