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Trusted SASKATOON PAINTING CONTRACTOR provides a Trusted Tip on what to expect from a Professional Painting Contractor

7 Things to Look for in a Quality House Paint Job
You often hear when you're told how to find the right painting contractor to ask about the quality of the contractor's work. The definition of quality can be somewhat subjective. Yet, there are definite parameters that define whether you received a quality house paint job or not. You should be familiar with these seven things before you hire a painting contractor.
Paint Quality Tip #1-Proper Protection from Paint
In most cases, a painting contractor isn't working with an empty house. If the painting contractor is going to be working inside your home, you want to be assured that your furniture and floors don't end up with paint all over them. You also don't want paint on light fixtures and doorknobs. You want paint to be where it belongs and nowhere else.
Paint Quality Tip #2-Proper Pre-Paint Preparation
A paint job will not last if proper pre-paint preparation techniques are not used. Things like silicone, wax, polish, grease and dirt will prevent the paint from adhering properly. Things might look okay for a short while, but when bad weather arrives, it becomes apparent that pre-paint preparation was sloppy. Before new paint can be applied, it's important that all dirt and grime, mold and mildew and chalking or peeling paint be removed. This is important whether the painting is in the interior of the home or on the exterior.
Paint Quality Tip #3-Caulking
You have the right to expect a painting contractor to caulk holes, window frames and other trim areas that typically require caulking. One of the goals of painting your home is to protect it from the environment. Caulking prevents water from seeping in behind trim and causing extensive damage. On the inside of the home, caulking eliminates the home many bugs would like to make behind your trim work or cabinets. Caulking is all part of doing a quality job both inside and out.
Paint Quality Tip #4-Clean Lines between Separate Paint Colors.
We've all seen painting jobs where the junction between the ceiling and the walls looks messy because color from the walls slopped up onto the ceiling. No professional should walk away from a paint job where the lines between ceiling and trim, or ceiling and wall aren't straight and clean.
Paint Quality Tip #5 - Neat Painting Around Windows, Doors and Trim.
A painter who does quality work spends time masking. You have the right to expect windows without paint on them. If you use a different color to frame the trim around your windows and doors, you have the right to expect that color to only appear on the trim. You should never have paint on doorknobs or hinges either. Only amateur painters fail to mask these typical door features. The same goes for light and electrical fixtures.
Paint Quality Tip #6 - No Drips
A professional never leaves a drip running down the wall. Any drips should be sanded down then retouched with another coat of paint.
Paint Quality Tip #7 - Even Coverage
The color of the paint should be consistent and even everywhere. You shouldn't see any evidence of a previous color showing through. If it takes three coats of paint in some areas to accomplish this goal, that's the responsibility of a professional painter. To ensure you're happy with the level of coverage, you want to inspect the paint job under bright light. Daylight is usually the best, but bright artificial lighting is also useful. If you can inspect the paint job under both conditions, it's a good idea before you pay that contractor.
Now that you know what to look for in a quality house paint job, you can use these tips as a checklist.....

Reed Security our Alarm & Security Sytems expert provides a TRUSTED TIP on Home Security Tips for the Holidays

Reed Security believes when you become a client you will be entering into a relationship – one they want to grow and become long term...they work hard to meet all your Alarm & security needs from day one!

Home Security Tips for the Holidays

1. Use Common Sense.

• If you lose a key, get the locks changed.

• Ask all strangers for identification.

• Never hide an extra key outdoors - especially underneath a mat or on top of a light fixture. This is the first place the bad guys look. Leave an extra house key with a friend or a neighbor.

2. Make it Difficult.

• Door chains are easy to bypass. Install deadbolts.

• Install a stopper or stick on all sliding doors and windows.

• Install window bars on all basement windows.

• Install exterior motion lights.

3. Break-in's Occur When You Are Away.

• Make sure all doors and windows are properly locked.

• Keep your premises well lit at night. Install timers that turn lights on at different times. This gives the appearance that someone is home.

• Test your alarm system regularly.

• Make sure your alarm is Armed when you leave.

• Consider installing by Reed Security.

• If you are travelling, have someone look after things such as collecting your mail and newspapers, cutting your lawn and shoveling your driveway.

• Advise our Rapid Response Monitoring Station you will be away.

Find Reed Security online at  or check out their listing here in the SASKATOON ALARM & SECURITY Category on THE Saskatoon directory of excellence. Virgil Reed and his team are YOUR Trusted security experts right here in Saskatoon!


Trusted Saskatoon Real Estate experts TRUSTED TIP on Avoiding Common Buyer Errors

A TRUSTED Saskatoon Real Estate TIP   

Avoid Common Buyer Errors

Shopping for a new home is an emotional experience. It is, however, also a business transaction, and must be treated as such. Three of the most devastating things that can go wrong are:

• Paying too much

• Losing a dream home to another buyer

• Buying the wrong home

When you have a systematic plan before you shop, you’ll be sure to avoid these costly errors. Here are some tips on making the most of your home purchase:

Get the information you need

What price do you offer a seller?Is the seller’s asking price too high? Is it a deal?Your own research is important, as is the assistance of a Realtor®. A professional Realtor® can offer an unbiased opinion on the value of a home, based on many factors and a great deal of information. Without knowledge of the market, your offer could be too much. Or worse, you could miss out on a great buying opportunity. Hire the right person and trust that person to represent your interests.

Buy YOUR home

What do you need and want in a home? Sounds simple, but clearly identifying your needs and bringing an objective view to home shopping leaves you in a much better position. How much space do you really need? Too small and you may feel like you live in constant clutter. Too big and maintenance may become too daunting. Outline all of your priorities, and work on finding not just a great home, but a great home for you.

