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Trusted Saskatoon Cleaning company now offers Home Organization & De-cluttering Services!

A & C Detail Centre & Residential Cleaning Adds New Services.  

A & C Detail Centre and Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services are a Trusted Saskatoon professional auto detailing and a Saskatoon residential and commercial cleaning company.  A Saskatoon family-owned business, they base they're detailing to suit their customers’ needs and preference.

Cindy and her Trusted Saskatoon cleaning team will meet with you at your home to go over your areas of concern and goals for organization. They offer decluttering and organization in the following areas of your home: 

  • Closets, cupboards & pantry's
  • Basements, bedrooms, home offices
  • Laundry rooms, storage rooms, toy rooms, kitchens
  • Entry ways & garages


Their new service can even include labeling, storage containers and much more. Free estimates are included and a clean-up after they are through.

A&C Detail & Residential Cleaning are Trusted Saskatoon Auto Detailing Pros and Cleaning professionals and you can find them in our Saskatoon Cleaning category.

The Trusted Saskatoon Team Brag About A&C Detail Center Your Trusted Saskatoon Auto Detailers

We are thrilled to welcome A&C Detail Center, our newest partner to the Trusted Saskatoon directory of excellence! As the name suggests, A&C Detail Centre are Trusted Saskatoon Auto Detailing Pros  and you can find them in our Saskatoon Cleaning category.

Owner Cindy Delainey is an immigrant who was born in the Philippines and came to Canada when she was 2 years old. Cindy and her husband of 18 years have 2 kids. Family is very important to them. 

When the Trusted team spoke to her to find out more about what drives her she shared the following:

 " My husband and I have always wanted to own our own business, and I decided to follow in my dad's footsteps. We started our own auto detailing shop.  I didn't want my Dad to work for somebody else anymore.  Along with owning a business, I am also a very active person in the fitness world.  I love being a Team Wawryk athlete as a bikini competitor.  I have been part of the SABBA (Saskatchewan Body Building Association) for 2 years now.  I also host an online mommy group, called No Excuse Mom!  Its a group of woman who support and uplift each other and we support each others fitness journey.  I always like helping out in whatever possible ways I can and I want to give back to my community.  I decided to host a fundraiser for the Saskatoon Food Bank this year.  I toured the facility recently, it sure was an eye-opener to me and it truly touched my heart.  I can't believe how many hungry children we have in this city. After that, I knew I wanted to get the word out  to the community and we arranged a fundraiser day at A&C! “ 

The fundraiser happened on Sept 10th, 2016. Members of the Trusted team went along to snap some pics and show support. It was great to see the facility that we had heard so much about when we were surveying their clients. We survey all potential partners as part of the Trusted Saskatoon verification process.  A&C Detail Center's efforts along with community support raised over $2000 and a lot of food for the Saskatoon Food Bank in just 1 day!  Cindy and her team have built this business from scratch, they have succeeded by simply offering the best possible vehicle cleaning and their customer service is second to none! 

The clients of A&C Detail Center simply wouldn't go anywhere else! They told us they feel like family and no one cleans their vehicles better than the Trusted Saskatoon dream cleaning team at A&C Detail Center!!  

"This place will exceed all your expectations! I got the full meal deal and couldn't be happier truck looks brand new! The service was great from start to finish have already recommended to family and friends! First class " Marshall, Saskatoon

"Our friends dog was horribly sick in our vehicle, they were able to clean it all up, which made us very happy"  If we were to rate them, we would give them a 10/10 rating!"- Neil, Saskatoon

"I have taken vehicles in to A&C Detail, what a fantastic job they do. I plan to take some of my Rockscapes trucks in for detail this fall! Thanks Cindy and team! You guys are awesome! " John Groves, Saskatoon

Read more testimonials and contact  A&C Detail Center to book your vehicle in today! 

Trusted Saskatoon Automotive Expert answers Facebook fan questions - Part 3

Trusted Saskatoon Automotive Experts Talk to experts Automotive show-


Q: Kyle Gunderson: Is there a specific remote start recommended for manual transmissions? Preferably one you don't have to engage before you get out? My current one you have to set when you park it but if you go into the car it disengages, is there one that can at least remain engaged if doors are unlocked?  

A: The compustar professional is the best, but you still can’t open the doors after getting out with the vehicle running. 

Q: Kristy Nelson: My husband has a Honda Fit and I have a Honda Odyssey. His remote starter starts my Van. My remote starter does not start his car? What gives!?  

