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How Often Your Air Ducts Need To Be Cleaned By Trusted Saskatoon Furnace & Duct Cleaners at Bridge City

Trusted Saskatoon Furnace & Duct Cleaners Bridge City Duct Cleaning provides both residential duct cleaning and commercial duct cleaning and furnace maintenance services. Their team is professionally trained, qualified, bonded, and factory furnace and duct cleaning technicians. In their latest article, they discuss how often your air ducts need to be cleaned. 

How Often Do Your Air Ducts Need to be Cleaned?

Did you know a single duct cleaning service removes about five or six pounds of dust? So this begs the question, how often do your air ducts need to be cleaned? We know that over time contaminants like dust, lint and debris can build up in your air ducts and dryer vents, which affects your home’s indoor air quality, but how often they should be cleaned depends on each homeowner, and who you ask. Some recommend it should be done yearly as part of your home maintenance list. It is agreed that the following situations are specific times when it should be done. 
  • When you move into a new home
  • After building a new home
  • After completing a home remodel project
  • If you have pets in the home that shed
  • If smokers live in the household
  • If you fry a lot of food in your home

What parts are included in an air duct cleaning?

  • Supply and return air ducts
  • Grilles
  • Diffusers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Heating and cooling coils
  • Drip pans
  • Fan motor and housing
  • Unit housing
A thorough air duct cleaning should remove all visible and hidden dirt and other debris from the air ducts and the connected HVAC. Otherwise, the dirt in the air duct system will quickly build up again from the dust and debris left behind on other parts of the HVAC system. 

Generally, it is recommended that you should have your air ducts cleaned every 3 to 5 years under normal household conditions. 

Now that you know how often your air ducts need to be cleaned, connect with Bridge City Duct Cleaning to get a quote online.

Call today to book your appointment with Bridge City Duct Cleaning.


Trusted Saskatoon Brags about Epic Auto & Driveline Your Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair , Service & Tire shop

The Trusted Saskatoon Team is delighted to welcome our newest Trusted Saskatoon Partner, Epic Automotive and Driveline to the Saskatoon Tire and the Saskatoon Auto Repair & Service Categories. Epic Auto and Repair Service is your go-to Trusted Saskatoon Tire and Auto Repair shop. They are waiting to help you with tires, maintenance auto repair services on all make and models of vehicles. Get to know all they do and meet the people behind the business in our latest Trusted Saskatoon article welcoming a new partner to our Saskatoon community of locally owned businesses operated with integrity!

Meet Epic Automotive & Driveline

Bob Harder and Shelly McConnell-Harder have nearly 4 decades in the automotive industry. They are Co-owners of Epic Auto and they're using their experiences to operate this exceptional local business. They found a great partner and general manager in Mitch Quesnel, a colleague from Bob’s days in the industry at Ens. 

“Having the good and bad has afforded me the insight to ensure Epic will be a company that focuses on creating and sustaining a strong relationship with my customers.”- said Bob Harder 

Walking into Epic for the very first time, we were greeted with an authentic and warm welcome. We noticed immediately how fresh, bright and sparkling clean the reception area was. This speaks volumes, especially to both of us women, as the auto industry has a reputation as one of the  ‘least trustworthy categories ‘. How often do you walk into an auto or tire shop and feel overwhelmed by bad smells, dirty coffeemakers, and piles of clutter? This is not at all what you will experience at Epic. What that indicated to us, is that they are organized, that they prioritize safety, and that they are ready to help. Clearly, they care about the first impression they are making and we know that first impressions mean a lot. Epic Auto is clearly prepared and ready to help with all and any of your Auto Repair and Tire issues.

The goal at Epic is to have the quickest turnaround time possible, this is especially important for their commercial clients. They understand that when a vehicle is in the shop it’s not making the company any money. They are committed to trying their hardest to make sure that their customers leave with a smile and share that they had a positive experience with friends and family. 

