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COMPUTERS experts answers 2 Facebook Fans questions



Q. DeAnne Robblee asked: Why is it important to use licensed Software and why can't we "borrow" it from a friend?

A. This depends largely on what kind of software we are talking about, but in general there are several reasons to legitimately purchase the software you use regularly. One is security updates. Sometimes faults in the software are found after the software is released, and to protect yourself from intrusion or system compromise you will require updates from the vendor to patch the faults, which they are unlikely to provide if you have not purchased the software. - The second reason is for features and support. Purchasing the software means that down the road if a new version comes out with new features likely you are entitled to receive those new features free of additional charge. - From a business perspective creating a product or offering a service using stolen tools can have legal consequences, and in the end typically costs you more to maintain than if you had just purchased licensing upfront.

Q. Julia Herperger asked :What are the things I need to do to keep my computer in tip-top shape? I'd like to know this, and I'm sure a lot of other people would, too! Thank you! 

A. Like a vehicle you should decide up-front when you buy your computer whether you plan to maintain it yourself or have it serviced by a professional. In a normal environment with normal use once a year is likely sufficient to keep your computer operating normally. On a highly used machine once every 6 months is more appropriate. Similarly in a dirty/hairy/dusty environment once every 6 months maintenance is needed. So on a highly used machine in a dirty environment where the computer is inside a closet or cabinet, probably once every 2-3 months maintenance should be performed. 

Maintenance consists of:

 Cleaning and inspecting your tower (hardware)

  • Confirm that all your fans are spinning and free of dust / debris , take the side of your case opposite the mainboard off, turn your computer on and watch and listen to your chassis and component fans. Ground yourself before touching any of the components  . Tools like static straps and mats are available if you’re concerned that you are not grounded properly. 
  • Most importantly your Graphics Processing Unit (Video Card) Fan and your Central Processing Unit (CPU) Fan must be clear of dust and debris and be operating normally o To remove dust/debris from your computer use compressed air. Do not use a vacuum. Using a vacuum can cause a build-up of static electricity that will likely discharge into the sensitive components in your case causing damage.
  • After a thorough cleaning using compressed air (particularly from a can) make sure to leave your computer off for 30 minutes after blowing out your case before turning it back on. The compressed air from a can contains minute amounts of water vapour that can cause a short if not allowed to dry
  • Inspect your components for visible signs of failure - Press gently on your RAM modules and hard drive / peripheral device connections to make sure everything is seated firmly
  • Look at your mainboard and power supply for swollen or leaking capacitors
  • Look at your components for discoloration or other signs of heat damage

 Cleaning and inspecting software - This is about maintaining the software you use regularly 

 Your operating system requires maintenance. If you are using a licensed version of Microsoft Windows this means performing vendor updates, removing temporary files and unused programs, checking for errors in the event logs and if they exist resolving them, and removing unused entries from the Windows registry.

 Backups of the system state are also part of maintaining your computer. These should be stored on a device other than your primary boot disk. Your applications and data require maintenance and backup. If you use the internet regularly you should be applying available vendor updates for your internet browser, cleaning out unneeded temporary internet files and uninstalling unused toolbars and favourites. If you use local email you should be applying updates to your email client and backing up your email data. If you use Photoshop or Word you should be applying their applicable updates and backing up your pictures and your word documents… etc and so forth.

 *There are many software packages available that will help you automate and document the software side of your maintenance, such as CCleaner and Malware bytes Talk to the Experts- The Trusted SASKATOON Business & Professional Services Show

Trusted THE Saskatoon Directory   is proud to be hosting a Talk to the Experts show " The Trusted Show' Every Month on Newstalk 650 ..the first show aired June 9th.  Find them all on our Trusted Channel on You Tube which is a fabulous resource of Tips , Interviews, Demos and Tours.

What this means is you can listen to all the shows ON DEMAND, you can share them with friends who may be interested in the shows subjects and this makes sure you never have to miss a Trusted Show - we think out of the Box when it comes to marketing, so we can provide the BEST Possible service for YOU the public- we are the Ony Local Directory that works for you!  


The show that aired on Newstalk 650 CKOM in september 2012 features Sara the Trusted Founder chatting to Brent Loucks about Trusted and how it works,  along with some of the the Saskatoon Trusted Partners on the Saskatoon Directory of excellence. 

All of the questions on the show have been submitted by our wonderful Trusted saskatoon Facebook Fans  ad one lucky fans question was chosen by Brent to win the Prize package submitted by the 3 Trusted Businesses worth over $200!




 The 2nd part of the show featured Bridge City Computers your . Bridge City had the most questions submitted from the Trusted Saskatoon Facebook Fans, and he revealed some pretty interesting dos and dont's when it comes to looking after your laptop or home computer.

