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Trusted Tips & Resources

Trusted Saskatoon Door Experts at Sunview Window & Doors Share Entry Door Design Inspiration

Sunview Windows and Doors manufacture windows in their Saskatoon factory. They install new and replacement windows for homeowners and businesses in Saskatoon and across Saskatchewan. They also sell high quality doors and security shutters Sunview Windows and Doors are Trusted Saskatoon Window, Door & Sunroom Experts.

Sunview Windows and Doors Saskatoon Entry Door Design Ideas

Make Your Grand Entrance

While any old door will provide passage to and from your home, high-style doors can make a great first impression and offer a peek at your home’s interior decor. Browse photos of distinctive doors in our Door Gallery to get ideas for your own home.

The handcrafted refined traditional beauty in revolutionary products offered by Madero in their new fibreglass series. Looking for a high-quality, complete door and hardware package for your home? Contact us, we offer a wide array of door designs. You will be amazed by the configurations with highly customizable glass. We have hardware options suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Coloured Doors your thing?

Feng Shui Front Doors

A red front door is thought to invite good energy in Feng Shui. Unique details, such as a sleek handle actually designed for an appliance, make this custom wood-and-glass door catch the eye.

Hello Yellow

When paired with blue siding and white moulding, this vibrant yellow door becomes a bright focal point that sets a cheerful tone before one even enters this home.

What ever option you prefer the look of, you need to ensure that it will work for your family. That's where we come in! The Sunview Windows and Doors team are skilled professionals. Our goal is to provide the best possible experience from beginning to end!

Sunview Windows and Doors are Trusted Saskatoon Window, Door & Sunroom Experts

As their tagline clearly explains...

We build them – We install them – We stand behind them

Trusted Saskatoon Window Pro’s at Sunview Window & Doors Tip on Energy Loss Through Windows

Sunview Windows and Doors manufacture windows in their Saskatoon factory. They install new and replacement windows for homeowners and businesses in Saskatoon and across Saskatchewan. They also sell high quality doors and security shutters. Sunview Windows and Doors are Trusted Saskatoon Window, Door & Sunroom Experts. In their latest windows tip they share info on mitigating energy loss through your windows. 

Energy Loss Through Windows Explained by Sunview Windows Team

Windows and doors in Saskatoon and area are often a major factor in energy loss in your home. Single-paned windows that have metal frames are not well insulated and do not keep the heat in or out very well. The edges of doors and windows account for a large amount of air leakage. Energy loss through windows is the largest and most variable loss in buildings and has major implications on energy consumption and peak heating and cooling loads.

Types of Windows

Windows only take up between 5-10% of a home's total surface area that is exposed to outside temperatures but accounts for as much as 53% of the heat lost in a home. Older homes are more susceptible to heat loss because of the structure of the windows. Your options to fix these heat losses are to either purchase new windows or to try some low-cost efforts to repair the window. The idea is to purchase the most energy-efficient windows possible given your budget and your specific needs. Double and Triple Paned Windows are designed with a trapped air space about half an inch thick, which functions as an insulator. It works by restricting the amount of air movement, slowing down the heat loss through windows. Low Emissivity Windows have a clear coating on the window to reduce heat loss or gain. This is an almost invisible coat of semi-conductor or metal oxide film that is applied directly to the glass or on a plastic film that is placed between the two window panes.

There are two different types of Low-E coatings, hard coats and soft coats. Soft coats are the most effective at reflecting heat and are better insulators of heat. The hard coat is incorporated directly into the surface of the glass and is less likely to be mechanically damaged, so in most cases, they are used in single-pane storm windows. Windows that are made with low-E films are usually approximately 15-25% more costly than regular double-glazed windows. They will also reduce energy loss by around 30-50%. The energy savings will pay for the higher cost of the windows in around 10 years. Argon Gas is a motionless gas that manufacturers use to fill the space between the panes of glass to reduce heat loss. Argon gas is often used because it is a better insulator than air and has a relatively low cost compared to the alternatives. Low-conductivity spacers separate two pieces of glass when making an insulated glass unit.

