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Trusted Tips & Resources

The SHERATON a Trusted Saskatoon Hotel share a tip on their FREE SASKATOON EXPERIENCE PASS when you book your stay!


The Sheraton is a TRUSTED SASKATOON HOTEL, and they are truly care about customer Service.

Here they share a tip on their FREE 2014 Saskatoon Experience Pass when you book your stay!

Experience everything Saskatoon has to offer when you book your free Saskatoon Experience Pass! When you book your next stay with us at the Sheraton  request the Saskatoon Experience Pass at the time of your booking and receive one pass, per room for each night of your stay.. * This pass is only for transient leisure guests and is not available for other negotiated rates. Only available until August 31st, 2014.

Saskatoon is jam packed with fun and exciting things to do this summer, including attractions, festivals and events! From now until August 31st when you book your room at the Sheraton, make sure to get your Saskatoon Experience Pass and choose from one of the many exciting events, festivals or attractions in our great city

With more than 20 great offers - ranging from festival tickets, to attraction passes, to shopping gift cards and more - it is sure to add to your enjoyment of Saskatoon this summer.

To take advantage of this promotional program:

1) You must request the pass while booking your hotel stay

2) Upon check-in at the hotel, receive one pass for every night you stay.

3) Take the pass to your chosen event, attraction or shopping centre. Please note that this offer is only valid on individual room bookings and is not available for large group or corporate bookings, long-term stays or multiple rooms at a time that are not considered a 'leisure' stay.

2014 Summer Experience Pass Offers:


- A Taste of Saskatchewan (July 15-20) 8 food and refreshment tokens. Value $20

- Auto Clearing Motor Speedway (regular race dates excluding NASCAR race) 1 family/group pass for 4 people. Value $54

- FolkFest (Aug 14-16) 2 FolkFest passports. Value $30

- John Arcand Fiddle Fest (Aug 7-10) 1 day pass (not exchangeable for a weekend pass). Value $25

- PotashCorp Fireworks Festival (Aug 29-30) Sparkler Social Pass for 2 people (event held Sat. Aug 30 at the Remai Arts Centre) Value $150

- Saskatoon Blitz: Comic and "Geek" Culture Convention (July 26-27) 1 Sunday event pass. Not valid for family pass or weekend pass. Value $30

- Saskatoon EX (Aug 5-10) 2 adult general admission passes. Value $30

- Saskatoon Reggae and World Music Festival (July 12) 2 general admission passes. (Kids under 12 are free) Value $40

- SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival (June 20-29) $30 off any ticket for the TD Mainstage (Bessborough Gardens) or Broadway Theatre performance. Value $30

- Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Festival (July 9-Aug 24) 1 adult ticket to a mainstage performance. Value $34

- SIGA Dakota Dunes Open Presented by SaskTel - PGA Tour Canada (July 3-6) 1 four-day tournament pass, plus Dakota Dunes Casino Play Vouchers. Value $80

- Walking with Dinosaurs at Credit Union Centre (Oct 1-5) 2 tickets to any performance. Value $80


- Batoche National Historical Site 1 family/group pass (up to seven people, with a maximum of two adults), including shuttle tour and $15 ‘Batoche Bucks' to be used for a program or gift shop. Value $35

- CanoeSki Discovery Company 1-hour guided canoe tour for 1 adult, includes canoe, safety equipment and guide. Value $75 (A cost of $60 for each additional adult to join the guided canoe tour. Call for special family rates.)

