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Trusted Saskatoon Custom Bag and Case Experts at Saskatoon Bag and Case Mystery Shop Results

Being a Trusted Partner on the Trusted Saskatoon Directory of Excellence comes with a lot of responsibility - no other directory, advertising company, or 'watchdog organization' puts businesses through the ongoing process we do before we promote and endorse them.

Why Choose a Business On the Trusted Saskatoon Directory?

All of the Trusted Saskatoon partners have to pass a unique verification process, they are then annually contracted to uphold our 5 Trusted Guarantees. The partners then become part of a local community of Saskatoon and area businesses that we promote with a strong local marketing campaign. We also have a Trusted MYSTERY SHOPPER PROGRAM. This is where we find and engage with normal everyday people, just like you, who are looking for products and services in Saskatoon and area. We approach individuals we can see are looking for a local business and we ask them to mystery shop Trusted Saskatoon Partners. Those that agree to be Trusted mystery shoppers go about their usual business, except at the end they fill out a report to tell us about the experience. We then share it with you! We are thrilled to share our latest mystery shop. 

Saskatoon Bag & Case Mystery Shop Report!

Saskatoon Bag & Case are your Trusted Saskatoon Custom Bag and Case Experts! 

Date of Mystery Shop: November 2023

Name of Shopper: Dan


1. How was the greeting/ welcome/ call answered? Very friendly, warm, and professional. 

2. Appearance of the store/staff and showroom? The showroom has an industrial feel/factory look - it could be improved to be more retail-looking, but I’m guessing most customers don’t really care about that. 

3. Product/industry knowledge of staff? Excellent - expert, in fact - they listened and were able to interpret what I asked for, and they were able to make it exactly as I imagined it.  

4. If a quote was required, was it well laid out/ clear? Yes.

5. Did they ask where you found them? No, I have been a customer for a long time.

6. Overall experience 1-10. 10

7. Would you return as a customer/ recommend them to close friends? Yes.

8. Did anyone stand out as exceptional? If so who? Why? Trevor and the other guy are exceptional- tech guys sometimes are awkward with customers - but not in this case.  

How was the process if you made a purchase/booked a job? If so, refer to the Trusted Guarantees and give an overall mark on each if applicable.

I did buy a custom case


1. Provide the service and quality promised - Yes

2. Complete the job on time - Yes

3. Charge the price quoted with NO surprises - Yes

4. Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs - 100%

5. Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind - Never had an issue


I want a relationship, NOT just a transaction, and they provide that - Trevor has created that, and he makes time for that as part of doing business. The workmanship is excellent - this case is a very special custom one-off design, and it is amazing. Just what I asked for. I have ordered online cases from other places in the past and have had bad experiences with things not fitting properly. I have to say, I am picky but I have never had anything but outstanding with Trevor at Saskatoon Bag & Case.


Yet again showing you deserve the Thumbs Up from

There is no better place to buy personal or business cases and bags in Saskatchewan than Saskatoon Bag & Case. Their service is exceptional and their products are the best!

“If you Need It Covered...They’ve Got It Cased!”  

Ensure a Successful Home Purchase With Trusted Saskatoon Realtor Marla Janzen

Marla Janzen is an award-winning SASKATOON & WARMAN REALTOR. She takes action to sell her client's homes and find them the perfect new place to live while negotiating the best terms and price possible. She loves what she does and takes great pride in providing excellence in customer service to all of her clients. Marla Janzen is a TRUSTED SASKATOON REAL ESTATE AGENT and she is eager to provide Trusted Saskatoon real estate Tips that help the public! In her latest real estate advice, she shares tips to ensure a successful home purchase. 

Tips To Ensure A Successful Home Purchase

Are you currently in the market as a buyer? If so, you already know that multiple offers are a thing.

Here are a few tips to ensure a successful home purchase.

✅ Be clear about your budget and what you want and need in a property is super important, so when the right one comes up you will be ready to make a move on that property. 

✅ Being pre-approved and ready to roll with your deposit ready to go and down payment ready. 

✅ Being available to view on short notice is a huge bonus in a market with low supply. Getting into new listings early can often make the difference in a successful purchase!

