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Trusted Saskatoon Auto Body Experts at Superior Auto Body Discuss Replacing Cracked Windshields

Trusted Saskatoon Auto body Pros at Superior Auto Body in Saskatoon has been in business since 1961, and Superior Auto Body has been an SGI APPROVED Saskatoon Auto body shop since SGI started the program in 1982. There are many reasons they have so many loyal longstanding clients from all over the city, but mostly it is the small, personal touches that they offer to people who have been unfortunate enough to require their services. They offer newer model courtesy cars and vans for their clients... and they will also pick up your vehicle, take it to your SGI appointment for you, and deliver the courtesy car to you at home. In their latest Saskatoon Autobody and Collision Repair Tips article, they discuss the benefits of replacing your cracked windshield this fall, particularly before the cold temperatures hit. 


Auto glass repairs on your vehicle such as windshield replacements can provide peace of mind to drivers particularly before those cold winter months hit. Investing in quality windshield repair is crucial in ensuring the structural integrity of your vehicle, and ultimately the safety of the driver and passengers.


The windshield of your vehicle is essential for both driver and passenger safety, which is always a priority. When you have a cracked windshield, the integrity of your vehicle is compromised and can create unsafe driving conditions. When your windshield is damaged there is a higher likelihood of the glass breaking should you find yourself in a collision or a situation where an object was to come in contact with your vehicle.

In the event of a rollover, a windshield can account for up to 30 percent of roof support. Therefore, a damaged windshield can compromise the roof of your vehicle and there is a higher likelihood that the roof may cave in, impacting the safety of the driver and passengers.


Simply put, a chipped or cracked windshield impairs the driver’s ability to view the road ahead. Replacing your windshield eliminates obstructions due to cracks and chips, particularly if they are in your line of sight, and reduces the potential for accidents to occur.


If there are any existing damages to your windshield, extremely cold temperatures can negatively impact these damages further. Glass expands and contracts due to weather changes, as most materials do. Cold weather will cause your windshield to contract, and as a result, it will become more concave in shape. This is a stressful change for your windshield, and can result in cracks, chips, and may worsen other issues due to shifting. Many drivers find that as soon as cold temperatures hit, they find minor windshield cracks grow. That is why it is so important to replace or repair your windshield as soon as possible when you notice a crack. If you put windshield repair off for too long, a full replacement becomes your only option.


The main concern, particularly in inclement weather, is a windshield losing its seal. When glass loses its seal, chips and cracks allow air and water to enter your vehicle. During those cold days, it is especially important to keep heat in the vehicle. Replacing your windshield ensures the cold air stays out, and the hot air stays in. 

Overall, it is essential to make sure your windshield damages are remedied before cold temperatures strike. Your windshield is an important part of your vehicle’s structural integrity.

Superior Auto Body installs windshields to meet all manufacturers' specifications for your safety. If you have a small crack in your vehicle’s glass – see them before it turns into a big problem. If you have a large crack and need your windshield repaired, their team can handle the full windshield replacement for you!

If you’ve been involved in a collision and are looking to restore your vehicle back to its original form, contact the team at Superior Auto Body Today.

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Superior Auto Body is a Trusted Saskatoon auto body and collision center.

"When we get through it's just like new".


Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair & Service Specialists Phobia Auto Share Their Story!

Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair & Service Experts at Phobia Auto are based in Martensville and they are a trusted source for honest advice and qualified auto service and repairs. People ask all the time why you can't supply your own parts when they come into Phobia Auto. If you are wondering why Phobia Auto answer the question in the tip below. Phobia Auto Are Trusted Saskatoon & area Auto Repair & Service Specialists. 

Phobia Origin Story

From its modest roots to becoming the community’s largest auto shop, Phobia Auto Care has grown rapidly to land squarely in the heart of the community.

Owner Steven Cusson is a frequent face at the shop, and Phobia is as local as it gets. From community events, to sponsoring local sports teams and even filling a local pond with fish good enough to catch for dinner. Phobia prides itself on being the biggest, small-town, shop you’ll find.

