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Trusted SASKATOON HEALTH expert has a tip about the Top 5 FAQ's on Medical Tourism on the SASKATOON DIRECTORY



The Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions on Finances for Medical Tourism!

1. Why are prices for medical tourism so much less than at home? The cost advantage evolves from the lower cost of living and wages paid in most destination countries as compared to North America.

2. How is payment handled for the trip and the surgery? Your air tickets, hotels and deposit for surgery must be paid in advance through Global Healthcare Connections Inc. We will be pleased to provide you with specific payment information once you have decided on the service provider, facility, and choice of travel date. Full financing for Canadian citizens is available for your medical trip; please let us know if you would like us to help with financing options.

3. Can I seek reimbursement through the government or my private medical insurance for medical travel? Not generally and especially if it is an elective surgery. There may be special circumstances; you will have to check directly with your private medical plan administrator for private insurance, and if you are looking for support from the Canadian Government, all requests for support are reviewed on an individual basis and expenses for healthcare outside of Canada must be pre-approved prior to travel.

4. Are the costs of medical services outside of Canada tax deductible? If you are incorporated there is a legal way to deduct up to 100% of your out of country medical costs. For individuals, your tax relief is limited to the amount by which your expenses exceed 3% of your income. Always seek the guidance from a chartered accountant for allowable income expenses.

5. Do I have to pay any fee for their services? Generally, no. We receive a contracted service fee from the medical providers in our network.

Check out  listings here in the Saskatoon Health & Wellness Category on THE SASKATOON DIRECTORYof excellence.



Bateman Jewellers Trusted Saskatoon Jewellery Store provide a Trusted Tip on cleaning jewellry!

Bateman Jewellers are Saskatoon Jewellery Experts...did you know that they are the oldest independent jewellery store in Saskatoon! Bateman Jewellers maintain that the relationship with their clients is very important to them, and Trusted is sure you have heard Cam say in his well known radio ads " Your jewellery is a lifetime investment; Buy it from a lifetime friend. " ..Trusted can attest to the fact that they really DO mean it, and we are proud to have Bateman Jewellers as Trusted Saskatoon Jeweller!

Here Cam shares his First Trusted Jewellery Tip:

Cleaning Jewellry

There are a couple of "urban legends" about how and what to clean your jewellery with?

1 - Comet - a wonderful cleaning agent but terribly hard on your jewellery even when cut with water and mixed to a paste. Comet has chlorine bleach which is a mild acid that actually eats away minute amounts of gold. It is especially hard in the places we solder things back together like chains when they break or rings when they breaks in the same place it was just sized. It also says No Harsh Abrasives except it has Quartz in it which is harder than glass so you decide on how abrasive. For the same reason we DON"T recommend you to wear your gold or sliver jewellery in pools and hot tubs. Again cause of the chlorine. This is why your chain becomes brittle after a few years of wear.

2. - Toothpaste again abrasive and the new whitener types have bleaching agents so same problem as comet.

3. - Bleach has Chlorine again no good it is an acid eats the gold.

4. - Pools and Hot tubs use chlorine products to disinfect explained in comet section.

Keep it simple for years to get your dishes clean we used Palmolive soap. Palmolive is a grease fighter... whats on your ring is the day to day oils from your skin ie grease and also from lotions etc. It is wonderful on your jewellery washes off with water!For stubborn dirt add the use of a soft tooth brush and wa la squeaky clean every time. You can use other brands like sunlite etc. But in 67 years we have found Palmolive to be the best and still use it today...for our dishes too.

Thanks, to Cam from Bateman Jewellers ! 

Alternatively take them  in for a FREE cleaning and inspection even if they weren't bought at their store!!!

Find Bateman Jewellers on 2nd Ave South or online at . Bateman Jewellers are your Trusted SASKATOON JEWELLERS


Trusted SASKATOON CARPET CLEANING GUYS our SASKATOON CARPET CLEANER expert, shares a Trusted Tipon avoiding Carpet Cleaner Scams!

