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TRUSTED SASKATOON USED AUTO DEALER share a Trusted Tip on shopping for a Used Vehicle

A great Trusted Tip on Shopping for a Used Vehicle

QUESTION: " My wife and I are contemplating the purchase of a “new” vehicle. By new, I mean new to us, we're not hung up on a brand new vehicle." Russ and Sandie

ANSWER: Those in the know, know that the best way to make a great deal is to use other people's money. By that I mean, let someone else pay for the depreciation of a vehicle, so it makes a ton of sense to consider the option of purchasing an off-lease vehicle or previously loved vehicle . An off-lease is usually two or three years old, will still hold the remainder of the manufacturer's warranty, is usually loaded with options, well maintained and will be in good cosmetic condition.

Consider the following points when it comes to making the second-most expensive purchase most people will ever make, next to a home.

•Set a budget. You will be amazed by how fast you will whittle down the overwhelming choices that are out there.

•Decide if you want to purchase or lease. Yes, you can lease used vehicles. However, unless you have a business that you can write off the lease payments against, I suggest you purchase. When you lease, you are basically renting a vehicle and the agreement comes with strings such as keeping the kilometres low, regular, documented maintenance and ensuring the cosmetic condition is top notch. Purcahsing a vehicle makes much more financial sense for a typical persons circumstances.

•What will you be using the vehicle for? Determine what you will be doing with the vehicle 95 per cent of the time. Unless you have definitive answers to any or all of the following points, it's likely you can get away with a small car. I used the 95 per cent figure because in the mid 1980s General Motors conducted a study to determine how it should outfit its pickup truck line. GM found that pickups were used as pickups only 5 per cent of the time. This turned the tables on light-duty trucks forever by making them more car-like.

•Do you have needs that require car pooling?

•Are you expecting to take bunches of kids to hockey or soccer? (There's a lot of gear to be slogged around along with the kids)

•Do you expect to haul cargo ? Will it be light or heavy?

•Will you be towing a trailer or boat? Lake life, Winter snow mobiling and Recreational vehicles are HUGE in Saskatchewan..and you need the right vehicle if you have those needs!

•Will you be off-roading or driving on snow covered roads?

•Is fuel economy important? Many manufacturers offer the same model with four cylinder as well as six- or even eight-cylinder engines. You don't have to settle for what's popular. With some planning and patience, you will find what you are looking for.

•Check out recalls and service campaigns. This can be done by contacting that brand's dealer or by subscribing to service information providers like  or by visiting the Transport Canada web site.

•Check out Consumer Reports. This can be done online or by magazine. Find out consensus for your choice of vehicle. Consumer Reports publishes a yearly document that not only spells out findings by their experts but also publishes vehicle owner survey results.

•Take your investigation to the next level: check out online forums. What are people saying that own these vehicles? It's amazing the feedback you will discover....find a TRUSTED SASKATOON USED AUTO DEALER , who you can be guaranteed to provide you with unbiased, honest to goodness advice..we know the vehicles and we know what's a good or a bad buy for your specific set of needs!   

•Take your narrowed-down list to a Trusted Used dealer who specialise in ' previously loved vehicles'  . Drive all your choices – you may find that a test drive will make you wonder why you even considered this vehicle in the first place – or you may wonder why it took you so long to find “the perfect car”.

Russ and Sandie, in the end, you like everyone else will likely buy with your heart. But now at least you have an idea how to narrow down the search and what to expect along the way. Good luck and above all, have fun. Buying a vehicle should be a highlight .....there's nothing better than handing over the keys to a new owner and seeing the joy on their face as they drive away feels GREAT!!












Article quoted from : Rob's Garage 14 tips for buying a car Rob MacGregor  Published Thursday, Mar. 18, 2010 12:56PM EDT



Whether you are building a new home or remodelling a single room, Kitchen & Bath Classics Saskatoon a Trusted SASKATOON BATHROOM EXPERT offer you one of the largest selections of plumbing fixtures, faucets, and accessories from quality names, displaying the latest trends and cutting-edge styles. The showroom consultants offer the best expertise in the business as they understand the building process; working with you to ensure that your project stays within budget and that the right products are delivered on time.
Kitchen and Bath Classics showroom manager Lori shares her latest tip!

To Bidet or not Bidet?

