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Your Mortgage Now - Devin Cristo and Wes Will Trusted Saskatoon Mortgage Brokers shares a great Mortgage tip

Buying a home is one of the most important and exciting steps in your life.... now that pesky financing! Deal with people who can offer you and your family the best options for you with Your Mortgage Now! Devin Cristo and Wes Will are your Saskatoon Mortgage Experts and they have years of experience helping individuals and families finance their dreams by offering mortgages from a variety of lenders for people from all walks of life.

They are your Trusted Saskatoon Mortgage Experts

Here they share their first Trusted Saskatoon Mortgage Tip


What To Do With Your Mortgage When You’re Selling

Unless you own your home outright, you'll need to discharge your current mortgage when you move. Usually, you'll have 3 options.

OPTION 1: Pay Off Your Mortgage

This can be a good choice if:

• • You have a 'fully open' mortgage with no prepayment charges

• • Your remaining balance is small

• • You're not planning to buy again

• • Current mortgage rates offer you no financial advantages

This may not be a good choice if:

• • You have a 'closed' mortgage, where charges apply for paying it off

OPTION 2: Take Your Mortgage With You When You Move

• • Take your existing mortgage with you when you buy a new home; if you like, you can increase your loan amount and blend your existing rate with the current market rate for the new funds

OPTION 3: Allow Your Buyer to Assume Your Existing Mortgage

This may be a good option if:

• • You took out your current mortgage when interest rates were much lower (often attractive to buyers)

• • You're buying a smaller property and still have several years remaining on your term (could help you get rid of your mortgage without prepayment charges).  

The Trusted Saskatoon team brag about your latest Trusted Saskatoon Mortgage brokers Your Mortgage Now  loves partnering with amazing businesses, and we are proud to introduce our newest partners in the Trusted Saskatoon Mortgage category – Devin Cristo and Wes Will with Your Mortgage Now! This team has been helping individuals and families finance their dreams for years, and they always welcome the opportunity to try their best to save you THOUSANDS! (who couldn’t use that kind of advice!!!!) .


Personally, when I bought my home, I had no knowledge of the Mortgage industry, and did not know a heck of a lot about mortgage brokers and what they do to help. I felt “safe” dealing with the bank…so that’s what I did. Wow. What a mistake! I had no idea that just by working with a mortgage broker, I would be working with someone who had my best interests at heart… not theirs; someone who would work with you to find the best mortgage rate possible….not the one that guarantees the bank a profit. The team at Your Mortgage Now are experts there to help you and your family regardless of your situation. If you are looking to purchase a new home, Devin and Wes can help you discover how much home can you afford and whether you should be locking in to a fixed rate or taking advantage of a variable mortgage rate. Your Mortgage Now offers you expert advice on how to save money and pay off your mortgage quickly, and can get pre-approval for you in as little as 24 hours! They are there to help with mortgage renewal, where you can look at over 20 different mortgage lenders with no cost to switch.



Devin & Wes together with Jillian Hare the Office Manager , whos dedication and creative process are a great asset to the company and Nicole Kozar,  Mortgage Assistant who is studying to become a Mortgage Professional and is eager to help.  



Need to do some major renovations? Or perhaps you just need to consolidate debt and get out from under some payments….Your Mortgage Now also provides mortgage refinancing services so that you can reduce your interest costs and move forward. Go talk to them! Not so much of a chatty Cathy? Apply online! Just like they say…..”it costs you nothing, and could save you thousands!”

When asked what sets them apart Devin Cristo said that “. I am always free to help. Your home is my priority.” and Wes Will said “I am always free to help. The most important mortgage is YOURS!!!”, and cleaerly they mean it , as all their clients  that we spoke to agree that they deserve to be a Trusted Saskatoon Mortgage Experts!



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