 Carpet Cleaning Guys are a locally owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience in the industry. You can rest assured that you are hiring quality and expertise when you give “the Guys” a call! As they always say .."Professional Carpet Cleaning for Particular People" and the only Saskatoon Carpet Cleaners ' Given the Thumbs up' by Trusted Saskatoon! Here Hal McGinnis the owner shares his first Trusted Tip

Carpet Cleaning scams and how to avoid them

This article from Nanaimo Newspaper just last year highlights the kind of issues you can run into when you don’t choose a reputable Carpet Cleaner  Also Carpet Cleaning is renowned For ‘ Bait and Switch’ scams…

Bait and switch scams work like this:

  • A company advertises cleaning a roomful of carpets for a ridiculously low price ( you must have seen the small signs around the city on posts and walls?) . When they arrive, they inform you the price they quoted is only for the traffic lanes and doesn’t include any cleaning chemicals." That’s like taking a bath with no soap,". So you agree to pay extra for the chemicals because you are thankful someone showed up. In the end, the final bill ends up costing you hundreds of dollars.
  • Another typical scam is hearing that a company will clean a set amount of rooms for a very low price (like 5 rooms for $49.00). After they begin, you discover a linen closet, hallway, foyer, or regular closet counts as a room, and you wind up paying a lot more than you thought you would. Bait-and-switch scams are especially targeted at the elderly. Seniors are more likely to be intimidated by high pressure tactics and by someone who "promises" to give them a good deal.

So how can you avoid a bait-and-switch scam?

The best protection against bait-and-switch is to ask some pointed questions before the cleaner arrives at your home.If the company cannot answer simple questions, move on to another company. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Here are 10 questions you should ask:

1.  Are you certified in carpet cleaning? If not, what type of formal training do you have?

2. How many years has your company been in business?" ( the longer, the better)

3. Can you provide a list of 10 references I can call?

4. Is your company drug, alcohol and criminal free? ( they may be in your home alone for some time...don't risk it!)

5. Can you provide proof of insurance and a business license?

6. What steps will be included in your cleaning process? Does your company use Green products? (Using cheap cleaning solutions that cause rapid re-soling, many chain, franchise and bait and switch cleaners use detergents that may be harmful to you, your family and your pets. Make sure the firm you choose can prove that they use cleaning solutions that are safe for you and the environment.)

7. How long will it take for the carpet to dry?

8. Do you offer free, no-obligation, on-site written quotations?

9. Do you offer a written, satisfaction or money back guarantee?

10. Are they a member of an agency or directory with standards that hokd them to account? ( for example- I would also check to see if they have any negative online reviews)

With these 10 steps you should save yourself alot of heartache!

Check out their Online reviews here or look over their very comprehensive listing under SASKATOON CLEANING SERVICES on the Saskatoon directory, they are your SASKATOON CARPET CLEANING experts! 




Trusted brags about CARPET CLEANING GUYS your TRUSTED SASKATOON CARPET CLEANERS on the Saskatoon directory!  is thrilled to welcome  CARPET CLEANING GUYS as the latest locally owned, operated and accountable business to our SASKATOON CLEANING SERVICES category on the SASKATOON DIRECTORY of excellence. Hal McGinnis and his team join an impressive list of Trusted businesses.

The Trusted Partners on board are forward thinkers, innovators and experts in the city and they understand that to make a difference in your business that offering ' just good service' doesn't cut it anymore..they offer remarkable service and they do that as standard. The Trusted partners have made a commitment to share their expertise with the public , and that makes Trusted Saskatoon not just the best place to source local businesses when you have a need...but also a place that is becoming a growing libary of tips and resources over more than just the 40 categories we reach....Type ' Trusted Tips Saskatoon' into Google and you will see what we mean...or go to our Trusted Tips Library on the Saskatoon directory to read the well written, interesting and helpful tips our Trusted Partners have provided....or simply ' Choose a category ' from the list on the left of this Blog page....we are more than just another Saskatoon Directory..we are THE Smart & Simple Choice ....and we work for YOU!


Hal Mcginnis is the owner , and him and the team from  CARPET CLEANING GUYS are everything that other ‘coupon carpet cleaners’ are not...they have a level of integrity and a work ethic that really amazed us at Trusted, and we are proud to promote them and endorse them as Saskatoon’s Trusted Carpet Cleaners.