A: Some remotes are dual vehicle capable, some are not. 

Q: Lindsay Curtis: How do I choose the perfect car starter for my car? Is the highest price always the best quality? What brand would u recommend and why? 

A: Compustar professional is the best quality and warranty you can get. If you come in and discuss your requirements the staff will set you up with a perfect remote start that will meet all your needs. 

Q: Jennifer Christian: What is your recommendation on what to do about a car starter that mysteriously stops working. Does performance plus troubleshoot these issues?  

A: We charge a 92.00 diagnostic fee which gives the technician an hour to figure out and fix if possible or quote the necessary repairs. 

Q: Sari Nunweiler: Is window tinting illegal or is it still possible to get some/any tint?  

A: It is legal on all windows except side and front windshield. 

Q: Brenda Compton: When buying tires and rims for your vehicle, what is the safest range to going bigger or smaller? Its hard finding tires the exact size 255/70R18, what are my options. I have a jeep I want it to look good!     

A: Most people go larger, the only unsafe part is anytime a vehicle is higher it can roll easier, but most people have no issue with this. There are many sizes available that would make it look better.Q: Courtney Saliken: Besides the practical aspects of owning a truck box cover are there actual fuel reduction costs by owning one or the mesh back cover instead of the tailgate? If so, which design or models are better? I am looking for a truck cover and notice there are many different styles out there. What one is best for practicability, affordably yet still looks good and fairly easy to install?  

A: Most popular is the truxedo, they are about 500.00 and look the cleanest. There are no printed or verified mpg gains, but many people feel they do better with than without. 

Q: M Liz Beisel: Do manual transmissions need any additional attention during the winter season as compared to an automatic transmission?  

A: No, they are good year round and require no warm up. 

Q: Laura Ellis: As a Jeep owner, some models are known to be a bit more "tippy" than others. What is the maximum lift that you recommend for these types of vehicles?  

A: There is not a certain amount that will make them tip over, so the more you lift, the less stable they will be. 4” is common, but some people will do up to 12”, obviously not very useful at that height though. 

Q: Annalee Bruce McSharkbite: I have a factory car starter and whenever I use the command start in the winter it resets my sirius radio which was also factory installed. I have asked Sirius and my dealership about this and they replaced the radio and it is still happening. Do you think this is a common occurrence or improperly installed car starter? 

A: I think it is installed incorrectly as a pair and if reinstalled with attention to the matter would not do this.  

Q: Jennifer Lindenbach: I'm looking at getting a remote starter for my car. With the cold Saskatchewan winters, what brand(s) would you recommend and why, and which ones have the best range to start the vehicle (ie: how far away can I be from the car and it will start)? Thanks!!                     

A: We recommend Compustar professional because it has the best warranty and is the cleanest installation. You can start your car up to a mile away or use the cell phone add on which lets you start your car from anywhere with your smart phone.

Q: David Wilson: What performance parts could a person add to a vehicle which will not only enhance performance but improve fuel economy?  

A: Keep in mind cost effective because not all of us can have jacked up cheese ball trucks! Cold air intake and a power programmer would do both and only cost $700.00. 

Q: Diane Fontaine: My question is about remote car starters....I was told that my car 2006 Chevy Optra can't have a starter due to the alarm and door system why is that? 

A: I would have to check with the installer, but can’t see why the factory alarm can’t be bypassed. 


Saskatoon Directory in the Automotive General Category  - Trusted Saskatoon Remote car starter experts!    


Trusted Saskatoon Automotive Expert answers Facebook fan questions - Part 2

Trusted Saskatoon Automotive Experts Talk to experts Automotive show PART 2 

Q: Ann Lyte-Maille: Do just as many women want fast, sexy cars as men?

A: No they just find the man that has one and ride shotgun unfortunately, but there are a few who do their own dream cars.

Q: Marissa April: I own a Canadian based model Dodge Challenger (SXT), I bought this vehicle simply because of that, but it has the automatic window mechanism that they use in sports cars, the window comes down just a crack every time I pull the handle, and goes back up inside the weather moulding when I shut it. When my windows freeze or get ANY amount of ice on them, I cannot get into my car as they are frozen and cannot come down when i pull the handle. Is there any way I can get rid of this problem without having to replace my whole door and window?

A: I guess just scrape it really good, even under weather stripping where bottom of window is.

