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Trusted Saskatoon Experts at JOB Heating & Air Share How a New Furnace Can Save You Money

JOB Heating & Air Conditioning Saskatoon is eager to provide the best possible customer experience. Their aim is to be a professional resource for our clients before, during, and after the sale! Their team takes pride in service knowledge of modern equipment and training. They are recognized by peers and offer sales, service, training & installations for residential, and commercial Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing systems in Saskatoon and the surrounding area. JOB Heating & Air are Trusted Saskatoon Furnace and Air Conditioning Experts. In their latest article, they share why buying a new furnace saves money. 


The cost of gas and electricity is always on the rise, and it is becoming increasingly important to consider the energy efficiency of your home furnace. While the cost of a new furnace is a shock for most people, it is beneficial in the long run. Here are a few reasons why buying a new furnace can save you money.

Repair Costs

furnace repair costs on older furnaces get expensive - new furnaces save money

Newer furnaces save money as they require less repairs. As with anything that gets older, your furnace requires more repairs as it ages. Over time, constant repairs add up and become expensive. Especially when many call-outs or after-hours calls are required, often these costs will exceed that of a replacement furnace. If you find that service calls are becoming more frequent, it is likely time to purchase a new furnace.

newer furnaces use less energy to save you money

Energy Efficiency

Newer furnaces save money as they are more energy efficient. Not only do old furnaces require more repairs, the cost of running and maintaining older furnaces is significantly greater. Overall, older furnace models consume more energy than newer models. Now that technology is more advanced, energy efficient and environmentally friendly furnace models exist and they are definitely better options. 

It is worth noting that older furnace models may also be heating your home unevenly. Naturally, older models are not as efficient in operation or functionality. Older furnaces just cannot keep up with household demands. They become strained which leads to bill increases. Newer furnaces are able to produce more heat while using less energy, saving you money on your energy bills.

Environmental Benefits

newer furnaces are more energy efficient than older ones

Though the environmental benefits of newer furnaces are not always top of mind, they are surely significant. Using efficient heating systems has a positive impact on the environment. With energy-efficient furnaces, the use of fossil fuels and power stations is decreased. This results in reduced consumption of natural resources and less pollution. If everyone made the switch to a more energy-efficient furnace, imagine the magnitude of impact this would have on the environment. 

Not only will a new furnace ensure more money remains in your pocket, but it will also provide you with peace of mind and a dependable source of heat for your home.

These are a few reasons why buying a new furnace can save you money. Be sure to schedule your routine furnace maintenance to ensure your system is running as it should. If you need any assistance with your furnace or home heating and cooling equipment, do not hesitate to contact our team at JOB Heating & Air Conditioning.

JOB Heating & Air Conditioning are Furnace and Air Conditioning Experts. They show up on time, deliver on budget, and leave the work area cleaner than when they arrived! They take pride in their work in this city and surrounding area, so nothing means more to us than testimonials from their clients as their preferred plumber in Saskatoon.

‘Your Comfort is Our Concern!’

JOB Heating & Air Conditioning are Trusted Saskatoon Furnace and Air Conditioning Experts

Trusted Saskatoon Experts at JOB Heating & Air Explain How To Protect HVAC Systems from Snow and Ice

JOB Heating & Air Conditioning Saskatoon is eager to provide the best possible customer experience. Their aim is to be a professional resource for our clients before, during, and after the sale! Their team takes pride in service knowledge of modern equipment and training. They are recognized by peers and offer sales, service, training & installations for residential, and commercial Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing systems in Saskatoon and the surrounding area. JOB Heating & Air are Trusted Saskatoon Furnace and Air Conditioning Experts. In their latest article, they share reasons to keep your HVAC system protected from snow and ice this winter. 


The harsh elements are hard on anything left outside throughout the winter. Although air conditioner units are built to withstand winter conditions, they need help to remain protected. Especially in freezing temperatures, here are some reasons to keep your HVAC system’s outdoor unit protected this winter:

Built-Up Ice Damages The Outdoor Unit

Ice build-up can damage the outside and inside of your outdoor HVAC unit. As snow melts and re-freezes, cold temperatures cause blocks of ice to form in roofs, gutters, and other surfaces. Falling ice can also damage the exterior of your unit and the lines connected to your system. 

