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Trusted Saskatoon Interior Design Experts share a tip on a Modern Office Renovation

tip on a Modern Office Renovation - Part 1:

Below are a few of the concept images used to help “paint the picture” of what the end results could be:

Gorgeous Modern Walnut door
credit: Rhyzoma – Arquitectura/Diseno Explanada


Beautiful loft style with glass walls
credit: google images 



Cubbies creates modern office storage that is functional & organized.
credit: Houzz



Modern Office Furniture that is both stylish as well as functional.
Available through Metric Design

Step 2: Bringing the Concept to Life

It was important to not lose that open feeling, while still supplying an office space that had four walls. Thus, the use of glass walls was born. 


Step 3: Starting the Renovation

This stage is the most exciting, for the client as well as designer! It is when all the planning starts to take form and the space starts to evolve. Here are some of the before pictures of this project:








Trusted Saskatoon Interior Design Experts share a tip on Bringing the Inside Out

 Bringing the Inside "Out":

Being from Saskatoon, we tend to get a bit ahead of ourselves at the first glimpse of spring, welcoming it with open arms and open-toed shoes! We do this even though it is more than likely that we will get at least one more disheartening (suicidal?) snowfall. Well, we can’t wait around forever so let the summer planning commence! Get that pesky yard work and spring cleaning out of the way so that you can focus on the fun things – like designing your perfectly comfortable outdoor living room or ultimate bbq hangout! Check out the tips, tricks and inspiration below to make the most of your outdoor space:

Make an outdoor movie theatre:


Enjoy the fresh air while you indulge in popcorn and your favourite movie! Perk: a cool breeze makes cuddles a must!


Insert a beer cooler into your outdoor dining table:


Eventually, Saskatoon does get hot weather. Keep your company refreshed with a built-in table cooler! Not only is this a sleek design, but you get to stay and engage in the conversation without having to get up and grab more drinks! 


Make a tent fort and have fun painting old sheets:

This is a fun activity for the whole family!


Build-in a daybed on your covered patio:

Perfect when you want to curl up and read outside, and stay away from the pesky bugs!


Use indoor furniture for serving and decorating at your next backyard party:


Bringing the outside “in” is really trending right now, but what about bringing the inside “out”? This is a super cute way to add extra table space to any outdoor event without cluttering the actual eating/conversing area!

Hopefully this post has inspired you to be creative this summer and enjoy those few hot days! 



Fresh Living are your Trusted Saskatoon Home Staging Professionals

You know those spotless, clutter-free, amazing looking rooms you see in magazines? That can be your home. Seriously! Fresh Living’s founder, Chantal Hounjet, created the company out of her combined love and talent for interior decorating and home improvement which paved the way to a career in Home Staging and Interior Redesign. Chantal is an International Staging and Redesign Professional, bringing her talents directly to your door..


Fresh Living are your Trusted Saskatoon Interior Decorator and Home staging expert!


Here they share a BEFORE and AFTER video of a home that they staged! 



We can’t guarantee that your home will sell within a week, but we will advise you on what needs to be done to transform your house into the best possible product for sale.

In many cases, our clients enjoy what we have done to their home so much that they hire us to decorate their new house or even their office.


Trusted Saskatoon directory Saskatoon Kitchen & Bathroom Design experts Show

Trusted THE Saskatoon Directory   is proud to be hosting a Talk to the Experts show " The Trusted Show' Monthly on Newstalk 650 ..the first show aired June 9th 2012.  Find them all here in our tips library or on our Trusted Channel on You Tube which is a fabulous resource of Tips, Interviews, Demos and Tours.

What this means is you can listen to all the shows ON DEMAND, you can share them with friends who may be interested in the shows subjects and this makes sure you never have to miss a Trusted Show - we think out of the Box when it comes to marketing, so we can provide the BEST Possible service for YOU the public- we are the Only Local Directory that works for you...and the only  place to offer this kind of service in Saskatoon!  

This latest show we are featuring is the Kitchen & Bathroom  Design Show



 Kevin from KTS Custom Cabinets- a Trusted Saskatoon Kitchen experts

 Tamara from Metric Design Centre - Your Trusted Saskatoon Interior Designers 

Joel from End Of The Roll - Trusted Saskatoon Flooring Experts



All the shows questions have been submitted by our wonderful Trusted Saskatoon Facebook Fans  and one lucky fans question was chosen by Brent Loucks to win the Prize package submitted by the 3 Trusted Businesses worth  OVER $700


Enjoy the show!! 





Trusted Saskatoon Interior Design Experts share a tip on What to know when hiring an Interior Design Professional

What to Know When Hiring an Interior Design Professional:

Designing vs. Decorating/Styling

Although the terms ‘interior decorator’ and ‘interior designer’ are often used interchangeably, they are two very different professions. It is important to explain the options that are available to you, so that together, you can best determine the type of service you require.

Interior Design Consultants

Both decorators and designers focus on creating an aesthetically pleasing space but our interior design consultants take this a step further by addressing the function of that space and how its inhabitants will live and work within it. Designers focus on the entire interior and exterior of a space, from where the walls will go, to what kind of flooring material will be used and the implications that flooring has in the space- durability, acoustics, life of the product, colour, etc.

Ideally, the designer will start on the project at the very beginning stages of the new build or renovation. First they will meet the end users of the space and attempt to understand how the space will be used. Interior design consultants apply the science of human behaviour as well as human dimension as it relates to interior space to design a building or home that maximizes efficiency and functionality as well as creates a stylish, welcoming and beautiful environment.

After the initial designer & client meeting, the designer will then lay out the floor plan, considering everything from circulation, accessibility and acoustics to furniture and lighting plans and creating architectural focal points. As the project progresses, the designer will take on the role of the decorator, choosing furnishings, paint and other finishes. 

After the design is complete, the client will have two options of how to implement that design. They can either take the plans that they have been provided with by their designer, find their own contractor and handle the installation and completion of the project themselves. The onus will now be on the client to ensure the vision that they and their designer conceptualized is properly put into place.

The other option, that is most often practiced, is to have your designer involved right through to the completion of the project. This way you can rest assured that the design and your vision will be realized accurately.

Interior Decorating/Styling Consultants

Although interior decoration is a specialized field, formal schooling is not a necessity. It does require the individual to be creative, have great visualization skills and the ability to pull an overall scheme together, considering all aesthetic details down to accessories. Because a technical education is not required, interior decorators are not involved in designing the layout of the space or projects that involve large scale renovations or structural planning and they will usually come on board after the “bones” and more technical aspects of the project are complete. However, many decorators will complete courses in colour and fabric, furniture layout, furniture styles and more and develop an extensive knowledge on how to update a space efficiently and effectively.

Decorators focus on the overall surface look of a space. They choose furnishings, fixtures, lighting, paint, fabric, and accessories, creating a decorating scheme that is beautifully put together, and reflects the personality of the homeowners. If you feel that the bones of your home are in good shape and up to date, or if your budget doesn’t allow for major changes, a decorator can do wonders to give your space a facelift by focusing on the finishing touches. They have a keen eye in judging what changes or additions will give you the most impact for your dollar!

Decorators are exceptionally talented when it comes to bringing a space to its full potential. We focus our attention on gathering beautiful pieces locally and from our own sources. We make selections that are aesthetically pleasing and create focal points that are unique and will really set your space apart! The most important part of the job as a decorator is to keep you, the homeowner in mind so your space truly reflects your style and personality!

Understanding the difference between the two professions can help to qualify which type of service you require – 



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