Q: Stacey Lee: What remote starter should I look to install in my 09 silverado? Any idea how much it would be including installation? Any deals for this currently?

A: Compustar professional line has a lifetime warranty and two year warranty on the remotes. It would start at $400.00 installed + tax for your vehicle.

Q: Codi Corrigan  Are all season tires sufficient? Or is it worth it to get winter tires.  

A: All season is ok, but winter tires may prevent an accident and feels much safer to drive on. Typical winter package is about $700-1200 dollars, same as an insurance deductible.

Q: Ardice Keshane: Ford, Dodge or Chev?

A: Lol, I like ford, but the rest of the staff like gm and dodge. (I have the fastest car though)

Q: Becky Morrison: My boyfriends 2002 grand prix seems to have a fuel gage issue. The fuel gage will randomly go between full and empty. We used a fuel cleaner and that seemed to help for a bit then it started again. Any idea what we can do? The rest of the cluster works so I don't think it's electrical.

A: Probably the sending unit in the gas tank needs replaced.

Q: Jordana RaeAnne Gebert: Why is it so much more to get command start in a Volkswagen? Are there any specific ones you recommend?

A: German cars have a lot of different places in the car that need wires ran, it is hard and takes the same time as doing 4 chevy trucks, so you are paying more because of the labour time not the starter price. We recommend Compustar Professional, our installer owns and installs on VW all the time.

Q: Oceann Lee Zacharias: I have recently replaced the alternator in my Ford Taurus. It was making a squealing noise & ruined my battery. A few days ago the squealing sound came back. Is it possible the new alternator is crapping out or could the problem be elsewhere?

A: Have the alternator and battery tested and inspect your power cables and check belt tension and belt wear.

Q: Kyla Kuffner Peterson: Mice cause a lot of damage, how do you deter them from trying to get in? They have already ruined two air cabin filters, a blower motor, and have blocked off the defrost vent. This vehicle is the one me and my kids use daily.

A: Moth balls or bounce sheets?

Q: Courtney Saliken: I have a brand new vehicle that came with factory remote. As we all know factory remote start is not the same as aftermarket in terms of range. Is there a way around getting a factory remote or two way remote car starter in a brand new vehicle without voiding the warranty?

A: I have never seen new vehicle warranty affected, almost EVERY car dealer installs aftermarket starters.

Q: Jason Johnson: I was wondering if it's worthwhile replacing my wife's factory remote starter. And if so does the factory one have to be taken completely out or are you able to just upgrade what's there.

A: You have to remove the factory starter, but it’s very inexpensive to do so. Then its $400.00 dollars on average to install a new one with 2000 feet of range.

Q: Tara Michelle Winter tires: I'm sold on winter tires. I'm wondering your opinion however on studded winter tires and what their lifetime might be.

A: Depends on the tire and driving conditions. Hard to say. Studs works good on ice, otherwise good winter tires are more driveable.

Q: Tara Bill Greyeyes: Ok so my husband works away 24 days out of month and we see him for 4 days on time off. Now I’m stuck dealing with everything!! I think our van will need spark plugs, which are the best quality? Also to replace a windshield where would you recommend going?     

A: A platinum plug from Bosch will work best. Windshields I do not do.

Q: Kelly Mykytuk: I'm looking into getting a remote starter for my SUV a 2008 mercury mountaineer, which brand of starter do you recommend. Roughly what's the cost including instillation for the type you would recommend?

A: Compustar professional, and it would be $400.00 installed+tax


Saskatoon Directory in the Automotive General Category  - find Trusted Saskatoon Remote car starter experts!   


Trusted Saskatoon Automotive Expert answers your Facebook fan page questions - Part 1

Trusted Saskatoon Automotive Experts Talk to experts Automotive showPART 1

Q: Trish Planchot-Voldeng: What is the coolest car you have ever worked on in your shop? What would be your pick of cars?

A: 2012 Camaro SS, with twin turbo and new motor making over 1000hp on pump gas.

Q: Chris Spence: Is it better to run higher octane in the winter time?

A: no, always run your recommended octane from car manufacturer. The fuel company change formulations from season to season to keep vehicles running correct.

Q: Janette Korinetz: My husband has a remote car starter in his vehicle and heated seats, I have neither in my vehicle. He parks in the garage and I park outside. Do you think he is underutilizing his remote , over emphasizing his wife's good nature , or just very guarded with his garage boundaries there ? Thanks for your anticipated response gentlemen!