- Moon Lake Golf and Country Club 1 green fee. Valid Monday-Friday anytime; Saturday, Sunday and Stat holidays after 1:30 p.m. Call 306.382.5500 to book. Value $60

- Saskatoon Farmers' Market Lunch or brunch for two people (choice of restaurant: The Garlic Guru, Riverbend Plantation Café, or Wild Cuisine) Value $20

- Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo 1 family pass (defined as a group of up to seven individuals related by birth, legal status or marriage, with a max. of two adults) Value $21

- The Prairie Lily 1 adult cruise pass. Not valid for dinner or brunch cruises. Value $22

- TCU Place $30 off any theatre show ticket purchased (limit one per pass). Value $30

- Wanuskewin Heritage Park 1 family pass and a $15 restaurant gift card. Value $40

- Western Development Museum 1 family pass (dependent children under 18 years). Not valid at special events. Value $20 SHOPPING

- Saskatchewan Craft Council / SCC Fine Craft Boutique $30 gift certificate, redeemable at the time of purchase from the SCC Fine Craft Boutique located in the Affinity Gallery.Not redeemable for cash. No refunds of exchanges. Value $30 This special offer is only available until August 31, 2014.

Conditions apply and offers are subject to availability.








Trusted Saskatoon Veterinary Expert share a Trusted Tip on grooming your pets

Here our Vet Experts share a tip on grooming your pets: 


Regular brushing, bathing, and nail care are essential. Protect your puppy's eyes and ears when bathing, and don't allow the puppy to become chilled after bathing. Your veterinarian may recommend that you do not bathe your puppy when it is younger than 10 to 12 weeks unless absolutely necessary (especially if your puppy is one of the smaller breeds).


Regular nail care is important to a healthy canine.


Cats do a good job of grooming themselves, but regular brushing to prevent matting of hair is important. Cats rarely need a bath, but one can be given if necessary. Cats object to bathing in slippery tubs, so give your kitten something to cling to, such as a wood platform or a wire screen. Use a shampoo designed for cats and kittens, as some dog shampoos may be irritating.

Place cotton balls in the kitten's ears to keep out water and use an ophthalmic ointment (obtain one that is safe for kittens from your veterinarian) in its eyes to prevent burning from shampoo. Towel dry the kitten completely and gently comb out any mats. Kittens' teeth should be carefully brushed on a regular basis. Your veterinarian can provide you with an appropriate toothbrush, dentifrice, and instruction on how to perform this task so that your kitten learns to accept this as part of its daily care. 

Regular brushing your cat will help prevent the matting of hair.

Trusted Saskatoon Interior Design Experts share some tips using marble in your home

Using marble in your home:

Marble is a natural stone (metamorphic) and is known as an exotic and luxurious aesthetic. It is a commonly used material in residential application. The natural characteristics make it a better product for certain locations over others and the most important characteristic to be aware of is that marble is relatively soft and porous.

Great uses for marble are: light use flooring, bathrooms, back splashes and feature walls. Because of it's characteristics it is not commonly used for kitchen counter tops. Marble is a timeless look and comes in an array of species, with the intensity of veining varying. Using marble as a mosaic is great because you get the beautiful look of stone but it comes in many different patterns! Traditionally marble is a classic look but with the use of unique mosaic patterns it can offer a more contemporary look.


Trusted Saskatoon Veterinary Expert share a Trusted Tip on seasonal care for your pets

Here our Vet Experts share a tip on seasonal care for your pets:

Heat Stroke
Heatstroke may kill or seriously injure your pet - but it can easily be avoided. Never leave pets in cars on warm days; exercise during the cool part of the day; look for rapid breathing;loud panting; or staggering. Professional help may be needed, but in the meantime quickly get the animal to a shady ventilated area, and sponge off with cool water.  

Flea Season
As a loving pet owner, you'd do anything to prevent your cat or dog from suffering. After all, they're part of the family. Yet every year when flea season begins, the suffering sets in. It's like an old broken record. Fleas bite, and the scratching and chewing starts again. It's a painful and irritating routine for you and your pet. But that's just the beginning. Adult fleas jump on your cat or dog. They bite them to feed on the blood. Then the fleas produce eggs. Eggs drop from your pet to the ground or carpet. The eggs develop over time into adult fleas. And the cycle starts all over again.

