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Lets face it ...if you can deal with the experts that share their knowledge freely...why would you go anywhere else? Trusted Saskatoon is here to work for you the consumer ...we want to save you TIME, STRESS and MONEY....we do the research and find businesses so YOU don't have to .

Here are the first four of our Trusted Tips for consumers.....

TIP 1: Finding a Good Contractor

TIP 2: Don't Trust Auto Repair ?

TIP 3: It's GOOD to complain!

TIP 4: Big Box vs Local



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Saskatoon Mortgage Broker expert TRUSTED TIP on Saskatoon Directory :Ways to Save Money on your Mortgage?

Ways to Save Money and Interest Costs on Your Mortgage

The main benefit to paying off your mortgage faster is reducing the overall amount of interest that you pay on your mortgage. What is one way you can do this? By using payment privileges provided by the mortgage lender. Depending on the type of mortgage you have, either open or closed, these are your options: With OPEN mortgages you can make extra payments of any amount as well as fully payout your mortgage at any time, without penalty. However, you usually pay a higher interest rate for this type of mortgage and privilege. CLOSED mortgages are the more common choice and also offer privileges for paying down the mortgage faster with the ultimate benefit of reducing the interest you pay over the life of your mortgage. These programs differ from lender to lender. At the end of the day, you would not choose a lender based solely on this. Payment Privileges usually offer a Few Different Options:

• Annual or periodic lump sum payments: Payments from 5%-25% of the original principal mortgage amount are allowed each year without penalty

• Increase your payment: You may also increase your current payment by 10% or even 100% each year.

• Double your payments: Some lenders also offer the option of doubling any and all payments.

• Accelerated payments (not monthly): Choice of weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly payment.

The more often you make payments, usually the faster the mortgage is paid off. You usually end up making a few extra payments towards the mortgage each year because of the payment option you choose.

An example of how taking advantage of even one of these privileges can save you thousands is easily illustrated with the Accelerated Payment Privilege:

On a $280,000 mortgage that is amortized for 30 years at 3.5%, the regular monthly payment would be $1253.38.

The accelerated bi-weekly payment would be $626.69.

This would allow you to pay your mortgage off in 26 years instead of 30 just by changing your payments to accelerated bi-weekly (every 2 weeks)!

If you were to make a lump sum payment of 2% each year on that same mortgage with accelerated bi-weekly payments, you would pay off the mortgage in 16 years & 11 months and save $53,432 in interest expense...all for an investment of only $5600 each year, and you would be mortgage free 13.1 years earlier!

What is another great way you can save money on your mortgage?

Currently, there are some fixed mortgage interest rates at all time lows in Canadian history! So now is a great time to check with your mortgage broker to see if it is worth it to switch from your existing mortgage rate to a new lower rate. There are usually penalties involved to payout your existing mortgage early as well as possible appraisal and legal fees. But even with all those fees it could be well worth it and save you possible thousands of dollars in interest costs on your mortgage!

Find TRusted Mortgage Brokers here in the SASKATOON MORTGAGE Category on THE Saskatoon directory of excellence.


Tip provided by Tamara Mezzo- who was a Previous Trusted Saskatoon Mortage Broker






Palliser EQ3 a Saskatoon Furniture expert, share a Trusted Tip on LEATHER on the Saskatoon Directory of Excellence

Palliser Rooms EQ3 is an independent furniture store that has been operating in Saskatoon for nine years. The store specializes in offering a generous selection of contemporary furnishings (predominantly Canadian brands) and a personalized service that is forward-thinking and client-focused. Customer reviews describe Palliser Rooms as a "great shopping experience," "with exceptional sales staff," "best displays and best furniture in town," and the kicker: "great delivery service." The comments reflect the company's commitment to providing excellent customer service and speak to their impeccable taste and attention to detail. A Tip from Palliser Rooms / EQ3 -

Why Choose Leather?

Leather is a natural product possessing beauty, strength and versatility. It is an excellent lifestyle choice, is easy to clean and provides lasting value. Leather hides can be processed using a variety of methods and finishing techniques resulting in a product that can be used on all upholstery styles from relaxed, contemporary, classic and everything in between. How to Choose Leather? When making a leather choice, it is important to understand some basic terminology. Top grain leather comes from the outermost upper layer of the cowhide. The best top grain hides have been sorted into those with limited scratches, insect bites or other damage and can be minimally processed. This allows them to be used in a more natural form resulting in a softer hand and more natural character. Corrected leather is a common term which means that the surface of the hide was processed to provide a uniform look and finish. The end product won’t feel as soft but is exceptionally durable and affordable.

The consultants at Palliser Rooms have spent many years as professionals in the furniture industry and are dedicated to ongoing training and research in order to provide customers with accurate information and helpful advice. They understand that making a good buying decision begins with an understanding of the product and requires proper planning . Their experience has equipped them with the ability to ask the right questions in order to ensure their clients are comfortable with their buying decision.