The show was wrapped up by Virgil Reed from Reed Securities our Trusted Saskatoon Alarm & Securities Company . Reed Securities have had an amazing 2012 and were revealed as the 2012 SABEX Award winners in 2 categories- Customer Service ( Go figure..they are Trusted !) and Small Business of the Year! Virgil built Reed Securities from scratch and he answers some great questions from our Clever fans...including the one we ALL wanted to know come it only costs $5 a month for monitoring to be a REED Security domestic Client ?  




CONGRATULATIONS Trish Plancot Voldeng - your question was chosen and you won a $50 VISA gift Certificate from Bodnrus auctioneering, 2 x $25 Gift Certificates from Reed Securities and a fabulous Gaming Mouse from Bridge City computers- they are your Trusted saskatoon Business and Professional Services Experts!

Trish has been a winner in our Facebook contests more than once , winning concet tickets, Gift Certificates and more in the last 12 months alone -----WHY? Simple ..she always enters!

it always pays to be a fan or a follower  ( on twitter @Trustedcanada ) of Trusted! 

Contests and things to be won all the time!

Trusted Saskatoon Gym -Fitness Test of DEATH- The Trusted Challenge Part 2

A local gym  challenged Sara Wheelwright the Trusted Directories founder to work with them to achieve her personal fitness goals, which she accepted. Sara will be working with a Personal training expert for the next 3 months and sharing her experience ( the good and the bad ) each week as she goes though the pain and hopefully comes out the other side fitter, healthier and happier!

Here is her 2nd installment  be sure to follow along on her journey for the next 3 months ( read them all here )  ..maybe it will inspire you to take the first step on your journey t

So, after finding out that 33.8% (or just over 1/3) of my body weight is made up of FAT in the Personal assesment interview the next part was to find out how fit I am ...and Tim told me that he has made up his own fitness test to evaluate just that! 

The reason for the Fitness Test is so Tim can see my endurance level ( Stamina) , all over body Strength  and my Flexibility-

The TRIO of Strength , Stamina and Flexibility are the components that you need to work on to achieve a good level of overall fitness- all 3 need to be worked on to look and be your best!  

The fitness test allows any personal trainer) to do a few things and he explained them to me:

A- Record where my  starting point is on day 1 of the challenge .. so even if I am not seeing a difference on the scales - he can show me areas I have improved upon from day 1.

B- To work out where my strengths and more importantly , my weaknesses lie , so he can tailor a program specific to my needs.

C- As I have to do the fitness test every 6 weeks he can continually monitor and tweak the program in response to achieve the best results.

I was NOT looking forward to this as I knew it was going to be tough ...I was told me not many people finished the test in the 40mins allowed, but I convinced myself that I would do what I had to do to get through it , after all it was just 40 hard could it be? 



See for yourself how I did didn't look that hard when Tim showed me the moves first...

After just 15 minutes into the Fit test, about a 1/4 of the way through I had to stop as I felt weird, dizzy and lightheaded, I sat down, drank water and tried to gather myself but I was seeing stars.  Tim was great and halted the test, he said he found out what he needed to know from my reaction and how I had perfomed in the test so far.

He also shared that he had past clients puke after the 40mins, but that most people couldn't do it on their first attempt wasn't created to be easily do-able! PHEW..I felt a little better about my pathetic performance! 

Then he asked me how much I had eaten that day...

Thing is, I don't ever feel hungry first thing in the morning , so I skip breakfast most days and just have a coffee- that day I had only eaten a small bowl of soup and a garden salad for lunch at 12.30pm , I hadn't drank much water and the reason I nearly passed out was because I hadn't eaten more than 400 calories all day and then attempted an intensive workout at 3pm after doing virtually nothing physical for 18 months -oh and I am not the young and fit 25 year old that could have gotten away with that 13 years ago... what an idiot I am !  

Tim told me I have to commit to changing how I eat ....

Based on my gender and height I need a minimum of 1400 calories / day  spread out evenly throughout the day - (every 2 to 4 hours)

I MUST eat breakfast ( a protein shake at least) within 30 mins of getting up.

The days I train I need to eat 3-400 calories more than my case calories of 1400 - or I am losing muscle along with the fat...

Muscle = TONE ....and everyone looks and feels better TONED rather than stick thin.    

In the image below the healthy and toned woman on the left is what I aspire to be ..not the waif  girl on the right.

The fitness test happened on Friday and I woke up sat am feeling quite sore,  on Monday I still ached all over ( especially my abs and my butt - darn  sit ups and squats! ) and I wasn't looking forward to my 1st actual personal training session at 2pm that afternoon!

Health & Fitness a Trusted Saskatoon Gym -Personal Training Life Style Assessment - The Trusted Challenge Part 1


Here is her first installment and 1st VLOGS- be sure to follow along on her journey for the next 3 months  ..maybe it will inspire you to take the first step on your journey to a healthier fitter you!



The Trusted Challenge- Saras Journey -Part 1 

18 months ago I made the huge decision to risk everything and start my own business, lots of people thought I was crazy to leave a 'safe career'  to do this, especially as a single Mum with 3 small kids, some even told me i couldn't do thing I knew was that it wasn't going to be easy , and to make a success of it I would have to sacrifice lots in my life and work harder and with more intensity than I ever had before.

