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Trusted Marketing Services website experts design Across The Board Property Inspections new website

The Trusted Marketing Services team have skill sets & real life experiences that other marketing agencies and social media management companies simply do not share.  The Trusted Marketing Team are not nerds….they are entrepreneurs, net workers and marketers, so If you need affordable website solutions, Social media management or anything to do with advertising and marketing contact them today.

Trusted Marketing Services are your Trusted Saskatoon Marketing Agency  

Here they share Information on the website they created for Across The Board:



Ben Wanner, the owner of Across The Board Inspections, was looking for a fresh new look for his company website. His old site was looking dated, and he felt it didn’t represent his companies character and brand as effectively as it should do. 

” People are going to Google first these days when they want anything, and more and more % of our leads were coming from online rather than word of mouth like they used to. I recently updated the company logo, and knew the website was next to freshen up” Ben Wanner, Owner, Across The Board Inspections, Saskatoon 

 At Trusted we work with nearly 200 local businesses around the province, from 1 man contractors to larger $ multi-million province wide companies across many many different categories…chances are we have knowledge of your industry,  and we know what the public looks for in a good website!

The Across The Board Inspections site is well designed, easy to navigate, visually appealing and MOST importantly simple to use both for the public AND Ben, when he wants to do updates/ make changes!



When we created the site for Ben he said " Looking at websites all over Canada for Home inspection it really stands out , heads above. You guys did a really great job! " 


Check out the site for your self here : 

All Trusted Marketing Services websites are mobile friendly & are simple to update – ALL include: Blog, social links, Google Analytics and include 2 hours Trusted consulting to assist with content creation &/or training - we have a quick turnaround time, and most importantly we are fairly priced. Trusted has a variety of fixed price options.

We are the website creators you can trust. Call us today and we can assess your website requirements over coffee.

Trusted founder talks about why she is volunteer chair of the Habitat for Humanity $100k in 100days Ladies Build

Community involvement is a big part of what S & E Trusted Online Directories, the company that owns does, and we do this in many ways:

  • Supporting the best locally owned and locally accountable businesses .  
  • Helping the public find trustworthy local service providers and retail destinations.
  • Educating the public with tip's and resources in our massive local libraries.
  • Community involvement in so many ways .... from helping individuals in need to donating time, money and resources to local non profits and fundraisers - Trusted is  committed to giving back! 

Sara Wheelwright the Trusted founder is the volunteer Chair of the 2014 Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon $100k in 100days ladies Build.

Check out this video to find out more!



Here Sara talks about it to us and she sends out a challenge to Saskatoon ladies! 



" With your help Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon can raise $100,000 in 100 days, which is the funding needed to build a Habitat home for a family.

-Imagine paying over 60% of your monthly income for rent for a small apartment that is not safe for your family.

-Imagine having to choose between paying the power bill, so that the lights stayed on another month, and buying groceries.

This is reality for too many Saskatoon families. The need for affordable housing has never been greater in our city. It’s not just stroking a cheque....there is more ( if you want it )

Ladies, beyond the extremely generous act of giving ( or raising) the $1000, this initiative is unique, as we also includes many EXTRAS! 

**If you choose to be 1 of the 100 women, in Feb 2015 you will be treated to an exclusive 100 in 100 Red Carpet Extravaganza Party to celebrate achieving this amazing goal ( anyone that knows me, knows I throw a heck of a party! Not to be missed)

**Be part of the build itself – offer your skills ( and / or your families, employees, team members or fellow fundraisers skills ) on build days throughout the year, and work alongside the families that will benefit from this extraordinary fundraiser- as they pour their own sweat equity into building the home they have always longed for !!

BE PART OF THE SOLUTION Last year in Regina $100,000 was raised in just 49 days. ( I think we can beat them …)

Please forward this post and CHALLENGE your friends to join us as part of this exciting campaign.

The 100 days started September, 15, 2015 it end on Christmas Eve 

To show my commitment I pledge $2000 - for Trusted's donation - so myself and Leanna Keyes the Trusted Saskatoon consultant are 2 of the 100...I know that we already have pledges in ..and that as i write this events are being organized to raise money - if you can't donate $1000, i urge you to think out side the box on how you can contribute - share this post on social media , attend the events to raise money BE INVOLVED ! " 



Click here to join us  and learn more on the $100 in 100  Facebook event page

The directory Trusted show on NewsTalk 650 CKOM. We answer the publics questions celebrated it's 2 year anniversary on June 1st 2013 ..the directory has had over 80,000 visitors ( most from Saskatoon - 82% from Saskatchewan ), yet we get questions on a weekly basis from the public and businesses who are unsure what we actually do!  

The Trusted Saskatoon Directory team of want to make sure that the public knows exactly who we are , what we stand for ( and against ) and how we do what we do , so we asked our wonderful Facebook and Twitter fans to submit questions about Trusted to us , so we could answer them..109 questions later we knew we had a great show ( and that we had done the right thing to ask!!).

Brent and the team then chose 10 winners from these questions to thank them for their great questions, see the list of prizes and winners below!


Enjoy the Trusted Show!!  



1. $50 Just For You Day Spa Gift Certificate - Christina Shoals

2. $50 Trusted Saskatoon Gift Certificate - Tammy Unger

3. $50 Trusted Saskatoon Gift Certificate- Corey Robert

4. $50 Trusted Saskatoon Gift Certificate- AE Stone

5. $50 Trusted Saskatoon Gift Certificate- Diane Fontaine

6. Health Market Gift Basket & Gift Certificate-

7. $50 Keg Gift Certificate from Tammy Wandzura- Bonny Fiss

8. $175 Gift Certificate to J & S Picture Frame Warehouse -

9. $100 Gift Certificate to Frontier Vinyl & Glass - David Moore

10. 3 Flex Tickets to Auto Clearing Motor Speedway -  Rebecca Dyck


If you are a lucky winner please email for the full details and to claim your prize!



