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Trusted Saskatoon Real Estate Expert Marla Janzen Has Made The Move To eXp Realty

Marla Janzen is an award-winning SASKATOON REAL Estate expert she takes action to sell her client's homes and find them the perfect new place to live while negotiating the best terms and price possible. She loves what she does and takes great pride in providing excellence in customer service to all of her clients. 

Marla Janzen is a  TRUSTED SASKATOON REAL ESTATE EXPERT listed on the SASKATOON DIRECTORY and she loves to provide Trusted Saskatoon real estate Tips that help the public!

Marla Explains Why She Moved To eXp Realty

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who’s supported me as I moved over to eXp Realty.  It’s been an exciting month meeting new people, exploring new places, and learning about the exciting online world of eXp Realty.  

I started as a real estate agent in 2004 with Century 21 in Saskatoon.  Over the past 15 years, I’ve learned and grown into the agent and person I am today.  I’m very thankful to my former brokers and colleagues at Century 21 for giving me the foundation to grow my real estate business into one that’s earned multiple awards and accolades.  

Being a Trusted Saskatoon Realtor, I enjoy giving my clients the highest level of service I can.  I am thrilled to be working with an international corporation who is forward-thinking and agent owned.  eXp Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage providing 24/7 access to collaborative tools, training, and socialization for real estate brokers and agents through its fully immersive, 3D cloud office environment.  It was a long and tough decision, but one I am whole heartily excited for and feel great about.  It is exciting to be part of a real estate company who is growing so quickly and easily offers support, networking, coaching, and mentorship to top realtors around the world.

I’m ready to make 2020 a great year of change and success.  Being a top producing agent in Saskatoon and area, I have been successful through many market changes, and now I can also offer my years of experience and award-winning results to help others in real estate do the same.  I’m happy to be partnered with Realtors® Chris Molenaar and Tara Knoblauch.  We have already established some great goals and programs to offer our clients, as well as, help agents on our team.

I am proud to be partnered with Westbow Construction as their Saskatoon, Warman, and area Realtor.  I have been working with them since they established here 7 years ago, and I am looking forward too many more exciting projects to come. Trusted Saskatoon Homeuilder Westbow Construction is committed to provide the best quality home for their clients and I’m proud to be a Trusted Saskatoon Partner alongside them.

I love living and raising my family here in Saskatchewan and I am happy I have found a company with great core values that relate to my own.  I’m looking forward too many more years of happiness, success, and growth in this amazing city doing what I love.  I believe honesty, hard work, and stellar customer service are the most important parts of the real estate business.  I put this philosophy to practice and strive to be the best Saskatoon Realtor® I can every day.

To read more testimonials about Marla Janzen, view her listing HERE!
Find Marla Janzen Online at is a eXp Realtor.

Trusted Founder Shares A Personal Experience With A Roofing Company That Would Never Qualify For Trusted Saskatoon

When I started Trusted Saskatoon back in 2011, my aim was to create a website where consumers could find TRUSTWORTHY locally owned businesses who operate with integrity. I had suffered a few times from negative experiences and felt that there was something missing that prevented people being ripped off. I recently experienced first-hand ( again) the exact reason why I was driven to create, as a real resource to protect and help YOU the consumer who is choosing where to spend your hard earned money!

Sara Shares A Real Life Roofing Story

Not long ago I returned home to find that a local 'cedar shake expert' roofing company had stopped by. They spoke to a family member in my absence and delivered a flyer, product brochure, business card and a detailed $12,500 quote for a new roof. I had not requested a quote, however the company representative said they wanted to provide it to us as a courtesy as they were concerned for us. They noted that this was their recommendation based on the many issues they could see whilst working on our neighbours roof. The company had been next door for a few days repairing and re-roofing the roof and they said that had given them an excellent opportunity to see the issues on our roof. Even better,  because they were in the area, they would do it for a special reduced price – how kind of them! 

Unfortunately for this roofing company, they pitched their quote to the wrong homeowners... 

Being the owner of Trusted for nearly 9 years, means that I have learnt a lot of best practices when it comes to quoting. In addition to that, I have lots of people sharing with me who NOT to trust in Saskatoon. This company has been mentioned to me at least a dozen times over the years, so I was bound to be suspicious of the quote and the motivations behind it.

Naturally, I wanted to find out whether these roofing ‘experts’ were right about the issues with my roof, so I called one of our Trusted Saskatoon Roofers, Scott Roofing to take a look. 

Scott Roofing 

Scott Roofing has over 30 years years of experience in the Saskatoon roofing industry and they are the first roofing choice for many of Saskatoon's top contractors. Owner, Scott Landru has  extensive roofing experience, skills and knowledge.They have proven track record and we know them to be a trustworthy reliable roofing contractor for both builders and homeowners who value friendly service and honest advice. 

A Roof Inspection 

Scott visited my house with some team members, and inspected my roof from ground level as well as from on the roof itself. They also checked via a drone to make very sure they had done a thorough job. After a few days he sent over the report and a quote that I have attached below.