Window Frame

The way that the window frame is put together has a great impact on the required maintenance and life span of the window. Aluminium frames require little to no maintenance and generally have a long life span. Fibreglass frames are not very available but are high in energy efficiency. Some of these models are filled with a foam insulator to better insulate heat. Vinyl frames require no maintenance and perform well thermally. Wood frames insulate well and have a long life span but they need to be protected from the weather. U-values let you know how much heat is getting through your window. Low U-values mean that there is very little heat getting through the window. Solar heat gain coefficients (SHGC) let you know how much of the sun’s energy is being transferred through the window frame. Ensure that your window is installed properly by getting a professional to install it; a poorly installed window will not work as efficiently.

How to stop energy loss through windows you already have

If you are unable to replace your current windows, there are other ways to improve efficiency and reduce energy loss. You should install storm windows. You can install these windows on the inside or the outside. Your insulation will improve by the dead air that is trapped between the windows. There are a few different types of storm windows such as rigid plastic storm windows, which are attached to the window with a mounting strip. There are the single-pane storm windows, which are to be installed each fall and removed each spring. There are permanent storm windows, which are more convenient than the removable type and have both screening and glass in the same unit. Temporary storm windows are plastic and are attached to the frame with tightly shrunken two-sided tape. Lastly, there are window coverings such as blinds and curtains that can help lower the possibility of heat loss, especially at night. Make sure that your window covering does not restrict the movement of air because it can cause the window to sweat.

Sunview Windows and Doors are Trusted Saskatoon Window & Door Experts

As their tagline clearly states..

We build them – We install them – We stand behind them

Why Spray Foam Insulation Is The Best Choice For Properties in Saskatoon, SK

 In our latest tip Trusted explains why the best insulation choice for Saskatoon properties is spray foam Insulation.

Spray foam insulation is commonly used in Canada for several reasons:

Energy Efficiency 

Spray foam insulation is known for its high R-value, which indicates its effectiveness in reducing heat transfer. It provides a superior thermal barrier, minimizing air leakage and reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling. Proper insulation is crucial for maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures and lowering energy bills in Canada's cold climate.

Air Sealing

Spray foam insulation is an effective air barrier, sealing gaps, cracks, and other areas where air leakage may occur. This helps to prevent drafts, moisture infiltration, and the entry of outdoor pollutants, improving indoor air quality and reducing the risk of mold or moisture-related issues.


Spray foam insulation can be applied to various surfaces, including walls, ceilings, attics, and crawl spaces. It conforms to irregular shapes and fills cavities effectively, providing seamless coverage. It is particularly useful for insulating hard-to-reach areas or spaces with complex geometries.


When properly installed, spray foam insulation has a long lifespan. It does not settle or degrade over time, maintaining its insulating properties and performance for many years. This durability reduces the need for frequent insulation replacements or upgrades.


Spray foam insulation also offers soundproofing benefits by reducing airborne noise transmission. It can help create a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment by minimizing noise from outside sources or between different rooms.

It's worth noting that there are different types of spray foam insulation, such as open-cell and closed-cell foam, each with its specific characteristics and applications. The choice of spray foam insulation type may depend on budget, insulation requirements, building design, and local building codes and regulations. Professional consultation and installation by trained experts are recommended to ensure proper installation and optimal performanc

How to Fix a Sinking Foundation - Article By Trusted Saskatoon Contractors K & S Contracting

K & S Contracting specializes in foundation repair for homeowners across Saskatchewan. In addition, they also offer general contracting services to Saskatoon and the surrounding area. In their latest Trusted Saskatoon tip, K & S Contracting, Trusted Saskatoon General Contractors, and foundation specialists discuss steps you can take to fix a sinking foundation on your home.


A sinking foundation is a serious issue that can occur in homes located in Saskatchewan. It can lead to uneven floors, cracked walls, and other structural problems. If left unaddressed, a sinking foundation can cause significant damage to your home and even pose a safety risk to you and your family. Here are some steps you can take to fix a sinking foundation on your home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Identify the cause of the sinking foundation

The first step in fixing a sinking foundation is to identify the cause of the problem. This could be due to soil settlement, poor construction, or water damage. Hire a professional foundation repair contractor like K & S Contracting to inspect your home and determine the cause of the sinking foundation.

Determine the extent of the damage

Once the cause of the sinking foundation has been identified, the next step is to determine the extent of the damage. This will help you determine the best course of action to take. K & S Contracting will assess the foundation and provide you with a report outlining the extent of the damage.