Ice build-up also causes internal damage to your unit. If snow and ice are not removed and build up on your outdoor HVAC unit, it causes system components to freeze. Extreme enough temperatures can cause motors to freeze, making your compressor unusable. The worst part is that you may not notice there is damage until you go to turn on your unit when the warmer months hit.

Rust Is Destructive

When snow and water are present, rust is an issue. Water expedites the oxidation process, particularly when combined with exposure to oxygen in the air. Although materials such as copper are resistant to corrosion, they are not rust-proof. Eventually, rust leads to a coil losing the capacity to operate and transfer heat properly under pressure. 

Rust will affect the internal parts of your HVAC unit and damage your system's external or structural parts. Although these components are painted or sealed, this is not enough to combat the power of rust. Typically, however, issues commence in unsealed locations such as bolts, screws, and the holes that keep your system together.

Snow And Ice Limit Air Flow 

Heat pumps are popular heating systems for many homeowners. Modern heat pumps quickly heat a home efficiently, even in temperatures below freezing. However, to be able to function, they must have access to enough heat, which can only be drawn from the air around them. Therefore, airflow is crucial for these systems. If snow and ice accumulate and block airflow, the system cannot do its job effectively. 

HVAC systems that fill up with snow will result in a similar situation. Heat transfer is impossible if snow enters the cage surrounding your interior components. As a result, your heat pump freezes, and your home will not have the heat supply it needs to be kept warm.

Ways To Protect Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

Protecting your outdoor HVAC unit from snow and ice is important to keep it in good working condition. Here are ways to protect your outdoor HVAC unit: 

  • During snow storms, always cover your HVAC system. Covering the system always gives critters a place to build a home and find shelter, which causes damage.
  • After a heavy snowfall, brush or sweep snow off your unit. Snow and ice build-up can damage it. 
  • Clear away the snow around the outdoor unit (at least a one-foot radius). With a heat pump system, the radius should be three to four feet. 
  • Never use hot water to defrost a frozen air conditioner. Hot water mixed with snow causes temperature shock, shattering even rigid metal. 
  • Always have your air conditioner inspected before use in the warmer months to ensure there is no lasting damage from the winter elements. 
These are a few reasons to protect your HVAC system from snow and ice this winter. Be sure to protect your system from the elements and schedule routine HVAC maintenance to ensure it is running as it should. If you need assistance with your furnace or home heating and cooling equipment, do not hesitate to contact the JOB Heating & Air Conditioning team. They show up on time, deliver on budget, and leave the work area cleaner than when they arrived! 

Trusted Saskatoon Furnace & Duct Cleaners at Bridge City Duct Cleaning Explain Why Dryer Vent Cleaning is Essential

Trusted Saskatoon Furnace & Duct Cleaners Bridge City Duct Cleaning provides both residential duct cleaning and commercial duct cleaning and furnace maintenance services. Their team is professionally trained, qualified, bonded, and factory furnace and duct cleaning technicians. In their latest article, they explain why dryer vent cleaning is so important. 

Why Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Essential

Dryer vent cleaning is essential for a few reasons.

Clogged Dryer Vents Waste Energy

Responsible energy consumption is important. Clogged dryer vents cause your dryer to not be efficient in drying your items. This means more dryer time is needed, and energy is wasted, leading to higher electricity bills.

To run efficiently, a dryer needs to properly be able to release heat. When there are clogs the heat gets trapped and the dryer must work harder than necessary. Ensuring dryer vents are cleaned will increase efficiency and save energy. 

Clogged Dryer Vents Can Cause Fires

The build-up of linen, dust, and debris in the hot air shaft has the potential to cause a fire, endangering your family. Too much pressure causes combustion, and if a fire results it will inevitably spread throughout the home. It is important to note that fires resulting from the neglect of dryer vent cleaning and maintenance are not usually covered under insurance policies. Ensure fires are prevented with regular dryer vent cleaning, and keep your loved ones safe.

Prevent Clogging By Having Your Dryer Vents Cleaned Annually

In order to prevent unnecessary inefficiencies in energy usage, or the potential for fires due to a clogged dryer vent, regular maintenance is highly recommended.

Unless cleared regularly, particulate matter can build up, which can compromise performance. In some cases, the flammable residue from the material being dried may start to disperse elsewhere in the machine, creating the potential for a fire in the appliance. We have the answer!

Having your dryer vents cleaned annually is important. Let our professional team of experts at Bridge City Duct Cleaning take care of your dryer vent cleaning to prevent damage to your air and your home. 