Please note that the roof showed “signs of normal wear due to ageing”, but that it still had a “projected remaining life expectancy of 15-25 years” so in his expert opinion there would be no reason to complete a roof replacement or any repairs any time soon.

Scott’s information raised the question, WHY would this other roofing company give us a quote for $12,500 for a new roof when there was nothing wrong with it? Was this just a genuine mistake, or was there something a bit more sinister to the story? 

WHY You Should Always Do Your Due Diligence 

Upon further investigation, they have 19 (yes,19) cases against them due to issues with past jobs, so it is clear that there is a trend beginning to appear with this business.. They are NOT trustworthy. 

Roofers are often seen as untrustworthy by homeowners, as there have been too many stories like this of people being scared into thinking that their most valuable asset is going to be wrecked by a roof that is in 'desperate' need of a replacement. To add to the problem, few Canadians make the necessary verifications, such as ensuring the company they are signing with legally exists (16%), has proper insurance (19%), a business licence (27%), and a clean legal history (14%). This exacerbates the problem and leads to people being ripped off unnecessarily. 

So, what point am I trying to make by sharing my experience??

I want to emphasize that you should ALWAYS shop around and get at least 2 or 3 quotes whenever you need a job done, to ensure that you do not get ripped off by a disreputable contractor or business owner. Alternatively, you can cut out all that leg work and save time and stress, simply visit Trusted Saskatoon, where you can find a Trusted Saskatoon businesses in 40  categories. We KNOW them, we care about them AND you the consumer. We have checked them out for you and we work with them to maintain standards. They share their experience and advice with you in articles like this - we have collected over 1000 helpful articles  in our Trusted Saskatoon library . We GUARANTEE that we only promote trustworthy integrity driven locally owned businesses who are invested in our community and will always complete work to the highest quality for a fair price on time! 

I will not name the other roofing company - that is not my role- Trusted is here to support and promote the businesses we partner with, those operating in line with our Trusted Guarantees. We stand by them and so do all of our other wonderful Trusted Saskatoon partners. 

5 Trusted Guarantees

  1. Provide the service and quality promised.
  2. Complete the job on time.
  3. Charge the price quoted with NO surprises.
  4. Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs.
  5. Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind.

Scott Roofing is a Trusted Saskatoon Roofer  

Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair & Service Specialists Phobia Auto Share Their Story!

Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair & Service Experts at Phobia Auto are based in Martensville and they are a trusted source for honest advice and qualified auto service and repairs. People ask all the time why you can't supply your own parts when they come into Phobia Auto. If you are wondering why Phobia Auto answer the question in the tip below. Phobia Auto Are Trusted Saskatoon & area Auto Repair & Service Specialists. 

Phobia Origin Story

From its modest roots to becoming the community’s largest auto shop, Phobia Auto Care has grown rapidly to land squarely in the heart of the community.

Owner Steven Cusson is a frequent face at the shop, and Phobia is as local as it gets. From community events, to sponsoring local sports teams and even filling a local pond with fish good enough to catch for dinner. Phobia prides itself on being the biggest, small-town, shop you’ll find.

In 2016 Phobia Auto Care was run out of the Stevens garage in Martensville. As a business built on trust and quality work, these values grew Phobia in three short years to be the incredible shop it is today. Steven hopes to make the shop a modern pariah, something different than the typical shop you are used to visiting.  In fact, the name, Phobia Auto Care, is a nod to the fear people typically feel when dealing with the automotive industry and Steven worked hard to make his shop a step above the rest. From the moment walk into Phobia, it feels different than a typical auto shop. Smiling faces, comfy couches, non-stop movies on TV and a fresh pot of coffee are all standard fair at Phobia. Steven understands vehicle service is not something most get excited to do, but Phobia strives to make it quick, honest and even a little fun!

Contact Steve and the team today- check out their reviews and see all they do on their listing here : 

Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair & Service Specialists at Phobia Auto Share 8 Ways To Protect Yourself From Nightmare Mechanics

Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair & Service Experts at Phobia Auto are based in Martensville and they are a trusted source for honest advice and qualified auto service and repairs. People ask all the time why you can't supply your own parts when they come into Phobia Auto. If you are wondering why Phobia Auto answer the question in the tip below. Phobia Auto Are Trusted Saskatoon & area Auto Repair & Service Specialists. 

8 ways to Protect yourself from Nightmare Mechanics

Not all shops are the built the same and not all mechanics know everything. In fact, some shops designate certain mechanics to only do ONE type of job. You can imagine this limits their knowledge and ability to diagnose a car as efficiently or properly as someone who inspects a variety of vehicles and problems daily.  