✅ Working with an experienced and trusted realtor is important! 

Having an agent who knows and understands what you are looking for is a huge help in the buying process. We can help you navigate all of that … especially in a multiple-offer situation.

Reach out if you have any questions. I have been successfully helping people in real estate for 18 years now, in Saskatoon and area. I’d love to chat.

Marla Janzen has a keen eye for house layout and home staging, which really benefits her clients, most of whom are past client referrals! She guarantees to provide you with a stress-free, hassle-free, wonderful experience and we are sure once you have met her that you will not contact anyone else!


CNC Router Services from Trusted Saskatoon Bag & Case Experts

Saskatoon Bag & Case are your Trusted Saskatoon Custom Bag & Case Experts! They specialize in custom designs of high-quality and durable bag and case products. They work with any industry, including sports teams, work crews, company promotions, and music and audiovisuals. In their latest article, they discuss their CNC Router Services. 

CNC Router Services at Saskatoon Bag & Case 

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router services involve using a CNC router machine to cut, shape, and engrave materials with precision and accuracy. CNC routers are versatile tools used in various industries, including woodworking, manufacturing, signage, prototyping, and more. We can custom router a large variety of materials for your specific application. SBC can supply the material you require routered or the customer can provide it themselves.

CNC router services can be utilized to produce cases and inserts, offering precise cutting, shaping, and customization capabilities. Here's how CNC router services can be applied:

  1. CNC routers can accurately cut various materials such as wood panels, foam, and plastics with high precision, ensuring consistent and accurate results.

  2. Inserts and Dividers: Custom foam inserts and dividers for bags and cases can be produced using CNC router services. By cutting foam to precise shapes and sizes, CNC routers can create inserts that securely hold and protect items. This is particularly useful for delicate and valuable items, providing added cushioning and organization.

When utilizing CNC router services for bags and inserts, it's essential to provide accurate design files and specifications is crucial to achieve the desired results.

Just send us your .dxf or .dwg file or send a sketch or the part(s) needed, and we will draw them up for you.

There is no better place in Saskatchewan to buy personal or business cases and bags than Saskatoon Bag & Case. Their service is exceptional, and their products are the best!

“If you Need It Covered...They’ve Got It Cased!”  

Relieve Neck Pain With A Thai Massage From Trusted Saskatoon Sirius Health Thai Massage Experts

Sirius Thai Massage Clinic in Saskatoon is committed to providing authentic Thai massage practices to get excellent mobility, flexibility and pain relief results that traditional massage may not be able to achieve. They're certified practitioners provide a variety of Thai-style massage modalities that last from 30 to 180 minutes. In their first tip, they share how you can relieve neck pain with a Thia massage.

Relieve Neck Pain With A Thai Massage

People who sit at a desk or on mobile devices all day may find themselves using poor posture which results in back and neck pain.

One of our customers’ most common ailments is neck pain caused by our modern, sedentary lifestyle. Whether at work, at a computer, or at home, watching movies on a mobile device, we do our neck a great disservice, leading to sharp, stabbing neck, shoulder, and upper back.

The main reason these activities cause pain is that we often have very poor posture as we do these activities. Whether sitting at a desk with a chair that is too low or too high or holding a mobile device in front of you on your lap and looking down at the screen, you are straining the muscles and tissue structures surrounding your neck or cervical spine. Over time, that strain leads to neck pain.

The most common symptoms that clients describe are:

  • Localized pain in the upper back, shoulders and lower neck
  • Jaw pain
  • Mild or even severe headaches
  • Pain when tilting the head forward and down
  • Tingling sensation or even numbness in the arms and hands

Neck pain can be severe, but even when minor, it can profoundly affect your quality of life. So, a Thai massage for your neck is more than a luxurious treat; it’s a therapeutic solution. First, acupressure and stretching in a Thai massage will improve blood circulation, which helps ease pain. A Thai massage will also help reduce the stiffness in your neck and shoulders, restoring your range of motion.