What is a bidet?A question many North Americans struggle to answer. A bidet is a plumbing fixture that cleanses the user after he/she has used the toilet. This idea was first introduced by the French in the late 1700′s and has become wildly popular throughout Europe and Japan. Today a bidet and or washlet is found in more than 70% of homes in Japan and Europe, and only 20% of homes in North America. The newest form of bidet is the bidet seat (Washlet from Toto ); this unit takes the place of your standard toilet seat and requires a 120VAC, 15A, 60Hz Class A GFCI outlet. With this more convenient application this unit saves room in the bathroom as opposed to the standard bidet sytle which was a separate fixture beside the toilet.

Some of the features associated with this S400 Washlet from Toto are:

•Auto Flush Activated by Sensors or the Simple Touch of a Button

•Automatic Open / Close Lid Activated by Sensors, or the Simple Touch of a Button on the Remote Control

•Gentle Aerated Warm Water

•Front and Rear Washing

•Massage Feature

•Warm Air Drying with Variable Three-Temperature Setting

•Automatic Air Purifier

•Heated Seat with Temperature Control

•Convenient Wireless Remote Control with Large LCD Panel With the increased cleanliness and therapeutic effect of water (e.g. great for rashes, hemorrhoids, constipation, pregnancy, menstrual and just everyday cleaning) the bidet almost eliminates the use of toilet paper for greener living.

Stop by the Kitchen & Bath Classics showroom today and see how one works!

Find Kitchen & Bath Classics online at  in the SASKATOON BATHROOMS category on the SASKATOON DIRECTORY of Excellence...they are your SASKATOON BATHROOM FIXTURES and FITTING Expert !

Trusted shares an article on Beautiful you Tina LaVailles new confident smile!


Dr Wes Antosh is the Dentist that participates in the populatr Star Phoenix Promotion Beautiful You we share a Star Phoneix article about 2010's Beautiful You transformation winner Tina LaVallie.  


Beautiful You Tina's smile is transformed!

Last spring was not the first time that Tina LaVallie had filled out an application form to be considered as a StarPhoenix Beautiful You candidate. Her very first application form, filled out five years ago, never reached the Star Phoenix Beautiful You judges. Tina's fear of dentistry prevented her from sending in the application form, in case she was selected and ended up having to see the Beautiful You dentist.

Like many people, Tina's fear of dentistry began with a negative experience in childhood. "From that time on, I always associated dental appointments with that experience of having teeth pulled. I even consulted a therapist to help me overcome that fear, but he wasn't able to help," says Tina. "Because of my fear, I didn't go for regular dental checkups, and my teeth got pretty bad. I consider myself fortunate that they didn't end up even worse than they were. I was sure that I had advanced gum disease." Her dental anxiety reached a peak three years ago when a toothache necessitated a root canal. "That was my first experience with sedation dentistry. I had the root canal done, but I couldn't make myself go back for the crown that they were going to do," says Tina.

Tina was determined not to let fear conquer her again and prevent her from applying for the Beautiful You program in the spring of 2009. "I was really determined to improve my overall health, and felt I could do it with the help of the Beautiful You team," says Tina. Dental health is a key component of the Beautiful You program. After being selected as the Beautiful You, one of Tina's very first appointments was for an oral health examination by Dr. Wes Antosh at Saskatoon Smiles. It's important for patients to tell their dentist if they're nervous about dental visits, advises the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) on its informative website. "Often, it's fear of pain that keeps people out of the dental chair. But new ways of doing things have made modern dentistry almost painless. If you are afraid of going to the dentist for any reason, don't be shy to talk to your dentist about it. Your dentist is trained to help you relax," says the CDA. Dr. Antosh and his team worked together to put Tina at ease. I was able to talk to Dr. Antosh about my anxiety, and the sedation medications I had to use in the past. He understood my fear," says Tina. "At the beginning of each appointment, the dentist's assistant would take the time to chat with me before the treatment began, which helped calm me.

When I was going to have a new procedure, such as in-office bleaching, they were very good about explaining everything to me first. That was very helpful," says Tina. Dr. Antosh says, "To help patients manage their anxiety, we want to keep their experience pain-free. Something as simple as the use of a topical anesthetic gel to numb the gum tissue prior to treatment can help many patients. It makes the procedure less invasive. The dentist's own attitude toward the patient is also important. If you take a light, friendly approach, the patient is more relaxed." People with dental anxiety, like Tina, often neglect having annual oral health examinations. "This only compounds the problem," says Dr. Antosh. With regular check-ups, we can catch small problems early and treat them before they become big problems. It's always better to be preventive." During a dental check up, the dentist also looks for signs of other health problems, including early signs of gum disease, infection, oral cancer and other illnesses. "Your teeth and gums are important indicators of your overall health," says Dr. Antosh. "It's true: healthy gums are a healthy you!"