Contact Bridge City Cleaning today to have your ductwork cleaned.

Ensure a Successful Home Purchase With Trusted Saskatoon Realtor Marla Janzen

Marla Janzen is an award-winning SASKATOON & WARMAN REALTOR. She takes action to sell her client's homes and find them the perfect new place to live while negotiating the best terms and price possible. She loves what she does and takes great pride in providing excellence in customer service to all of her clients. Marla Janzen is a TRUSTED SASKATOON REAL ESTATE AGENT and she is eager to provide Trusted Saskatoon real estate Tips that help the public! In her latest real estate advice, she shares tips to ensure a successful home purchase. 

Tips To Ensure A Successful Home Purchase

Are you currently in the market as a buyer? If so, you already know that multiple offers are a thing.

Here are a few tips to ensure a successful home purchase.

✅ Be clear about your budget and what you want and need in a property is super important, so when the right one comes up you will be ready to make a move on that property. 

✅ Being pre-approved and ready to roll with your deposit ready to go and down payment ready. 

✅ Being available to view on short notice is a huge bonus in a market with low supply. Getting into new listings early can often make the difference in a successful purchase!

✅ Working with an experienced and trusted realtor is important! 

Having an agent who knows and understands what you are looking for is a huge help in the buying process. We can help you navigate all of that … especially in a multiple-offer situation.

Reach out if you have any questions. I have been successfully helping people in real estate for 18 years now, in Saskatoon and area. I’d love to chat.

Marla Janzen has a keen eye for house layout and home staging, which really benefits her clients, most of whom are past client referrals! She guarantees to provide you with a stress-free, hassle-free, wonderful experience and we are sure once you have met her that you will not contact anyone else!


Custom Guitar Cases From Trusted Saskatoon Custom Bag and Case Experts!

Saskatoon Bag & Case are your Trusted Saskatoon Custom Bag & Case Experts! They specialize in custom designs of high-quality and durable bag and case products. They work with any industry, including sports teams, work crews, company promotions, and music and audiovisuals. In their latest article, they discuss custom guitar cases.

Custom Guitar Cases from Saskatoon Bag & Case

Our custom guitar cases are popular among musicians who want to provide optimal protection and personalized touch for their valuable instruments. Here's an overview of custom guitar cases:

1. Customization: Custom guitar cases allow you to design a case tailored explicitly to your guitar's shape, size, and unique features. This ensures a perfect fit and maximum protection. You can choose from various customization options, including the exterior material, colour, hardware, interior padding, compartments, and additional features like built-in storage, straps, or locks.

2. Protection: Custom guitar cases prioritize protection by using high-quality materials and construction techniques. They are designed to safeguard your guitar from impacts, temperature changes, humidity, and other potential hazards. The interior foam padding can be customized to fit the exact dimensions of your guitar, providing a snug and secure fit that minimizes movement during transportation.

3. Style and Aesthetics: Custom guitar cases allow you to reflect your style and taste. You can choose from a wide range of materials, colours, finishes, and hardware options to match your preferences or coordinate with your guitar's appearance. Whether you prefer a classic, vintage look or a more modern and vibrant design, customization allows you to create a case that complements your instrument's aesthetics.

4. Portability and Convenience: Custom guitar cases can be designed with additional features to enhance portability and convenience. This may include comfortable handles, wheels for easy transportation, or extra storage compartments for accessories like cables, picks, or pedals. These features make it easier to carry and transport your guitar and associated equipment.

5. Professional Presentation: Custom guitar cases offer a professional and polished presentation when travelling or performing. A well-designed and personalized case can make a positive impression and add to the overall image and branding of your musical act.

To obtain a custom guitar case, you can explore various options. We specialize in creating bespoke cases tailored to your specific requirements. We will typically work closely with you to understand your needs, preferences, and the specifications of your guitar. Through a collaborative process, we can design and fabricate a custom case that meets your expectations.

It's important to note that custom guitar cases often come at a higher price compared to standard, off-the-shelf cases. However, the added protection, customization options, and personalized experience make them a worthwhile investment for musicians who prioritize the safety and uniqueness of their instruments.

There is no better place to buy personal or business cases and bags in Saskatchewan than Saskatoon Bag & Case. Their service is exceptional and their products are the best!

“If you Need It Covered...They’ve Got It Cased!”  


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