When asked by a reporter at the StarPhoenix in a recent article about how Epic got its name, Bob replied,   

“We agonized over the name, to tell you the truth. How it came about, we finally said, we think we have the chance to create something epic, we just need to come up with a good name. Suddenly it was like, Oh, maybe ‘Epic’ is a good name!”

Picture: Saskatoon Star Phoenix.- New Faces New Places 

We asked  Mitch Quesnel to share the career journey that led him to be the Managing Partner at Epic. 

I started in the Automotive industry in 2007 working as a lot attendant, ironicly it was Bob that hired me for that first job! Aftre a while I was given the opportunity to move into the shipping and receiving department, which I did  for a couple of years, then I moved into a parts advisor role, a position I stayed in for 15 years. When Bob and Shelley gave me the opportunity to work with them as a Managing Partner At Epic Automotive & Driveline I was excited and I started at Epic Automotive & Driveline at the end of Aug 2022.  I am inspired by taking on new challenges and I enjoy putting in the hard work!!  .

How Does Trusted select Trusted Saskatoon businesses to partner with? 

  • We look for locally accountable businesses that have a reputation for quality-driven excellence in the Saskatoon market.

  • Customers, clients, and suppliers nominate businesses they are impressed with. 

  • We survey a number of their past customers personally.

  • We check the business's online reputation and we speak to business references 

  • All past customers we speak to are surveyed - it is a pass or a fail! 

  • We ensure any required licenses, qualifications, WCB, and insurances are valid and up to date.

What Did Epic's Customers Say About Their Experience? 

“I’ve had a great experience with Epic. My company uses them for our fleet vehicles. They are very accommodating, especially getting us in on the short notice. The vehicle is out as soon as they can. I’ve also taken my personal vehicle there a few times. They caught a lot of stuff that the dealership I go to was sloughing off. ‘Oh, everything looks good. Jordan- Saskatoon  

“I know the owner, Bob Harder. They have a really good knowledgeable crew. We have our corporate vehicles serviced there and the pricing has been so good. It’s not like other garages. The customer service is fantastic and they haven't charged me a nickel more. - Office Solutions, Mark

We encourage you to visit Epic Auto’s Trusted Saskatoon listings to read more customer reviews, see their full range of services, and then if you want more information or to book check out their website.
They are here to help, and all of their clients shared that they are professional and invested in customer satisfaction- they are Saskatoon automotive experts, you can trust! 

Epic Automotive and Driveline is a Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair and Service Shop
AND Epic is a Trusted Saskatoon Tire Shop

Trusted Saskatoon IT Pro's at Burnt Orange Discuss Technology and Your Customer's Experience

Gareth McKee and his Trusted Saskatoon IT team at Burnt Orange Solutions promise to have a one-hour response time for all your IT support needs. Honesty and respect are important to them. They pride themselves on ensuring their clients understand IT concerns by providing a straightforward and reliable solution with exceptional service. Burnt Orange Solutions are your Trusted Saskatoon IT Experts. In their latest Saskatoon IT expert tip, they discuss technology and your customer's experience.  

Technology and Your Customer's Experience

Customer service expectations have grown over the last few years, and Saskatoon businesses have had to adapt to meet the needs of their customers. If you have not added any technology to improve your customer’s experiences here are a few ideas for you.

49% of consumers have left a brand in the past year due to poor experience; however, the emerging technology of today can power the customer experiences of the future. In order to create a positive customer experience, fuel brand loyalty and drive sales growth, Saskatoon businesses and beyond must find the right digital tools for their business. Here are a few options:

The Cloud

The Cloud and the tools backed by this technology are very important in every business organization. As technology advances, the amounts of available sales channels increases as well. Think about it, you can make a purchase at the local retail store by walking in, phoning it in, or ordering it online. There are about eight different channels for most customer engagements. No matter what channel customers choose to use, brands need to gather, centralize and react to that data. Organizations are relying on cloud technology to manage these interactions and keep the information. The days of pen and paper don’t work as well anymore.