This meant that other things that I deemed ' less important'  like working out, going to the gym and maintaining a healthy lifestyle were really put on hold till I felt I could give them my time and attention again. I now know that this was a mistake , and when I was challenged me to work  to get fit and healthy , I knew that I had to accept for my family , myself and my all have been negatively affected by my sedentary ( working 70 hour weeks and sat tapping away on  the computer for 40+ of those hours) and somewhat unhealthy lifestyle ( too much wine and restaurant food)  for the last year and a half!

The biggest attraction to me was working with a personal trainer ( I have never done this before) ...this meant that I HAD TO SUCCEED and take it seriously, or I would let them down. Having a stranger invest their time and energy into helping me achieve my goals means I will not skip training or cheat ...I accepted the challenge immediately and I will share my journey in regular blogs and VLOGs so you can see whats involved when you work with a  Personal Trainer. I  expect this to be really hard..but I commit to give it my best shot , so wish me luck!  

The first 2 VLOGS below are what happend in my first Meeting with my Personal Trainer ( and perhaps my nemesis !)   

VLOG 1 is the Lifestyle Consultation and Assessment meeting - ( how unhealthy am I ?) and VLOG 2 is the dreaded Weigh in and BMI results ( how much of me is FAT) .....and yes I do share all the numbers...eeeeeek!



So there we have it 20+ lbs to go and 3 months to do it in, be sure to read the next blog as you see me tackle Tims dreaded Fitness Challenge - which had quite the dramatic and unexpected ending! 

Stay Trusted my friends!






Fresh Living is a Saskatoon maid service that is incorporated, bonded and insured, as well, all employees have passed a criminal record check. They strive to create clean, positive, uplifting environments that you can enjoy and feel proud to live in. Stop wasting your most valuable possession – TIME – and contact Fresh Living today!




5 Cleaning Myths You Probably Believe Are True

Disinfecting & Cleaning are the same

Although bleach and vinegar are seen as ‘super cleaners’, they have led to many misconceptions about disinfecting and cleaning. Cleaning and disinfecting are NOT the same thing. Cleaning is a way to remove dirt and grime at a surface level to prevent the spreading of bacteria and diseases. The more debris that is removed at the cleaning stage, the better your disinfectant will be able to do its job. Disinfecting makes a surface free and clear of all microscopic organisms by killing things like bacteria, viruses and fungi which can lead to infections or disease. Two common household solutions that get mixed up are bleach and vinegar. Bleach is a disinfectant. This means that it helps to kill bacteria and other viruses on a surface but does not clean it. If you are looking to disinfect an area, it is best to clean the surface with a cleanser to clean before disinfecting. On the other hand, vinegar can act as a great cleaning and deodorizing agent on a variety of surfaces. It can damage porous surfaces like stone and unsealed grout and dull the finish of hardwood floors so be mindful of what areas in your home it’s being used on. Unlike bleach, it does not kill microorganisms that can lead to infections.


Vacuum first

Unless your floors are so dirty that the thought of walking over them sends chills down your spine, always vacuum last. It’s always best to follow the top down cleaning rule for every room in your home. While you’re dusting and wiping down furniture, dust, hair and other particles will collect and fall to the floor. If floors are not vacuumed after you are finished dusting, it can resettle on areas you have already cleaned. Although it’s appealing to get what can be seen as the most time consuming task done first, vacuuming first will require you to do it a second time after you’re done cleaning the rest of the room. So much for a time saver! Did you know… Regular vacuuming helps your carpet last longer. Dirt and grit are abrasive and when they get ground into the carpet, they can ruin carpet fibers.


Use furniture polish every time you dust

Furniture polish is great for keeping your wood furniture healthy and new looking. For regular cleaning, it is best to use a microfiber cloth to remove dust. Polishes tend to contain oils that can create a sticky film that attracts dust. You should either skip it or use it once in a blue moon to get that ‘polished’ look. Our best advice is to use what is recommended by the furniture manufacturer and use it sparingly.


If it smells good, it’s clean

It’s been proven that scented and unscented versions of the same product clean equally well. So why do we assume a surface is clean because it smells good? The sweet smell of pine or lavender comes from the chemicals or natural oils in the product you’re using, not the cleanliness of the surface. The best way to know a surface is clean is to do the touch test. If it feels clean and looks clean, chances are you have sufficiently removed dirt and grime from the surface. ________________________________________

More is better

FALSE. Use the proper amount of soap or cleaner specified. We know how tempting it can be to add more ‘cleaning power’ for a bigger job. But when you can’t rinse all that excess soap away, it’s going to leave a sticky film that attracts more dirt and grime. Follow the directions and you’ll get better results. Extra isn’t always better. Just remember the only thing you need more of is a little elbow grease. So roll up those sleeves, get your trusty rubber gloves and get to work!


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