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Trusted Tips & Resources

Reed Security a Alarm and Security Expert provides a TRUSTED TIP on HD Video Myths

Reed Security believes when you become a client you will be entering into a relationship – one they want to grow and become long term...they work hard to meet all your Saskatoon Alarm & security needs from day one!

REED SECURITY are Trusted and they are recipients of 2 x 2012 SABEX AWARDS - these Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce awards recognize excellence in business. 

Here they share a great tip on HD Video Myths: 



We spent thousands of hours perfecting ReedHD Hi-Def Camera designs and installations. We know the right cameras fo the right locations and we've ben met with the Saskatoon Police to determine how to solve more crimes.

We've installed over 5000 cameras in Saskatchewan and wanted to share with you some common Myths.


Myth #1 HD Video Cameras Always Capture Faces and License Plates

  • False
  • Many factors have an effect on the image quality - camera type, camera placement, distance to the target, target speed, the weather, light conditions, and video management software.
  • Click Here to See How ReedHD Cameras can Record Faces and License Plates  

Myth # 2 HD Video Camera Images Can Be Manipulated Like on TV Shows and Movies

  • False
  • Hollywood glamorizes what you can do with recorded HD images and most of what you see on TV cannot be done.
  • ReedHD I.P. Video Management Software has an exclusive Display Adjustment feature (see images above).
  • We can adjust the brightness and contrast of recorded video to provide the Saskatoon Police an image they can use.
  • We can also Zoom In on recorded video to see Faces and License Plates (see Myth #1).

Myth #3 Wireless HD Video Cameras Can Be Installed Anywhere

  • False
  • Wireless HD cameras can transmit wireless signals, but still require a power source.
  • Most HD cameras are not wireless.
  • HD cameras must be plugged into a power outlet or wired into a network.
  • We can create a wireless bridge and transmit signals many KM's when there is direct line of site.
  • Trees, windows, buildings, walls, and RF interference have a direct effect on signal quality.  

If you would like more information on how Reed Security can Decrease Losses & Increase Profits at your business Click Here or give us a call today 306.653.3200

Click Here for ReedHD Demo Videos


Find Reed Security online at  or check out their listing here in the SASKATOON ALARM & SECURITY Category on THE Saskatoon directory of excellence. Virgil Reed and his team are YOUR Trusted SASKATOON ALARM & SECURITY experts right here in Saskatoon! 


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