With today’s technology, i.e. smartphone and mobile search features, today’s consumers are used to immediate answers and on-demand access to the web. Most people are willing to wait up to four hours for an online response. However, approximately 90% of consumers' inquiries go unanswered by brands. In comes Chatbots. They are artificial intelligence designed to engage in conversation with human users over the internet. They are quickly taken over customer service functions for many businesses as they are able to respond to customer questions and fulfil the consumer’s desire for an immediate response.

Augmented Reality Technology and Your Customer’s Experience

90% of all information is visual, our brains are built for visual information. It takes only 13 milliseconds for the human brain to process an image. Based on this fact, it is known customers often have a difficult time, visualizing what an item will look like when they buy it and put it in their home. Augmented Reality allows a consumer to take a picture of the room, place the item in the picture and now they can visualize it in their home.

There are many ways to improve technology and your customer’s experience and we can help with that. Contact the Trusted Saskatoon IT professionals at Burnt Orange Solutions and we will take IT worries off your plate.

Burnt Orange IT Solutions Products & Services:

"IT Support You Can Trust and Understand"

Burnt Orange Solutions are your Trusted Saskatoon IT Experts

Planning A Meaningful Tribute By Trusted Saskatoon Funeral Home

Since 1910, Saskatoon Funeral Home has responded to the needs of Saskatoon & area citizens of every faith and every walk of life. They have a proud history as Saskatoon's longest-serving, local, family-owned and operated, full-service funeral and cremation provider to trace its roots to the beginning days of our city. Saskatoon Funeral Home are a Trusted Saskatoon funeral home. 

Planning A Meaningful Tribute

This article is intended to increase your confidence in your ability to plan a meaningful tribute for others – or, for that matter, yourself. A funeral honours a life that has been lived; shares the burden of loss and mourning with others, and allows people to reflect on their own beliefs and mortality. Culture, personal beliefs, and circumstances all affect our decisions.

Often, the best place to start is to contact your local funeral home and/or your clergy. Most funerals contain some or all of the following elements, with room for changes to celebrate the life of the individual in your own unique way.

1. Visitation

This is the opportunity to be with those who grieve, and to be with the person who died. It can be the hardest thing to do – but many experts agree that the visitation is the most personally meaningful step in coming to terms with death. Consider:

  • Special music
  • Placing a private letter or special object in the casket
  • Sharing favourite memories
  • Special clothing that best depicts how you remember the deceases
  • Photos

2. Service Opening 

This is the start of the ceremony, which states the purpose of the gathering and sets the tone for the ceremony. Consider: 

  • Family members/friends light candles
  • Special processional music
  • Placing a flower by the urn or on the casket
  • Special person acts as the urn bearer
  • Formal religious receiving and processional
  • Meaningful opening statement

3. Readings

These may be readings from religious scripture or from other inspirational sources. Consider: 

  • A passage or poem which captures the unique life and philosophies of the deceased
  • Something the deceased has written, such as a poem or cherished letter
  • Reading by a friend or relative
  • A recording of a reading, such as an excerpt from a play
  • Responsorial readings, which allow those in attendance to participate

4. Music 

Music, like the readings, expresses our emotions and beliefs. It is a powerful medium which is both personal and universal. Consider:

  • A performance, such as an instrumental or vocal selection
  • Various types of music throughout the service
  • A recording of a favourite song

5. Tribute 

The eulogy pays tribute to and recalls the life of the deceased. It is a very important aspect of the funeral and its focal point. Consider:

  • Frequently use the name of the deceased
  • Consult with others to include memories from many different people and aspects of the life of the deceased
  • Invite others to share their memories
  • Include upbeat, even humorous, memories
  • Include a memorial display with items such as photos, trophies, special objects, music and video 

6. Closing

Just like the opening, the closing might be just a few sentences. The closing needs words that are chosen carefully (e.g. those which are set forth in religious rites) which leave a lasting impression. Consider: 

  • Family members may carry a flower from the service
  • Selection of special people to be pallbearers or urn bearers
  • Special, meaningful processional music
  • Military or fraternal last rites