But while regular Thai massages can provide much-needed relief, you should also take steps to prevent neck pain. The essential thing you can do is to focus on improving your posture. Take a good look at your workplace and incorporate any ergonomic adjustments you need to improve how you sit at your desk.

Another workplace tip is to incorporate short stretching breaks into your day. You can watch many short stretching videos online or ask your Thai massage practitioner about special neck exercises you can perform at work or home. You don’t have to spend more than a few minutes every few hours doing these stretches, but they will significantly affect your problems.

When you get home from work, try to reduce your screen time, especially with mobile devices that you hold in front of you. Looking down at a phone or tablet is even worse for your neck than sitting at a desk, so don’t add to the trouble by continuing to strain your neck after work.

Another simple way to reduce neck pain is to reduce your stress. While practising qigong or meditation is an excellent way to offset sitting at a desk, these activities take time to develop discipline. So start by ensuring that you give yourself time for quality sleep. Sleep is one of the best ways to reduce stress, giving your body time to recover.

Thai massage is a good antidote for neck pain caused by our sedentary lifestyle. However, taking the time to alleviate tension and stress in your neck muscles can improve comfort, and overall well-being is equally important.

If you seek a holistic healing practice that focuses on energy-based therapy, incorporating techniques such as stretching, compression, and acupressure in Saskatoon, Sirius Health Thai Massage Clinic is your destination. Your well-being will noticeably improve after your visit, with the benefits continuing to unfold in the following days.

J & S Picture Frame Warehouse Are Professional Photograph Restoration Experts

The J & S Picture Frame Warehouse team believes that your pictures deserve the best! Locally owned and operated, they constantly strive to bring their customers the best materials, advice, and workmanship for all of your framing needs. They simply offer the best selection of materials to preserve your treasures, keepsakes, and works of art in Saskatoon. J & S Picture Frame Warehouse are your Trusted Saskatoon Picture Framers. In their latest tip, they discuss professional photograph restoration. 

J & S Picture Frame Warehouse Are Professional Photograph Restoration Experts

Photo restoration services can help you bring old, damaged, or faded photographs back to life. These services utilize digital tools and techniques to repair and enhance the quality of the image. Here are some key points about photo restoration services:

1. Repairing Damage: Photo restoration can fix various types of damage, such as scratches, tears, creases, water damage, stains, and fading. Skilled professionals use digital editing software to carefully restore the damaged areas of the photograph.

2. Color Correction: Faded or discoloured photos can be restored to their original vibrancy. Photo restoration experts can adjust colour levels, remove colour casts, and restore accurate tones to make the image look natural and vibrant again.

3. Removing Blemishes: Unwanted marks, spots, or blemishes on the photo's surface can be removed through careful retouching techniques. This includes eliminating dust, stains, mold, or other imperfections that may have accumulated over time.

4. Restoring Details: Photo restoration services can help bring back lost details and sharpness to the image. This can include enhancing facial features, improving texture and clarity, and recovering fine details that may have been obscured or damaged.

5. Reconstructing Missing Parts: If a photo has significant damage or missing portions, restoration experts can reconstruct those missing parts using advanced digital techniques. This may involve recreating missing areas based on surrounding details or using reference images provided by the client.

6. Digital Archiving: Photo restoration services often provide digital archiving options, allowing you to preserve your restored images in a high-resolution digital format. This helps safeguard the restored photographs for future generations and allows for easy sharing and printing.

7. Customization and Editing: Some restoration services offer additional customization options, such as cropping, resizing, removing unwanted objects, or combining elements from multiple photos. These services can help you achieve specific aesthetic or compositional preferences.

When choosing a photo restoration service, it's essential to work with a reputable provider with experienced professionals who specialize in photo restoration.  

Learn more and see examples of J & S work here:

Remember, these tips are general guidelines, and the specific requirements may vary based on the type of artwork, size, and personal preferences. It's always a good idea to consult with our professional framers at J & S Picture Frame Warehouse if you have valuable or delicate pieces that require special attention.

As always, you can find out more about the knowledgeable team at J & S Picture Frame Warehouse your TRUSTED SASKATOON FRAMING EXPERTS by checking out their listing on Trusted Saskatoon or visiting them in store!


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