Top 8 Tips from Phobia Auto 

  1. Choose an auto repair and service shop you can trust: there are many shops around the area, it can be hard to know who you can trust and who to steer clear of. Trust is earned and you should get a good feeling on your very first visit!
  2. Avoid one trick Pony's: You wouldn’t go to the eye doctor for dental work, so don’t go to a mechanic that only specializes in mainly one type of work or one brand of vehicle. You want a mechanic that has a multitude and variety of experience working on cars. Not only does this help the work to be done RIGHT but also makes sure that if there is something else wrong with your car they will recognize it. Not all vehicles are built the same so don’t assume one size fits all.
  3. Pick a journeyman: Red seal journeymen mechanics are the top dogs of the automotive industry and they are exactly who you want working on your car. Fun Fact - Phobia has 3 on staff with over 60 years combined experience!
  4. Browse social media for photos: what types of vehicles do they work on, would you trust them with a Lamborghini? 
  5. Read reviews: Whilst reviews aren’t a perfect picture of a shop, they sure do help. Check the number of reviews before you check the rating. In many cases a high rating with a low number of reviews isn’t as good as a bit of a lower rating from a large number of reviews. 
  6. Ask questions: A great automotive shop has no problem answering your questions. If you feel unsure, ask! There are no dumb questions when it comes to mechanics.
  7. Check out the shop in person: Clean shop = clean work. NO good shop is disorganized. You can tell a lot about a shop by how clean their work bays are and how happy the staff seem.
  8. Check the parking lot: Is the shop busy and full of cars? It better be! A busy shop is a good sign that quality work is being done.

Contact Steve and the team today- check out their reviews and see all they do on their listings per here : 

Phobia Auto A Trusted Saskatoon & area Auto Repair & Service Shop

Phobia Auto Are Trusted Saskatoon & Area Performance Vehicle Specialist 

Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair & Service Specialists Phobia Answer Some Common Questions!

Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair & Service Experts at Phobia Auto are based in Martensville and they are a trusted source for honest advice and qualified auto service and repairs. People ask all the time why you can't supply your own parts when they come into Phobia Auto. If you are wondering why Phobia Auto answer the question in the tip below. Phobia Auto Are Trusted Saskatoon & area Auto Repair & Service Specialists. 


At Phobia Auto we believe there is no dumb question when it comes to mechanical work. The dumbest question you can ask is the one you don’t.  Steve, Owner of Phobia

Do I really need to change my cabin air filter? What happens if I don’t? 

Short answer, yes you do. Once your filter is plugged it will restrict air flow to the vents extending your defrost time in winter. Secondly, with restricted airflow you do not get as much heat and it takes longer for interior to warm up. If after a while you do not change cabin filter it can deteriorate and cause a total loss in airflow inside your car.

How do I know if I need a wheel alignment? 

If your vehicle pulls to one side, unusual tire wear, steering wheel off center 

How often should I get my oil changed?  

To keep your car running in top shape, Phobia recommends changing your oil every 5000km 

Why is it important to get my oil changed? 

The oil is the lifeblood of the engine. To get the most life out of your engine you must maintain it properly. After all, it’s cheaper to do more maintenance than it is to replace the engine!

What does the wrench light mean when it comes on? 

The wrench light means your car needs service 

What is the mini tea kettle light on my dash? 

That is the oil pressure light and means that your engine oil pressure is low or that most of the oil has been used up. Once the light comes on you should shut off your engine immediately to prevent possible damage and have the vehicle towed to Phobia for proper diagnosis

How often should I change my tires? Are winter tires worth it? 

SGI safety standards fail a tire at 1.6mm tread, but we recommend changing your tires before they reach the minimum limit. Phobia also highly recommends having 2 sets of tires, 1 for summer and 1 for winter.  Winter tires are made differently than all seasons or summer tires, with the rubber being made of a softer compound, which makes them grippier on a smoother surface. Add studs to the mix and you are well prepared for the road ahead. Plus, buying a set of winter tires extends the life of your summer ones! Having 2 sets of tires ends up saving you money and it is a whole lot safer. 

What are studded tires? 

Studded tires have little metal studs installed in special holes on the face of the tire. While the road noise is increased, most say this is negligible compared to the benefits of driving with them. Confidence on the road is key to safe winter driving.

I hear people say, preventative maintenance, what maintenance should be done on routine? 

Oil changes, tune up (spark plugs, fuel filter), air filters (cabin and engine), and fluids (driveline fluids). Some cars come with a maintenance schedule that we recommend following, or if you are ever wondering what should be checked or fixed on your vehicle, stop in for a comprehensive inspection to give you peace of mind.

What are brake pads and why do they need to be replaced? 

Brake pads are what squeeze down on the rotor to stop you. Just like the brakes on your bicycle, they are what “presses down” to stop you. All brake pads wear down and the time that they wear down varies on your vehicle. We recommend changing rotors and brakes at the same time to prevent uneven wear and keep you the safest on the road.

What are struts and shocks and what do they do? Why do they need to be replaced? 

To put it simply your shocks and struts need to always be in working order to keep your vehicle from bouncing up and down and keeps the tires in contact with the road at all times.    

Why does my air fuel sensor not read correctly? 

Both the air fuel sensor and the O2 sensor measure the amount of oxygen in the exhaust and communicate with the engines computer. The computer then makes adjustments to the fuel system to make sure the engines working at its optimum efficiency.

Contact Steve and the team today- check out their reviews and see all they do on their listings here : 

Phobia Auto A Trusted Saskatoon & area Auto Repair & Service Shop

Phobia Auto Are Your Trusted Saskatoon & Area Performance Vehicle Specialist 


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