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Trusted Saskatoon Audio & Visual Experts answer Facebook fans questions on Plasma, LED & Surround Sound

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Here we answer a few of the questions from the Trusted Saskatoon Facebook Fans that weren't answered in the Trusted Lifestyle Experts Show

Mike Maille - Can you explain the difference between plasma and LED?

The battle of the TV formats is something that is easily confused and misunderstood, but if you weed out the marketing and hype, there are simple answers to help you make an informed choice: - PLASMA was first on the scene, has excellent picture quality, black level and viewing angle, but came with 2 big compromises. They are power hungry and the screen can “burn in” if a static image is left too long. - LCD was soon offered as an alternative. They consumed less power, didn’t burn in, had higher resolutions, and have done very well as a logical alternative to Plasma. - LED is now the next big thing, and it’s winning. Developed as an improvement upon LCD technology, it has all the benefits of Plasma or LCD and more. It offers excellent black levels, great picture quality, good viewing angles, energy efficiency, no burn in, and ultra slim designs that are making it a very attractive option to hang on your wall, in almost any room.

Clint Yule - I need to run wire for surround sound speakers through one of those "half walls" in a basement, the type where it's framed up the side of the foundation wall, the basement is finished, the wires need to go from ground level to the ceiling. Any ideas on how to get the wires through there without tearing the wall apart? This can be a tough one. We have the tools and expertise to “fish” wires through walls, but typically that type of framing completely blocks access. The best bet is to have us come in and look at it. We have a knack for “seeing through” walls, and can often can see creative alternatives. Of course, at the end of the day, a little drywall removal and repair is often the easiest answer…





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