Choose the right repair method

There are several methods that can be used to fix a sinking foundation, including underpinning, foundation piering, and slabjacking. The method chosen will depend on the extent of the damage, the type of foundation, and other factors. K & S Contracting will recommend the best repair method based on their assessment.

Repair the foundation

Once the repair method has been chosen, K & S will begin the repair process. This may involve excavating around the foundation, installing foundation piers or underpinning, or injecting polyurethane foam to lift the foundation. The repair process can take several days or even weeks depending on the extent of the damage.

Monitor the foundation

After the repair is complete, it is important to monitor the foundation to ensure that it remains stable. Regular inspections by K & S Contracting can help identify any potential problems early on and prevent further damage to your home.

In conclusion, a sinking foundation is a serious problem that requires prompt attention. By identifying the cause of the problem, determining the extent of the damage, choosing the right repair method, and monitoring the foundation, you can fix a sinking foundation and protect your home from further damage. Contact Steve with K & S Contracting today to ensure that the repair is done correctly and to prevent future issues.

Trusted Saskatoon Wheatland Fireplace Tips on Designing Outdoor Spaces & Outdoor Fireplaces

Your first step into the beautiful Wheatland Fireplace Saskatoon showroom will help you understand why Wheatland Fireplace has been given the Thumbs up by Trusted Saskatoon. Wheatland loves its customers and as a result, their customers love and TRUST them. In their latest outdoor living tip, they discuss designing spectacular outdoor spaces with outdoor fireplaces. 

Inspired: The Outdoor Room

Designing Spectacular Outdoor Spaces with Outdoor Fireplaces

Recent world events have revealed just how important outdoor rooms and living spaces are. Homeowners are also becoming much more sophisticated in terms of how they want their outdoor home environment to look and feel. This makes the outdoor fireplace a key element.

From a simple patio or covered terrace to a fully-equipped pool house, Wheatland has a fiery outdoor room fireplace solution for every outdoor concept.

The design options for fireplaces in outdoor living spaces are endless…

Divine | Create An Outdoor Oasis



  • Traditional burner with log set
  • Manual hi-lo flame control
  • Safety screen


  • Various traditional liners
  • Mirror back panel
  • Drain pan
  • Wrought iron grate



  1. Contemporary burner with Ice fireglass
  2. Manual hi-lo flame control
  3. Safety screen


  • Drain pan
  • Glass media

Divine Outdoor See Through | A New View



  • Traditional burner with logset
  • Manual hi-lo flame control
  • Wrought iron grate
  • Safety screen


  • Freestanding cool-touch enclosure (HSI units only)



  • Contemporary burner with Ice fire glass
  • Manual hi-lo flame control
  • Safety screen


  • Freestanding cool-touch enclosure (HSI units only)
  • Glass media

Mahana Outdoor | A Warm Breeze


The real added value of the Mahana outdoor fireplace is rooted in where we drew the inspiration for the name from – Mahana is Hawaiian for “warm breeze”.

Both sizes of the Mahana outdoor feature a quiet blower system designed to warm your outdoor room well beyond the capabilities of a standard outdoor fireplace.


Fire and wood don’t usually go together, but the Mahana outdoor room fireplace was designed in such a way that you can build into standard wood frame construction and finish with a variety of combustible facing materials.


While the full-width glass door protects the fireplace flame from winds up to 40mph, the Mahana’s mesh safety screen and cool-to-the-touch enclosure protect your friends and family from potential burns.

The Outdoor Room | New Possibilities

Homeowners are building increasingly elaborate outdoor rooms and living spaces that essentially become an extension of their home. They want more flexible fire feature options to bring their vision to life. Traditionally designated for indoor use only, many fireplace models are now approved for use in certain protected outdoor room fireplace applications.

Wheatland Fireplace, Kitchen & Bath are successful for a reason! This really is where your outdoor living and indoor fireplace, bathroom & kitchen dreams meet in spectacular surroundings! Wheatland services and installs high-quality fireplaces. Visit their website or stop by their showroom to feel the warmth and comfort of their amazing selection.

"Better Living Begins Here... At Wheatland, it is ALL ABOUT YOU!"

Wheatland Fireplace Kitchen & Bath is your Trusted Saskatoon Bathroom Store 


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