In 2016 Phobia Auto Care was run out of the Stevens garage in Martensville. As a business built on trust and quality work, these values grew Phobia in three short years to be the incredible shop it is today. Steven hopes to make the shop a modern pariah, something different than the typical shop you are used to visiting.  In fact, the name, Phobia Auto Care, is a nod to the fear people typically feel when dealing with the automotive industry and Steven worked hard to make his shop a step above the rest. From the moment walk into Phobia, it feels different than a typical auto shop. Smiling faces, comfy couches, non-stop movies on TV and a fresh pot of coffee are all standard fair at Phobia. Steven understands vehicle service is not something most get excited to do, but Phobia strives to make it quick, honest and even a little fun!

Contact Steve and the team today- check out their reviews and see all they do on their listing here : 

Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair & Service Specialists Phobia Answer Some Common Questions!

Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair & Service Experts at Phobia Auto are based in Martensville and they are a trusted source for honest advice and qualified auto service and repairs. People ask all the time why you can't supply your own parts when they come into Phobia Auto. If you are wondering why Phobia Auto answer the question in the tip below. Phobia Auto Are Trusted Saskatoon & area Auto Repair & Service Specialists. 


At Phobia Auto we believe there is no dumb question when it comes to mechanical work. The dumbest question you can ask is the one you don’t.  Steve, Owner of Phobia

Do I really need to change my cabin air filter? What happens if I don’t? 

Short answer, yes you do. Once your filter is plugged it will restrict air flow to the vents extending your defrost time in winter. Secondly, with restricted airflow you do not get as much heat and it takes longer for interior to warm up. If after a while you do not change cabin filter it can deteriorate and cause a total loss in airflow inside your car.

How do I know if I need a wheel alignment? 

If your vehicle pulls to one side, unusual tire wear, steering wheel off center 

How often should I get my oil changed?  

To keep your car running in top shape, Phobia recommends changing your oil every 5000km 

Why is it important to get my oil changed? 

The oil is the lifeblood of the engine. To get the most life out of your engine you must maintain it properly. After all, it’s cheaper to do more maintenance than it is to replace the engine!

What does the wrench light mean when it comes on? 

The wrench light means your car needs service 

What is the mini tea kettle light on my dash? 

That is the oil pressure light and means that your engine oil pressure is low or that most of the oil has been used up. Once the light comes on you should shut off your engine immediately to prevent possible damage and have the vehicle towed to Phobia for proper diagnosis

How often should I change my tires? Are winter tires worth it? 

SGI safety standards fail a tire at 1.6mm tread, but we recommend changing your tires before they reach the minimum limit. Phobia also highly recommends having 2 sets of tires, 1 for summer and 1 for winter.  Winter tires are made differently than all seasons or summer tires, with the rubber being made of a softer compound, which makes them grippier on a smoother surface. Add studs to the mix and you are well prepared for the road ahead. Plus, buying a set of winter tires extends the life of your summer ones! Having 2 sets of tires ends up saving you money and it is a whole lot safer. 

What are studded tires? 

Studded tires have little metal studs installed in special holes on the face of the tire. While the road noise is increased, most say this is negligible compared to the benefits of driving with them. Confidence on the road is key to safe winter driving.

I hear people say, preventative maintenance, what maintenance should be done on routine? 

Oil changes, tune up (spark plugs, fuel filter), air filters (cabin and engine), and fluids (driveline fluids). Some cars come with a maintenance schedule that we recommend following, or if you are ever wondering what should be checked or fixed on your vehicle, stop in for a comprehensive inspection to give you peace of mind.

What are brake pads and why do they need to be replaced? 

Brake pads are what squeeze down on the rotor to stop you. Just like the brakes on your bicycle, they are what “presses down” to stop you. All brake pads wear down and the time that they wear down varies on your vehicle. We recommend changing rotors and brakes at the same time to prevent uneven wear and keep you the safest on the road.

What are struts and shocks and what do they do? Why do they need to be replaced? 

To put it simply your shocks and struts need to always be in working order to keep your vehicle from bouncing up and down and keeps the tires in contact with the road at all times.    

Why does my air fuel sensor not read correctly? 

Both the air fuel sensor and the O2 sensor measure the amount of oxygen in the exhaust and communicate with the engines computer. The computer then makes adjustments to the fuel system to make sure the engines working at its optimum efficiency.

Contact Steve and the team today- check out their reviews and see all they do on their listings here : 

Phobia Auto A Trusted Saskatoon & area Auto Repair & Service Shop

Phobia Auto Are Your Trusted Saskatoon & Area Performance Vehicle Specialist 


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