Saskatoon Carpet Cleaners are everywhere these days it seems….advertising ridiculous offers of $10-$20/ a room, or having carpet cleaning as ‘ one of the services offered’ ..when you get something done it is always a good idea, and good advice to go to the people and businesses that specialize in what you want doing!


Type ‘Carpet Cleaning Scams’ into Google and see the horror stories that come up ….we have posted a YOU TUBE video below which showcases the scams that are out there, and besides, when you leave someone in your home it is important that you can TRUST them to do the job, and take care of your property..we can guarantee that Saskatoon Carpet Cleaning guys...are THE GUYS you can trust!

Well maintained carpets and upholstery help ensure a healthy home by reducing the amount of dust and allergens that are present. Saskatoon Carpet Cleaning guys service is designed to ensure that your carpets are as clean, healthy, and as beautiful as possible. You'll be amazed when Hal brings back the color and life to your carpets…one of the clients we spoke to when we did the client survey portion of the Trusted Verification process told us a story that really explains Hals way of doing things.

“ A previous tenant of mine loved to make fried foods and eat them in front of the TV …he lived in my property for 4 years and over that time a ‘ trail of grease’ was obvious between the kitchen and the chair in front of the TV ..I called Hal in to look at it, expecting him to write off the carpet as a lost cause and was ready to buy a new carpet for the entire apartment.....Hal spent 5 hours and put in so much physical labor into those hours and to our amazement the carpets looked brand new again… he saved me the expense of buying a new carpet and the respect I already had for him doubled, he is the best Carpet Cleaner in Saskatoon, hands down…I wouldn’t call anyone else!”

When you see the difference for yourself, you will see why they get so much word of mouth recommendations. You’ll notice a huge difference in how your carpets feel after a residue-free rinse! There will be no stickiness and crusty feeling that you may have experienced in the past…and as Hal McGinnis is the Saskatoon Expert he will advise you on taking best care of your carpet, rugs, and fine fabrics in the future. In addition, Saskatoon Carpet Cleaning Guys always invest in new and up to date equipment. This means cleaner carpets and a quicker drying time!

So if your Carpets need cleaning contact Hal and The Saskatoon Carpet Cleaning Guys ...checkout their listing for more information here in SASKATOON CLEANING SERVICES or give Hal a call to book your carpet cleaning today at your convienience! Their website is currently getting revamped but will be done soon here is the link!  AND we have  trusted tip ready to share with you from check back to read it soon!

You can be assured that they won't cut any corners ..they will just clean them..beautifully!


MARLA JANZEN a Trusted SASKATOON REAL ESTATE Expert shares a Trusted Tip on keeping your home safe on vacation on the SASKATOON DIRECTORY

Marla Janzen is an award winning SASKATOON REALTOR she takes action to sell her client's homes and find them the perfect new place to live while negotiating the best terms and price possible. She loves what she does and takes great pride in providing excellence in customer service to all of her clients. Sheis one of our 3 Real Estate listings on the SASKATOON DIRECTORY and loves to provide Trusted Tips that help the public! 

Here Marla share a useful tip that everyone can take notes on:

Keeping your home safe when you are on vacation!

Murphy's Law for travelers: If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong while you're on vacation -- which is arguably the worst time a household calamity can strike. Coming home from your honeymoon, African safari or Mediterranean cruise can be gloomy. But returning from a memorable journey and learning something has gone seriously wrong at home can be downright devastating. To make matters worse, a house or apartment left empty while its owners are traveling is a tempting target for criminals. I don't want to scare you -- or leave you fearing for your treasured belongings while basking on a Caribbean beach. But it's imperative that every traveler take certain key steps to keep his or her home safe and sound while seeing the world.

Basic preventative measures (which take only minutes to complete) can work wonders to help you avoid power surges, broken pipes, home invasions and more.

