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About The Team At Synergy Business Solutions, Trusted Saskatoon HR and Business Consultants

Synergy Business Solutions are Trusted Saskatoon Human Resources and Business Consultants. Their services allow busy Saskatoon small business owners to focus their energies on running their businesses. They have professional specialists on staff with decades of experience who can assist with everything from management to HR consulting. Meet the team at Synergy Business Solutions!

Meet The Synergy Business Solutions Team!


"My journey as an entrepreneur started in 2011. Previous to that, I worked for 25 odd years for others. My thank you gift for years of services was to be FIRED! This was a devastating day for me and left me reeling from everything that I knew to be true. My career was at an all-time low. 
As it turned out, my devastating day turned out to be the beginning of great days. One of the shareholders of Petrotag approached me regarding purchasing the company. My background was primarily in bookkeeping, with some sales and management. I was definitely interested but had a huge learning curve ahead of me. This was a highly technical company that manufactured, installed and serviced tank monitoring in the oil and gas industry. But I really wanted to try it on my own, so we purchased Petrotag Technologies Inc. in the fall of 2011. The purchase price had a 5-year plan to pay it off. By adjusting some low-hanging fruit, we paid it off in 1.5 years!"


At age 18, Danielle Robson was living in Alberta and going to university, with plans to become a lawyer. Her best friend’s dad owned several Tim Hortons franchises in Edmonton and one of Danielle’s jobs was working for him. He recognized something special about Danielle and threw out the idea that she should apply for her own store. With support from her family, they did, and three weeks later, in June 2003, they had their first Tim Hortons store in Saskatoon, on Fairlight Drive.

Fast forward 15 years, and “Hurricane Dani” shows no signs of slowing down, having just opened its tenth Tim Hortons store. They also own two Mr. Mikes restaurants. With over 300 employees and a young family at home with three kids under age 10, what drives Danielle Robson? Talking with Danielle, she’ll admit she thrives in chaos and jokes that if she wasn’t having a baby or opening a store, she would be bored. Her definition of boredom is different from most people’s.

Synergy Business Solutions strive to create a supportive consulting environment for Saskatchewan-based business owners seeking to improve their personal and professional growth.

  Services Offered Include:

  • HR ( Human Resources) 
  • Business Operation Consulting
  • Synergy Business Support Groups

'For Business Owners From Business Owners'

Synergy Business Solutions are Trusted Saskatoon HR and Business Consultants.

Trusted Saskatoon Financial Advisor Cliff Wiegers Tip On The Benefits of Business Coaching

Wiegers Financial & Benefits is one of the largest private financial planning and employee benefits consulting firms in Saskatchewan. Their Financial Planning Division provides business owners, households, retirees, and students with expert investment and insurance planning services to help them reach their long-term financial goals. They also have a Benefits and Personal Insurance planning division. 

Wiegers Financial & Benefits are Trusted Saskatoon Financial Advisors. Cliff Wiegers shares his experience and the many benefits of business coaching in their latest Wiegers Financial tip

The Life-Changing Benefits of Business Coaching

In 1991, I joined a coaching program called The Strategic Coach which was run by Dan Sullivan out of Toronto. The program has since gone international and has thousands of participants involved globally. Put very simply, it is intended for individuals who are interested in growing both personally and professionally. The goal is for participants to have a great personal life with lots of time off, as well as a great business that generates a lifestyle for them that allows them to live a preferred life.

Why Consider Business Coaching?

Most people think that in order to be successful in business, you have to give away all of your time or to have time off you have to give away money. This program helped me build a good business and have a great personal life. The program offers tools that I can use to enable me to have both personal and professional growth. If you are a business owner, at some point you will likely develop the feeling of complexity. What this means is you simply have run out of time and you can’t get any more results. In fact, running out of time means that you have already potentially cut into a lot of your own personal time as well. The program that I got involved with is not the same program that I’m in today but has many similar characteristics. 

In order to achieve personal and professional growth, you need to have a good team around you. You must identify what your unique abilities are and try to operate in that area. By doing this, you will generally work in areas of your business that give you energy and are usually associated with the highest economic bang for the buck. This means you have to delegate. In order to delegate, it’s critical that you empower people by ensuring they know what they are doing and have the necessary tools and resources. You will also be building empowerment so that bigger results can be made, and making an investment back into your business. Many times when business owners are adding employees they look at it as a cost. It is actually an investment and, if done properly, will yield results that are greater than what you invested.

This is just scratching the surface on coaching and what it’s done for me. If you ask me who needs coaching in business, I would say that everyone needs coaching. But it’s important also that you hit that scene of complexity, you still want to grow, and you’re willing to spend the time and money to do so. If each of those criteria is met, business coaching is something I strongly recommend you pursue.

Clifford A. Wiegers

CFP, TEP, CH.F.C., CLU, B.Comm.

Insurance Representative, Wiegers Financial and Insurance Planning Services Ltd.

Financial Planner, Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc.

Contact them today for a no-obligation consultation to determine how they can help you.

Wiegers Financial & Benefits are Trusted Saskatoon Financial Advisors 


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