Check the title

 Before you sign any document, be sure the property you are considering is free of all encumbrances. As a part of his or her services, a Realtor® can supply you with a copy of the title to ensure there are no liens, debts, undisclosed owners, leases or easements against the title.

Update the survey

Before the purchase is completed, an updated survey is essential. This report will indicate boundaries and structural changes (additions to the house, a new swimming pool, neighbor’s new fence which is extending a boundary line, etc.), and will guarantee that you are indeed getting what you pay for.

Minimize the unexpected

For $300 - $500, a professional inspector will conduct a thorough inspection of the home. Their expertise can mean the difference between uncovering major flaws before or after you own a home. Make the final contract subject to the report’s findings.

Get pre-approved

It only takes a few days to get financing pre-approval. When you are shopping for a home, this gives you more power. A seller is more likely to consider an offer from a serious buyer.

Remember additional costs

Besides the funds for the purchase of a home, you’ll need funds for items such as loan fees, insurance, legal fees, surveys, inspections, etc.

Take a deep breath

Before you sign, ensure that all documentation clearly reflects your understanding and conditions of the transaction.

Has anything been forgotten?

Don’t rush. You could lose money, financing, or even the sale if you attempt to push things through too hastily.

Check out Trusted Saskatoon Realtors  listings here in the SASKATOON REAL ESTATE Category on THE Saskatoon directory of excellence. 



Fitness Focus a Trusted Saskatoon Fitness & Gym Expert have a TRUSTED TIP on Physical Activity Levels..are you doing enough?

At Fitness Focus, the goal is to offer a fitness center with a welcoming; fun; and safe environment that all ages can enjoy. They are a forerunner in the fitness industry in Saskatoon . With the ever changing fitness demands of new and improved classes, training; and nutrition.

This Fitness Focus Trusted Tip is about Physical Activity Levels

Many Canadians believe they don't have enough time to exercise or eat healthy meals, the Heart and Stroke Foundation says.... A recent poll by The heart and Stroke Foundation reaveals some fairly predictable results about people's levels of physical activity. Read this article below , it might give you a different perspective about how you view your physical activity levels and how productively you spend your time; not necessarily in the gym, but staying physically healthy in general. Canadians have no time for healthy living

CBC News Posted: 

The Heart and Stroke Foundation says that finding time to eat healthily and be physically active is critical for Canadians because heart disease and stroke kills one in three Canadians and is the leading killer of women. (Andy Clark/Reuters)

Many Canadians believe they don't have enough time to exercise or eat healthy meals, the Heart and Stroke Foundation says. The charity commissioned an online survey released recentlythat suggests most Canadians know heart disease and stroke can be fought by making healthy choices. Yet almost half of the survey respondents said they don't have enough time to be active or eat healthier meals. Arul Myles Mylvaganam of Richmond Hill, Ont., was one of the Canadians who felt too busy to cook. The real estate agent used to eat most of his meals in his vehicle, starting with five cups of coffee a day with cream and sugar. Then five years ago, he felt severe pain in his chest and knew he had to get to a hospital. "I told her if you don't bring me now, you won't see me again," Mylvagadam recalled with his voice breaking. "If not for my wife, I don't think I'd be alive today." Heart patient Arul Myles Mylvaganam started eating better after feeling severe chest pain. CBC The survey pointed to a disconnect between what Canadians know they need to do to protect themselves from heart disease and stroke and what they're actually doing, said Dr. Beth Abramson, a cardiologist and a spokesperson with the foundation. Nearly half of respondents in the online survey of 2,160 Canadian adults conducted in October used time as an excuse for being unhealthy: 44% of respondents said they had no time for regular physical activity. 41% said healthy meals take too long to prepare. More than half (51%) said fast food outlets don't have enough healthy choices. And almost a third (31%) said the time they would like to spend being active they instead spend commuting. The Heart and Stroke Foundation says that finding time is critical for Canadians because heart disease and stroke kills one in three Canadians and is the leading killer of women.

The foundation urges less TV The foundation says that Canadians who believe there isn't enough time to live healthy are wrong. While acknowledging the time crunch in people's lives, a foundation news release notes that Statistics Canada has said 29 per cent of Canadians over 20 spend two hours a day or more watching television, and 15 per cent spend at least 1.5 hours a day of their leisure time on computers. P.O.V. Would you give up TV time for exercise?

"We're exercising our brains and our thumbs in today's society, but we need to be exercising our bodies and we need to have that balance in terms of screen time, as they say, and getting out there and being active," Abramson said. Canadians can improve their health and extend their lives by getting 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise weekly, Abramson said, noting that that the exercise can be done in 10-minute increments. The charity said Canadians' ability to afford healthy food is a real problem, however. It argues that government, industry or non-governmental organizations need to help low-income Canadians get access to healthy food choices, make fruits and vegetables more affordable, and provide more stores with healthy food options. The foundation recently launched a new campaign called Make Death Wait that is encouraging people to log one million healthy actions on its website by the end of February 2012. "We can reduce heart disease and stroke by up to 40 per cent by making lifestyle changes," Abramson said. "What seems to be a very small, small intervention in your very busy day can actually have a significant impact in your risk for heart and stroke [disease]." For Mylvaganam, the heart attack was a wake-up call. Since then, he said he makes time to eat better.

Find Fitness Focus Health & Athletic Centre at 1250 Ontario Avenue, or check out their listing here in the Saskatoon Fitness & Gyms Category on THE Saskatoon directory of excellence. They are YOUR Trusted experts right here in Saskatoon!



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