Trusted Directories team share latest stats on Canadian Connectivity - proving the time to get mobile in business is NOW

Trusted Directories team share latest stats on Canadian Connectivity - proving the time to get mobile in business is NOW

posted by Trusted Canada | June 1, 2013 09:29


The Trusted team strives to keep up with the innovations in marketing and advertising as they happen.. we 'WALK the WALK and TALK the TALK' . Trusted is  super active ( and effective) on our many  (SM's) social media platforms, we blog consistently and we have a fantastic new Trusted App.

' New media ' is constantly changing and it is important as a business owner and / or marketing person to take the time to keep yourself informed (and on track) with new developments, so you can see how they may influence and affect your businesses bottom line now and in the future.

When we find great information we share it with our partners and friends here on the Trusted Canada blog and in person, after all, that's what being social is all about.

The Trusted Directories mandate is to make consumers life easier by promoting and supporting GREAT local SMB's ( Small Medium Businesses) because we realize without them in a marketplace offering great service and local accountability we would all suffer...they are the true life blood of the economy, the worms in the dirt, and it's important that they are supported and that they are encouraged to make time to keep up with consumer trends and habits.       


Canadian connectivity and mobile trends...why it's important to have an online AND mobile presence in business today

( and if not plan for it soon!)



  • Canadian consumers are WAY ahead of the rest of the World when it comes to Online and mobile usage- spending on average 17.5hous a week online!   
  • Over 80% of the population has internet access, and more and more Canucks are signing up daily and embracing social media via smartphones. 
  • Canadian watch more videos online each month than any other nation on Earth.
  • The average Canadian consumer is plugged-in everywhere!

In the average Canadian home it is not uncommon to have 10 + points of internet access ( multiple smart phones, desktops, tablets, laptops, ipods, smart TVs, online gaming system's like Play Stations, Digital Media receivers like Boxee's or Apple TV's) . Canadians access the internet on the go, at work, while watching TV, and while shopping ( who hasn't check a bottle of win on an App or done a quick internet scan to price check on an item you are considering buying? ). So it really doesn't make ANY sense that Canadian businesses are still lagging when it comes to integrating ecommerce and mobile marketing into their marketing strategy. If they want to engage with the constantly increasing online Canadian consumers, businesses must take action to increase their online activity to have a chance of ' getting the sale' .

Marketing experts have been telling us for 2+ years now that “mobile is the next big thing.” ..and guess what it is HERE! 


Local SMB's need to Adapt and Grow ..or they will SUCK, because if they aren't where their customers are looking for them,  they will lose the sale to someone that is! Chances are that someone is a BIG BOX that has been waiting for the opportunity to take the business, with a department of marketers who are in step with what's been happening and who have everything already in place to make the experience as smooth as possible for customers to switch their business over or new customers to choose them.

Here is a great Infographic from 6SMarketing that does a great job of laying out EXACTLY where Canadian connectivity was at in 2012..and it isn't decreasing that's for sure! Some truly startling stats ( from GOOGLE ) that really do prove our point!


So what do we know for sure?  

This ' interweb thingy'  isn't going away,  social is vital for business success NOW (and in the future) and mobile IS an important factor and SHOULD be an important consideration in any SMB's marketing strategy (especially in their website design).

Even if you personally don't feel like you and your social group of peers are as connected as the stats we have shared, even if you don't personally like to be online so much, even if it 's not how YOU do business....take heed of this great saying that we use all the time to prospective clients who struggle with our concept and way of doing things..

"The Fisherman doesn't have to eat the worm's not MEANT for him!"




If you want to know more about Trusted and what we do-  connect with us'll find us on Facebook in Saskatoon, Facebook in Regina , on Twitter @Trustedcanada on You Tube , on Blogger on Pintrest , on LinkedIn or just Contact us through the website

Trusted Saskatoon THE SASKATOON DIRECTORY reaches 1000 fans on Facebook is thrilled and excited ( woooo hoooo ) to reach 1000 likes on their Facebook page.

The incentive to get there ..beyond having the SASKATOON DIRECTORY of Trusted businesses for the public ..meant that our fans canvassed their friends and spread the TRUSTED philosophy and the TRUSTED AWESOME effect...with only 50% of the prize being ' theirs'..... you see 50% of the prize goes to a local non profit right here in Saskatoon...Trusted Saskatoon is from here ...we care about this city and it's people..and we work hard to help them every day!

BECAUSE of our wonderful fans spreading the social media buzz....the VALENTINES incentive has 4 winners

1. The $250 winner chosen at random is  Rochelle Fjeldstrom.

2. Rochelle then gets to choose the local non profit of her choice to recieve a $250 donation ( Rochelle chose the MS Society of SK)

3. The SPA cert winner gets a $200 Gift Cert for Just for You Day Spa- is  ALAN McKAY 

4. Alan then gets to choose the local non profit of his choice to receive a $250 donation to The C95 Breast Cancer Marathon in memory of Lisa Rendel     


As an additional gesture of thanks ....and because of their absolute determination  to help get to 1000 fans ..... JULIA HERPENGER, LINDSAY CURTIS and JENNY COOK...will all receive a $50 Gift Cert to Spa a hava or Edgewater Spa..Trusted Saskatoon Spas...along with Just for You Day Spa..thanks worked your social butts off for months ...:)  

Check us out on our You Tube Channel here  and remember..being a FAN of  is THE smart and Simple choice..the winning wil never end!

The SASKATOON DIRECTORY of Trusted saskatoon businesses! 

STAY TRUSTED my friends SAFE AND TRUSTED of course!



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