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MARLA JANZEN a Trusted SASKATOON REAL ESTATE Expert shares a Trusted Tip on Getting Ready for Spring!

Marla Janzen is an award winning SASKATOON REALTOR she takes action to sell her client's homes and find them the perfect new place to live while negotiating the best terms and price possible. She loves what she does and takes great pride in providing excellence in customer service to all of her clients. She is one of our TRUSTED SASKATOON REAL ESTATE EXPERTS listed on the SASKATOON DIRECTORY and loves to provide Trusted Tips that help the public!


Getting Ready for Spring:

Tips for Spring Home Maintenance

Spring is in the air, and with it comes a sense of new beginnings and fresh starts. It's a perfect time to ensure your home is in good shape so you can enjoy the coming months of sunshine on the golf course, at the lake or in your backyard. Here is a quick home maintenance checklist that will help give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy the spring and summer months:

• Roof: If the roof is leaking, have it repaired immediately. Leakage is often a result of flashing failure so be sure to check the flashing around vents, chimneys and skylights and repair as necessary. Replace any broken shingles and trim any tree branches that are touching the roof.

• Gutters and downspouts: All gutters and downspouts should be clean of leaves and pine needles, flowing well and draining away from the house. Clogged gutters can cause leaks and wood rot. Downspouts that do not drain away from the house can direct water to the foundation and basement and cause many problems. Check the grade around your house to ensure the soil slopes away, and fill in any low areas.

• Fireplace: Clean the fireplace of ashes. Leave the damper open for improved ventilation if the home is not air conditioned.

• Filters: Clean or replace filters as needed in your home’s furnace, air conditioner, range hood and bathroom fans. Check and clean the dryer vent. Make sure to keep all heating and cooling vents clear of furniture and draperies.

• Windows and doors: Check all windows and doors for drafts and replace seals as needed, so your home will hold cool air in over the warm summer months. Check and patch door and window screens, and be sure to lubricate door hinges.

• Siding and paint: Look for cracks and holes in house siding or paint, and repair as needed. Check exterior caulking and recaulk if necessary.

• Smoke detectors: Check and test smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers to ensure they are in good working order. Replace batteries as required (at least twice each year).

• Refrigerator: Keep your refrigerator running efficiently by vacuuming the dust off the coils (underneath or in the back) and replacing any door seals that are not airtight.

• Plumbing fixtures: Check for leaky faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms. Replace leaking washers or cartridges as needed. Check the drainage of toilets and sinks and unclog if needed. Recaulk showers and countertops if necessary.

• Basement: Check the basement walls and floor for dampness, and repair any cracks in the foundation wall. Ensure downspouts and the yard slope are draining water away from the house. If you use a dehumidifier in the basement, be sure it is cleaned regularly. Check and clean the sump pump if you have one.

• Underground sprinkler systems: Check all heads and drip lines to ensure they are functioning correctly and repair as necessary. Remember that through the winter, the ground may have moved with frost, or heads and drip lines may have been stepped on and broken. Assess watering zones and timer settings and adjust them as necessary. Also note that watering requirements lessen as plants age, so replace or adjust the drip heads to provide a reduced water flow, or reduce length of time for watering.

Check out this video for more tips!  

Find Marla Online at   she is a Century 21 Fusion Realtor Sakatoon based at 703 Circle Drive, Saskatoon..or checkout her listing in REAL ESTATE SASKATOON here on   , Marla Janzen is TRUSTED SASKATOON REAL ESTATE EXPERT.

Stay Trusted my friends..SAFE AND TRUSTED SASKATOON

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