We'd also like to share our Featured Product – Home Theatre Seating

Palliser Rooms / EQ3 Home Theatre furniture will take entertaining in your home to a new level. We have many great new options for home theatre seating in 2012! All of our styles can be customized in your choice of a great selection of leathers and fabrics. To get the ultimate in comfort, you can add power reclining mechanisms to your home theatre seating. Power reclining allows you to set the reclining position of the furniture to the perfect spot with just the touch of a button. You can also go for a very dramatic touch with several of our models that feature LED light options along the bottom of the seating and around the cup holders and controls for visibility during the movie! Several of our new models also feature cup holders that can be covered with sliding arms as well as removable laptop trays and tablet reading supports.

Find Pallier online at  or go to their listing in FURNITURE here, or go and visit their massive showroomon Faithfull Ave, saskatoon... they are on THE Saskatoon directory of excellence ..they are your Saskatoon Furniture experts!


Saskatoon Bookkeeping and Professional services Experts share a Business Tip on the Saskatoon Directory of excellence.


Why Do I Need To Find A Qualified Administrative Assistant?

Most employers think that an entry level employee is all they need for an Administrative Professional. Whether it’s a receptionist, administrative assistant, or other front line employee these are the people who keep the business running smoothly.

Most employers don’t realize what kind of skills are critical for front line business personnel. One of the biggest mistakes employers make is hiring someone not suited for the position. Who would you rather encounter at a store? Jane who is rude and can process your purchase in 15 seconds while throwing your new sweater in a bag and getting you on your way, or Rose who takes 30 seconds but is a genuinely friendly person who takes the extra time to fold your sweater and place it in the bag? Most people can work a cash register if shown properly. Not everyone is pleasant, friendly and takes care and pride in their job. Can anyone answer the phones and do the filing? Anyone can “complete” the job but how many can do it right? Have you tried to juggle 4 phone calls at once, handle a courier at the door and then get that stack of filing done? These are everyday challenges faced by many administrative professionals.

How many times have you tried to locate an invoice or report and couldn't find it because of filing error? It’s very frustrating and can cause unnecessary stress for everyone. Other struggles in the front office are lost calls, incomplete telephone messages, misfiled information, vague instructions and bad communication. There are ways to manage these problems without firing the person and going through the arguous process of finding the perfect person for the job. But how do you get this done without taking YOUR time away? You may already have the perfect person, they may just need training or help to accomplish goals.

Our Customer Service Training includes the following:

• Telephone and Electronic Mail Etiquette

• Mail Distribution

• The Importance of A Professional Image

• Message Taking

• Document Control

• Professional Presentation of The Company

• Customer Service For Front-End Professionals

• Client Relations

• Vendor Etiquette

 Goal Setting

• Workload Management

Trusted Saskatoon Home Builder Expert have a Trusted Tip on PINK WOOD, what it does and why you want it!



Helping to Provide Healthier, Safer Homes for Families Wood is a fantastic building material. It is lightweight, strong, economical and renewable. It is however, very susceptible to fire. Add to this the growing number of cases involving mold found in homes due to moisture being trapped in the building envelope, and you can see why PinkWood is the smart choice for today’s homes. PinkWood uses a revolutionary, factory applied coating process, designed specifically to provide a visible and effective barrier against fire, mold, fungus and rot. These are not the things you think about when you are building your dream home. All PinkWood building products are coated with PinkShield™, a non-toxic, environmentally friendly technology. PinkShield™ coated products resist the growth of mold and rot fungus while providing added fire protection to your home through the use of integrated fire retardants.


PinkShield is a non-toxic protective coating that when exposed to flame, creates an endothermic reaction that significantly slows the time to ignition of the coated material and decreases the rate at which the fire spreads. PinkShield's chemistry is specifically designed to inhibit the growth of mold while at the same time reducing moisture absorption and improving weatherability. PinkShield additives meet all the categorization criteria set out by the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.


Fire protection is one of the largest issues facing the building industry today. PinkShield addresses the issue, as it contains specialized fire retardants designed to reduce the chance of fire starting and slows the burn if a fire does start…. Jason Campbell was a Fireman before he started Campbell Homes, and he knows what a difference Pink wood makes for the safety of the family inside the house..and the fireman who attend house fires…..the key in success when it comes to a house fire is TIME…..with normal home fires you have 15 mins tops before the structure is beyond saving… this protects property and lives! For healthier, safer homes - trust PinkWood and protect the things that matter most.


During the construction process, building products are exposed to moisture in the form of snow and rain. The PinkShield coating used on PinkJoists encapsulates the wood components, helping to repel water in order to protect the structural integrity of our products during the construction phase of homes.


Recent research has proven mold contamination in homes is associated with an increase of serious health issues ranging from allergy symptoms to severe respiratory damage. The PinkShield coating technology used on every PinkJoist effectively prevents the growth of harmful molds, making homes healthier places to live For healthier, safer homes - trust PinkWood and protect the things that matter most.!



Stay Trusted my friends Safe and Trusted of course

Trusted is invested in being PURELY POSITIVE in all we do!

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