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Trusted community steps up to help a local Saskatoon woman after her contractor nightmare Part 1

The Trusted teamwork for the public, we do that by finding great local businesses, verifying they are as good as we have heard, and contracting them to uphold the 5 Trusted Guarantees. These 5 Trusted guarantees are the cornerstone of our business and the businesses we partner with, and if something does go wrong we hold the businesses to their obligations....that's what the Trusted Saskatoon businesses sign up for. That's why we promote them and why we believe they are the best businesses in the cities we serve. 



JANICE'S BUILD- the Trusted Rebuild

Last week we heard about Janice, a single Mum in Saskatoon that has not been lucky enough to deal with a  ' Trustworthy' business, in fact, she has dealt with the kind of company that we set Trusted Saskatoon up to protect people from.... let's share the first part of the story. 

Janice is a lovely woman who has been left in a house that was a home 5 months ago & now is a dangerous unfinished, building site. She is trying to keep on a brave face for her 10-year-old daughter but is sick with worry that the house won't survive the Winter cold that is on its way,  and wondering every day how she is going to manage to get back on her feet .......why? All because of an unscrupulous Saskatoon contractor that has been her worst nightmare! 


We heard her story last week through a friend of Sara's, the Trusted founder, and we were extremely moved by her plight, and wanted to do what we could to's a great thing we know an amazing group of local Saskatoon businesses, who are invested in their community and who truly set the standard for integrity in the Saskatoon Business community!


We sent out an email at 9 pm that night, we had some responses back within the hour and by the end of the week, we have already had so many wonderful Trusted Saskatoon directory partners offer Janice their help...and  Trusted Regina partners!  



Thank you also to Aaron Loraas- from Loraas disposal for donating bins and garbage fees for the project, Winroc and Rona for materials and Heating roofing systems in Colorado for the roof!! 

Sara went to surprise Janice tonight, who knew nothing of this until was extremely emotional, Janice was completely gobsmacked when Sara knocked on her door and told her why she was there. Once the first round of tears dried, and she realized Sara was above board, she showed her around the house and Sara couldn't believe the state this contractor has left her in. We shared the news about the wonderful Trusted Saskatoon companies that had already stepped up to help her, and she was happy to allow us to document this journey by blog and video, so she could prevent other people from having the same thing happen to this is Part 1 of THE HOUSE THAT TRUSTED SASKATOON REBUILT!   

So whats next?
A well-recognized business leader and expert in the construction industry is going to cast his professional eye over Janice's bombsite of a home, and he will then be able to assess just what needs to be done, and from there we can start planning the rebuild, and what we need in regards help & materials from these amazing Trusted Saskatoon companies.
 We will leave you with Sara's comments as the last words of Part 1
" Saskatoon has been amazing to me and my family, and I believe it's important to step up to help people in the community you live in. Janice's situation is not uncommon unfortunately, a thing like this happen every day to families and individuals in this city and this province, that's why I was motivated to start Trusted. I am just glad I am in a position, along with the Trusted partners to help her with this hand up back on her feet again. 
To start the ball rolling I will donate $1000 in  Gift Certificates for Janice to put towards this rebuild. She can use them at any of the partner businesses on the directory.  I am not going to publicly name the contractor or his business...that is not my place, but after what I saw & heard today I believe strongly that the company  should have their A rating on the Better Business Bureau of Saskatchewan lowered to an F, and the insurance companies should take them off their preferred list of contractors"  

Marla Janzen Trusted Saskatoon Real Estate Expert tip on how a driveways add value to your home

Marla Janzen is an award winning SASKATOON REAL Estate expert she takes action to sell her client's homes and find them the perfect new place to live while negotiating the best terms and price possible. She loves what she does and takes great pride in providing excellence in customer service to all of her clients.

She is one of our wonderful  TRUSTED SASKATOON REAL ESTATE EXPERTS listed on the SASKATOON DIRECTORY and loves to provide Trusted Tips that help the public!

Marla Janzen from century 21 Fusion is the realtor for BC Based home builders Westbow Construction's Radius at The Legends condo project in Warman SK, and she invited the Trusted team up for a tour around the show condos and to meet the owner of Westbow Construction Dick Westeringh. We figured we would take along our video camera so you could see for yourself why living in Warman should be a consideration for anyone thinking about moving!  

Here Marla shares a tip on how an updated driveway can increase the value of your home:

When considering what home improvements you can make to help increase the value of your home, updating your driveway probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But don’t rule it out: Your driveway is one of the first things people see on your property and it has a big impact on your home’s curb appeal.