Tina's dental check up revealed several cavities that required fillings. As well, several old fillings were deteriorating and needed to be replaced. As fillings age and deteriorate, there is a greater risk that the tooth around the filling will crack. Tina was also in need of a thorough cleaning by one of the clinic's dental hygienists. Professional cleaning is the only way to remove hardened deposits of tartar from teeth. If not removed, tartar can cause gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. An in-office bleaching treatment was used to whiten and brighten Tina's teeth. The system uses a light-activated hydrogen peroxide gel, power-assisted by a bleaching lamp, to whiten teeth in just one to two hours. Tina also received an at-home gel tray bleaching kit, to help her maintain the new whiteness of her teeth. To further enhance Tina's smile, Dr. Antosh applied veneers and crowns to Tina's top teeth. The crowns were milled on-site at the dental office, using their new E.max system. "I can't believe how wonderful my smile is now!" says Tina. "I never dreamed I could have such a great smile. I had resigned myself to the idea that I'd end up having to get dentures."

Before her Beautiful You makeover, Tina says she had become used to hiding her smile. "I didn't want people looking at my smile. I'd smile with my hand over my mouth or shy away from meeting new people," says Tina. "After getting my teeth done, I'm just amazed by how many people comment on my smile. It makes me realize how important my smile is to my self-confidence and overall health." Prior to her Beautiful You experience, Tina never thought she would ever be able to get through one - let alone ten dentist appointments! With each appointment, she grew less reliant on the sedation medication, to the point where she recently was able to have a second cleaning by one of the dental hygienists without any medication at all! "I never ever thought that would have been possible!" says Tina. "After every appointment, I felt a feeling of accomplishment. I'd think, 'Wow, I did it!'" I can't say enough about my experience at Saskatoon Smiles. It's been a real learning experience, one of personal growth. I'm very grateful for my new smile!" Tina is now looking forward to her next annual dental check up, which is scheduled for August.

Check out the dramatic Transformation below for your self.






 Article by Jeannie Armstrong SP Creative Features Editor: Photos Courtesy Saskatoon Star Phoenix

Trusted SASKATOON MORTGAGE EXPERT shares another great Trusted MORTGAGE tip



First Time Homebuyer

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial and lifestyle decisions you will make, so it pays to make an informed decision by first looking at the main disadvantages and advantages of Homeownership. A mortgage broker will assist you with the entire home buying decision and process - right from the moment you decide to buy your home to the moment the movers carry the first box through the front door!

Let me walk you through the important highlights you will encounter through the step by step process. Knowledge of what happens when, including the costs involved, will ease any unexpected pressures.

By Choosing me to be your SASKATOON MORTGAGE BROKER You can expect professional step by step guidance through the home buying process including the following:

• Understanding the Mortgage Products available on the marketplace and what product would best suit your family's financial circumstances?

• Knowing what documentation must be provided to obtain mortgage approval.

• Customize Your Mortgage - Making sure your mortgage works for you.

• What costs exist over and above my down payment?

• Who is involved in the home buying & market mortgage process including your Mortgage Broker, the Realtor, the Home Inspector, the Lawyer or Notary, and the Insurance Agent! Below are some key points to consider;

• Knowing what you can afford

• Rate guarantee up to 4 months

• Ensure all credit approval documentation is in place sooner than later

• No cost with no risk and obligation

• Open vs. closed mortgage 

• Length of repayment (amortization) - up to 35 yrs

• Term of mortgage

• Conventional vs. high-ratio mortgage

• Assumability and Portability

• What documentation is required for different income types i.e. salaried vs. self-employed

• Verification of down payment including the amount, history and source

• Lowest rate or cash back

• Fixed rate vs. variable rate (or both)

• Payment frequency

• Pre-payment privileges and penalties

• A detailed breakdown of costs will be provided so you have NO surprises

• Other costs could include: Legal fees, title insurance, fire insurance, home inspection, possible appraisal, etc

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