A: maybe you should trade vehicles? Or come down and get heated seats and a starter installed in the cold car.

Q: Abolfazl Majid Rezai: Why does it cost more to get remote start for manual transmission installed.  Isn't manual transmission vehicle cheaper so shouldn't remote start for them also be cheaper? Thanks

A: Safety,  we don’t want your car driving away, so we spend an extra hour hooking a sensing wire onto the emergency brake and clutch pedal to make sure it cannot drive away. Its only$75.00 extra

Q: Kaitlyn Nicole Taylor: What's a good gift to get a man that's in to cars but buys everything he wants?                                  

A: Something for the garage, neon sign, stools, clock. We have a Christmas catalog as well.

Q: Jill Taylor: I have heard that the cost of installation for remote starters ranges based on different vehicles/models- why is this? Also, what should I be looking for when purchasing a remote starter?

A: Different cars take longer than others. 50-70% of the bill is for labor or time taken, some cars take an hour or two while some take 6-8 hours.  When purchasing a remote starter, look for a  store that been in business for a long time that has a mechanic doing the installation, not someone that has taken a mobile electronics course of 2 months. Mechanics usually have scan tools in case the starter interferes with the car, avoiding you a trip to the dealer. All connections should be soldered and buy a quality starter with a lifetime warranty not an extended warranty because the product is not very good. A store that gives you the final price with all parts and taxes up front.

Q: Whitney Tran: I recently had a car starter put in. I have two fobs for it. Both brand new. The distance on them are quite far to reach when trying to start my car. But majority of the time it won't work. Even if I'm like a foot away even to unlock my car. Both have brand new batteries. Do you know what's going on? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this problem!

A: It sounds like it is broken and needs fixed, contact whoever installed it, any reputable shop will look after it for free if it only a couple years old.

Q: Debbi Gola: Do remote starters eventually wear out and need to be replaced? My remote starter is only 5 years old - but doesn't work as well as it used to - it doesn't always start on the first try and it seems that I have to be within 50 yards of my vehicle in order to start it. It never used to be like this - is it time to replace it? 

A: Remote batteries need replaced every year or two to keep optimum range. Everything wears out, but usually it will just stop working altogether.

Q: Carmaine Erman: Is it true that I can't put a remote car starter the Mercedes I'm getting? That seems criminal!!

A: No its not, just so many people do not have the knowledge or resources to do it successfully. We do them all the time. There are a couple models that won’t accept them, but most will. The cost on any german vehicle is more, typical Mercedes bill is 1000-1300 dollars.

Q: Calvin Yury: My car stereo in my Infiniti no longer works. I replaced the cd changer twice and each time it stopped working after about a year both times, just past the warranty period. I took my car to the infiniti dealership to get it fixed, so it was replaced with the same model as the original cd changer. CD's can't be inserted or ejected & they won't play. I was able to still get radio when the CD changer went, but shortly after that it just randomly stopped working all together. I have no volume & on my car computer I cannot get into the audio settings. I was always able to get into my audio settings before, and now when I hit the "enter" button it won't let me into this menu. The volume worked that morning when I went to work, then after work when I started my car & turned on my stereo, no volume. I miss my music. Help me!

A: If units keep failing I would guess there is a problem with the vehicles wiring. It could be not much to have it checked or could be quite a lot, I doubt you will get anybody to quote on a solution. Maybe an aftermarket unit would be the most affordable and reliable solution.

Q: Brenda Compton: Is it really worth getting Nitrogen put into your tires? What are the benefits of it?

A: Nitrogen doesn’t change pressure with the temperature as much as atmosphere air, but remember the air you get at the gas station is 78% nitrogen, so not a huge difference, except really hard to get. Not really worth it if it costs anything.  


 Q: Kathy Peters Hamm: Why when it gets colder than minus -15 and colder my van stalls when stopping at lights and stop signs?  It is a 1998 dodge grand caravan sport no one can figure this one out.

A: I would guess the IAC (idle air control) valve needs replaced. When you let off the gas pedal, its supposed to take over to keep engine idling.

Q: Brandi Rae: Whats causing my 2004 GMC Envoy to burn so much gas? I changed the spark plugs and air filter, that didn't help at all.

A: They are not a good vehicle for gas mileage to begin with. You could try changing the fuel injectors or flushing them, otherwise, it’s probably just the way it is. 


Saskatoon Directory in the Automotive General Category  - find Trusted Saskatoon Remote car starter experts!  



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