Examine your options
An attractive, well-maintained driveway can go a long way to enhance your curb appeal, which instantly increases its value.

1. Classic asphalt and gravel
Classic black asphalt driveways and gravel driveways are common options that still look great. They won’t knock the socks off any potential homebuyers, but they’re inexpensive to put in and inexpensive to maintain, making them great choices for the average budget-conscious homeowner. They only cost about $1.50 a square foot, so it’s easy to see why they’re such popular choices.

2. Concrete
Concrete is a pricier option, coming in at about $4 a square foot, but it has a much cleaner, modern look. If laid properly, concrete can last up to 30 years, with almost zero maintenance besides an annual power wash. A coloured or stamped finish can really boost the look of concrete, but it will also raise the price tag, so be sure to shop around for quotes before you commit.

3. Brick or cobblestone
Brick or cobblestone pavers are the most attractive driveway option and have endless possibilities for colour and pattern. This option requires a professional. Hiring an expert who can create a plan to incorporate the driveway with your exterior hardscaping and come up with the look you really want is worth every penny – even if that means forking over $10 a square foot.
What things should I consider to get the best return on investment from my driveway?
First of all, look around your neighbourhood. Does every house but yours have a driveway? If your answer is yes, that’s a good reason to add some parking. Also, ask yourself if parking is at a premium in your area. If it is, adding a parking spot could really increase the value of your home. If you have room for extra parking on top of what you need or use, remember that you can rent out spaces for extra cash flow, too.

Should I turn my lawn into a parking pad if I don’t have any other parking options?
No, not if you’re worried about resale value and especially not if it will take up your entire yard. In most municipalities, street parking is permitted and generally adequate in residential areas. Driveway parking is definitely a perk but not if you have to sacrifice your green space to have it. Also, remember that adding parking requires city approval, so make sure to get all appropriate permits before you start breaking ground.


Find Marla Online at   she is a Century 21 Fusion Realtor Sakatoon based at 703 Circle Drive, Saskatoon..or checkout her listing in REAL ESTATE SASKATOON here on, Marla Janzen is TRUSTED SASKATOON REAL ESTATE EXPERT.

Preferred Collision and Glass your Trusted Saskatoon Auto Body experts share a tip on What to do when you're involved in a Collision

What can you expect when you deal with the professionals at Preferred Collision and Glass Saskatoon? More than you thought! 

First, expect big cost savings! 

You can also expect Seamless quality repairs! A faster turnaround for your vehicle (on average 25% faster!!) & Assistance dealing with insurance! 

You'll find quality at every price point - from a few hundred dollars to a thousand or more. It's up to you.

Trusted Saskatoon Auto Body experts in collision repair and auto paint!  

Preferred Collision and Glass shares a tip on What to do when you are in a Collision: 

When experiencing a collision, sometimes life can become very stressful and overwhelming when you are least expecting it to. 


Sometimes they can occur when driving conditions are poor, such as when the roads are icy when there is black ice present, and when there is a snowstorm, or when it is very windy.

When traffic collisions seem to happen so quickly, it can be hard to recall the details later. 

The most important thing to do in the case of a traffic collision is to remain calm, although sometimes this is a task that is easier said than done. If someone is hurt, if you think any other driver may be guilty of a Criminal Code offence, such as drunk driving, or if there is significant property damage, you must always call the police.

In the case of an accident, if no one is hurt please try to move your car to the side of the road where it will not obstruct traffic. If your car is not mobile, turn on your hazard lights or use cones, flares, or warning triangles.

When the collision occurs, write down as much information as you can about the accident so that you don’t forget it when you are asked to repeat it later. When filing a claim with your local SGI insurance outlet, you will be asked at that time to recall details about the incident. While speaking with the other driver or drivers, if one or more was involved, write down their contact information, such as name, phone number, and address, as well as their insurance broker if applicable, and if there were any witnesses, write down their information as well. If you can, you may sketch the accident, noting the position and directions of the cars, or use a disposable camera if you have one.

Though it can be difficult and stressful to be in a car accident, remember that these accidents can and do happen to anyone. Always be vigilant and watchful of unsafe road conditions, and do not drive if you feel uncomfortable doing so.If you are involved in a collision, please call SGI. Once SGI has done all the preliminary paperwork,we can help you with all your collision repairs and needs. Please call us or simply bring your car down to the shop at 659 51st St E and we’ll handle the concerns of your vehicle. We can’t prevent an accident, but we can make your vehicle look like one never happened.


Find them on Facebook HERE!




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