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DECORA HOMES a Trusted SASKATOON HOME BUILDER share a Trusted Tip on what to look for when choosing a Home Builder in Saskatoon!

This weekend in Saskatoon the annual 2012 Homestyles show had 1000's of people through it's doors..people planning renovations, home improvemnets big and well as some planning on building their own home, and doing all the research possible before they decide which home builder to TRUST with their DREAM HOME Plans! ...  the SASKATOON DIRECTORY of expert's  FaceBook fan Kris asked Trusted a great question that is very fitting at this time ..and we share this answer we received back from Heather at DECORA HOMES!


DISTINCTIVE, CONTEMPORARY...DECORA HOMES They build to reflect your personality, they design to meet your needs...They build relationships DECORA's ALL in the details.

Kris wrote: "I'd like to ask the homebuilders what their biggest challenge is in earning a clients trust, and what strategies do they use in order to help their clients make the choice to work with them instead of the numerous other homebuilders in this city?"

Hi Kris. Great question! My name is Heather Kehoe and I am a Sales Representative/Interior Coordinator with Decora Homes Ltd. DECORA HOMES is a custom home builder and we pride ourselves on customer service, quality product and workmanship with unique and custom home design. In the home building market it can be confusing and overwhelming trying to find someone who is reputable,reliable and trustworthy,especially when you have so many options. I have included some important points to look at when you are choosing a home builder and what I believe makes DECORA HOMES stand out from other builders and how we build trust and rapport with clients,subtrades,suppliers and other builders.

1. How did you feel when you first met the homebuilder or sales representative?

What was your first impression or gut feeling. Did you feel comfortable and were your questions answered to your satisfactory. I am a true believer of "go with your gut feeling". Clients have often told me that they knew after our first meeting if we were the right fit for them and that we were very honest and straightforward on what they could expect if they built with DECORA HOMES.

2. Ask for references and referrals and contact them.

A reputable builder should offer to take you to the homes/and or renovations that have been done by the builder/contracter. Check the quality and speak to the clients who purchased the home or had the renos done. Find out what they have to say about the builder and how their experience was. References and referrals are how a business grows. At DECORA HOMES we give all our clients references and take them into clients homes to show them different plans, if required.

3. What associations are they a part of and what is their warranty?

DECORA HOMES-Saskatoon and Region Home Builders Association,Canadian Home Builders Association, Energy Star Particpant, Exclusive 10 year Home Warranty and has been Given the Thumbs up by Trusted  

4. Has the builder had any complaints or lawsuits,etc filed against them?

There has never been any lawsuits/complaints filed against DECORA HOMES.

5. Does the builder/contractor have a service manager and project manager?

These are key components to a successful build or renovation. This assures that the project timelines and possession dates are followed, product arrives, is inspected and is accounted for, the tradespeople are arriving to their jobsites on their scheduled dates, trades and suppliers are following quality and safety standards and install of product is completed as per blueprints and plans. The service manager also communicates with the clients to provide service during and after the build to followup on any warranty or touch ups that need to be looked after. Service and followup are key!

6. How long has the builder/contractor been in business?

Is it their fulltime job, or is it part-time or a hobby? DECORA HOMES is a fulltime custom homebuilding company and has been in the constuction and masonry business for many years.

7. Who are the sub-trades and suppliers that they use and how long have they been working with them?

This is very important. Having established a committed working relationship with your trades and suppliers shows trust, loyality,consistency and reputablity.At DECORA HOMES we have excellent working relationships with our trades and suppliers and have worked together for several years. We understand how each other works and have a great deal of respect for each other. This is very evident when we take our clients into see our supplies or when they come onsite to meet the trades.

8. What locations do they build in and how many homes do they build a year?

DECORA HOMES currently has lots available in EVERGREEN,ROSEWOOD,GREENBRYRE ESTATES AND THE CITY OF MARTENSVILLE. We are also currently building acreage and estate properties, as well we have previously built in the Town of Warman,Willowgrove and Hampton Village. We purchase numerous lots throughout the city of Saskatoon on a yearly basis.

9. Awards and recognition.- Has the builder/contractor had special recognition for quality, customer service, uniqueness,etc?

Decora Homes Ltd was recently awarded a 2012 Bridges Award and is nominated in 3 categories for the 2012 SABEX Awards in May, and we were nominated several times when contacted by the team at . At DECORA HOMES we make it a priority to know and understand the clients budget and expectations. We communicate constantly with our clients. We are honest with each other and if there is a question that I cannot answer on the spot, I will find out the correct information for the customer and get back to them ASAP! At DECORA HOMES the customer is involved throughout the whole process. From blueprint design, to picking product and colors, electrical walkthrough to final inspection.

10. Does the business owner come on site? What is his/her involvement in the company?

At Decora Homes, Rick and Rhonda Iula make it a priority to meet and build a relationship with each and every client, and are in the office and on the job site on a daily basis We ask clients about past experiences they have had with builders/contractors. What did they like/dislike? We ask them what their main concerns are, and focus on creating a truly enjoyable homebuilding experience.

11. Does the builder/contractor use any online tools? At DECORA HOMES we use an online marketing tool targeted towards builders, trades, suppliers and clients. Clients can log into their buildertrend account and have access to their account 24/7. Each client can view a calendar of what is scheduled to be done at their home daily, which trades are at their home that day and changes to schedule. They can also send messages to us, or suppliers, view what products they have picked, access and approve change orders, view and add pictures, and see documents such as plans, quotes,etc. It is also a easy and reliable way for trades,suppliers,project and service managers to communicate.

12. Does the builder have an dedicated Sales Representative/Interior Coordinator to assist clients from beginning to end through their build or renovation?

At DECORA HOMES my job is to assist clients in creating and designing the home of their dreams. For most people this is the largest investment that they will make in their life, and it is extremely important that there is constant communication between myself and the client and that they are informed and involved in all decisions regarding their home. Every client is different therefore everyone's ideas and home will be unique. I work directly with the client to establish rapport and a relationship built on trust and honesty. I take the time to get to know my client, what is important to them in a home, what type of floorplan would idealliy fit their lifestyle/household , what are their likes/dislikes. Together we design or make alterations to a floorplan. We work together to create the home or renovation they have envisioned within their budget. One of the benefits of my job is I get to spend time with the clients and suppliers, assisting the client in picking out all their product, getting quotes, coordinating samples,etc. For some clients this can be the most daunting part of a build /renovation. I schedule adequate time with the clients and suppliers to go over the plans in detail, and make sure timelines are followed. I confirm all product from shingles to flooring, stucco to plumbing fixtures. I love this part!! Assisting a client with kitchen cabinets, granite, flooring,plumbing,etc and watching everything come together is amazing!

Thank you again for your question! Feel free to contact me with any other questions or concerns! Sincerely, Heather Kehoe , Decora Homes.

Find Decora Homes online HERE , or check out their listing under SASKATOON HOME BUILDERS on the Saskatoon directory of Excellence they are a TRUSTED SASKATOON HOMEBUILDER


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