7. Committal 

Following the service, the guests may proceed to the committal, which is the placing of the casket or urn in its final resting place. A very emotional time of "letting go", the committal acknowledges the reality and finality of death. Consider: 

  • Lowering the casket or urn into the earth
  • Participant placing earth on the casket in the grave
  • Taking a flower from the committal as a memory
  • Moment of silence
  • Placing flowers, releasing balloons
  • Reciting prayers
  • Special music, such as bagpipe or solo trumpet

8. Gathering

This is the opportunity following the service and/or committal for the mourners to get together in a social setting, to provide support through the sharing of food and conversation. Consider:

  • Sharing stories
  • A memory table with special items to recall the life of the deceased
  • Special music
  • Reinforce friendships and relationships through tears and laughter
With this general outline in place, you can see there are many opportunities to personalize the service. Your clergy and the professional staff at Saskatoon Funeral Home have a great deal of experience in this regard, so don’t hesitate to ask for their assistance. 

Remember that you have the right to mourn the way you wish. Exercise your freedom to follow your beliefs and traditions, embrace the pain of your loss, recall the memories of the one you have lost, and have anyone you wish in attendance to share your grief. What is meaningful will vary from family to family. For some, the comfort of cultural and religious rituals will play a large part. For others, the location of the ceremony, such as a park or special church, will be significant. 

For you and others, the funeral is only the start of the healing process. Don’t expect the funeral ceremony to be, and don’t try to make it be, all things to all people. Take comfort in the thought that there will be other times to recall special memories with friends, grieve with your immediate family, or visit a special place to be alone with your thoughts.

Visit their website to learn more about pre-planning a funeral and grief support, as well as the traditional funeral and cremation services that they have to offer. They are always there to help. Check out their listing on Trusted Saskatoon to read more reviews and to see all the services they offer. 

Saskatoon Funeral Home is your Trusted Saskatoon funeral home. 

How To Control Funeral Costs From Trusted Saskatoon Funeral Home

Since 1910, Saskatoon Funeral Home has responded to the needs of Saskatoon & area citizens of every faith and every walk of life. They have a proud history as Saskatoon's longest-serving, local, family-owned and operated, full-service funeral and cremation provider to trace its roots to the beginning days of our city. Saskatoon Funeral Home are a Trusted Saskatoon funeral home. 

How To Control Funeral Costs

Most people don’t know, but generally think a funeral is "expensive". Contrary to popular belief, though, the cost of a funeral has become lower in relation to most other products and services.

Even so, if you don’t have an idea of what’s involved, funeral expenses could seem to be costly, confusing, and never-ending. If you know what to expect you will be able to understand and control those costs.

1. Professional Services

Includes such things as transportation of the deceased, embalming (if requested), completion of legal documents, burial permits, cremation documents, consultation, and other costs of staff, facilities, vehicles and equipment.

2. Merchandise 

Refers to material items such as a casket, an urn or guest book.

3. Disbursements 

Disbursements are fees paid on your behalf for other products and professional services involved in the funeral such as honourariums, flowers, or luncheons.

4. Resting Place 

These costs are associated with wherever the remains of the deceased are permanently placed. This includes not only a cemetery or columbarium, but also (in the case of cremation) scattering by land, sea or air. Costs can vary greatly. The funeral directors listed in this Guide have no vested interest in a cemetery; they can provide you with the best options and can sometimes acquire property for you at substantial savings.

5. Memorialization 

Includes the purchase of a monument and a memorial plaque, or another form of memorial such as a donation.

One of the best ways to prevent overspending is through pre-arranging. That way, you can discuss your selections and choices, consider the total cost, and keep your decisions on file with the funeral home. If you wish, you can also pre-pay those expenses at today’s prices to reduce the effects of inflation in the years ahead.

Visit their website to learn more about pre-planning a funeral and grief support, as well as the traditional funeral and cremation services that they have to offer. They are always there to help. Check out their listing on Trusted Saskatoon to read more reviews and to see all the services they offer. 

Saskatoon Funeral Home is your Trusted Saskatoon funeral home. 


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