1. Ask a Friend to Help A simple, albeit crucial, way to gain peace of mind while traveling is to ask a friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your house while you're away. First, bribe your friend with some freshly baked cookies or cupcakes. Next, ask him or her to drive by your home once every day or so and check on the place. Give this person a key so that he or she can bring your mail in, feed your cat, water your plants, rake your leaves, etc. If you don't use a garage, you may also want to give this person a key to your car -- you never know when your vehicle may need to be moved. He or she should also have your contact information and a copy of your itinerary in case of emergencies. Do you have more than one person visiting your house while you're away? If so, tell them about each other! If the watchful neighbor you asked to keep an eye on your abode calls the police on your elderly cat sitter, don't say we didn't warn you.

2. Don't Tip Off Criminals on the Web In a world where it seems everyone is blabbing about their business on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, it's important to stop and think: who exactly is reading this stuff? The anonymity of the Internet can encourage us to share personal information without fully realizing that there may be hundreds of complete strangers receiving our daily musings. Would you announce to a crowd that you will be leaving your house unattended for two weeks this December? If not, then you should think twice about posting your detailed vacation plans on Twitter or Facebook -- especially if that information is visible to Internet users other than your friends and family (and it probably is). Be careful what you say on your answering machine or voice mail too. Callers don't need to know that you're not home -- they just need to know that you can't come to the phone right now.

3. Do Tip Off the Police Always notify the police if you're going on vacation. No need to let the cops know about a weekend getaway, but do call them if you're leaving town for longer than a week. It's possible the police may go out of their way to drive by your house while on patrol, especially if you live in a small town. You may also want to contact your local neighborhood watch program if there's one in your area.

4. Curtains Closed -- or Open? Before you leave for vacation, you may decide to close your curtains to prevent people from peering inside your home to see whether you're there. However, closed curtains also stop those who aim to help -- the police, your neighbors or friends -- from seeing inside your house. So what's your best bet? Leave your curtains exactly as you usually keep them when you're home, since noticeable changes could hint that you're not around anymore -- especially if your curtains are uncharacteristically left closed for two weeks. Move expensive items, like jewelry or cash, out of plain sight if they're visible from the window.

5. The Lights Are On But No One's Home Don't leave your lights on at home throughout your entire vacation in an effort to make it look like someone is in the house. Your electric bill will end up more costly than your mortgage, and, of course, leaving the lights on is not exactly "green" behavior. Plus, house lights blazing throughout the night might look a bit odd, no? Instead, purchase a light switch timer that can turn your lights on and off automatically according to a programmed schedule. Criminals keeping an eye on your house will notice lights flipping on and off, and will probably assume someone is doing the offers a comprehensive list of light switch timers available for sale online at a variety of price points.

6. Stop Your Mail Either place a "stop" order on mail and newspapers or arrange to have a friend or neighbor pick up your mail while you're away. Otherwise, a week's worth of letters piled on your front step could signal to criminals that this particular homeowner is out of town. It's easy to put your mail on hold; that's why there's no excuse not to do this. Just go to the United States Postal Service Web site and you can place a "stop" order in a matter of minutes.

7. Put That in Your Pipe If you live in a cold region of the world and your pipes are in danger of freezing during winter, you have another compelling reason to leave a house key with a friend while you're traveling. Ask your friend to stop by and check your faucets. If he or she turns on a faucet and only a few drops of water come out, your pipes may be frozen. Take other precautions like making sure your pipes are properly insulated or keeping your heat on while you're away. Show your key-bearing companion the location of the water main shut-off in case a pipe breaks.

8. Pull the Plug Unplug your television, computer, toaster oven and other appliances to protect them from power surges. Do this to save power as well. According to theConsumer Energy Center, many appliances use power even when they're turned off.

9. Remove Your Spare Key That plastic rock isn't fooling anyone. If a criminal figures out you're away on vacation, it's likely that he or she will check your porch for a spare key. So reach under the mat, into the mailbox, above the door frame or into the flower pot and remove your spare key before you leave on your vacation.

Find Marla Online at  she is a Century 21 Fusion Realtor Sakatoon based at 703 Circle Drive, Saskatoon..or checkout her listing in REAL ESTATE SASKATOON here on  , Marla Janzen is your SASKATOON REAL ESTATE EXPERT.

Stay Trusted my friends



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