An Invisible Threat
The adult fleas on your pet can actually cause serious medical problems -- like flea allergy dermatitis or tapeworms, and in some extreme cases, anemia. Flea-related diseases account for more than 50 percent of dermatologic cases presented to veterinarians and more then 35 percent of the total small animal veterinary effort.

When to Start Treating?
Ideally, flea control should begin as flea prevention -- before flea season starts. Depending on which part of the country you live in, your flea season can last for four months or it can be a year-long problem.

Where to Turn?
If you are in the midst of flea season and still have problems with fleas, do not despair. Your veterinarian is a flea expert and can advise you on the latest new products that kill adult fleas, eggs, and larvae, and that take care of fleas in your environment. They will base their recommendation on your regional weather conditions (high humidity and heat means more fleas on the way), your pet's health and level of flea infestation.

Pets and Fireworks Don't Mix
The sound of fireworks can terrify your animal. It may run away, perhaps into traffic. A pet's ears are more sensitive than ours. Explosive noises may damage your pet's hearing, or the pet may be injured by a falling firecracker. Remember, pets and fireworks don't mix.  

Dont Let Your Pet Go Back to School
When the school bell rings, don't let your pet go back to school. Many dogs and cats will naturally follow kids--or will be encouraged to tag along. Many become lost, injured, or cause a nuisance around the school yard. Keep your pet confined when children leave for school. If you drive, don't take the pets with you. Animals learn quickly and may find their own way to school later on. Brief separations during the days just before the new school year will help those children and pets that are especially close. And if your pet is missing, call the school first.

Holiday Safety For Cats
The holiday season is a time for celebration, but can also be a time of trouble for your family cat! For example, mistletoe and artificial snow are poisonous; Christmas ornament fragments can perforate the stomach; string, ribbon, and tinsel if swallowed may cause painful intestinal problems; frayed light cords cause shock or burns. Don't spoil your holiday with a medical emergency. As the winter months and holidays approach, you need to take time to ensure that your pets enjoy a happy, healthy holiday season.  

It is best to keep pets indoors during the winter months, but if this is not possible, outdoor pets must be provided with shelter. Their home should be elevated off the ground to prevent moisture accumulation and have a door of some kind to keep out winter winds, sleet, and snow. Shelters should be insulated or heated. Water sources may be heated to permit constant access to unfrozen water; thermal units designed specifically for this purpose are readily available. Outdoor pets require extra calories to keep warm, so feed your pet according to its needs when the temperature drops. In severely cold or inclement weather, no pet should be kept outside. Indoor pets should have sleeping quarters in a draft-free, warm area with their bed or mattress elevated slightly off the floor.

Roaming Cats
Roaming cats, as well as house pets and wildlife, may climb onto vehicle engines for warmth during cold weather. Be sure to check under the hood before starting your vehicle and honk the horn to startle any animals seeking shelter inside.

Frostbite & Snow Removal Salt
Snow and salt should be removed from your pets paws immediately. Frostbitten skin is red or gray and may slough. Apply warm, moist towels to thaw out frostbitten areas slowly until the skin appears flushed. Contact your veterinarian as soon as possible for further care. Snow removal products should be stored out of the reach of pets and small children as their toxicity varies considerably.

Toxic Plants & Holiday/Winter Product
Plants and other items associated with the winter and holiday season can be toxic to your pets. What follows is a general guide. Please consult your veterinarian, animal poison control, and the manufacturer for specifics. Remember, the earlier you seek treatment, the better for your pet!  

Low toxicity
Poinsettia leaves/stems; balsam/pine/cedar/fir; angel hair (spun glass); Christmas tree preservatives; snow sprays/snow flock; tree ornaments; super glue; styrofoam; icicles (tinsel); and crayons/paints.

Moderate toxicity
Fireplace colors/salts; plastic model cement Moderate to high toxicity holly berries and leaves; bubbling lights (methylene chloride); snow scenes (may contain salmonella); aftershaves/perfumes/alcoholic beverages; and chocolate (dark is more toxic than milk).

Highly toxic
Mistletoe (especially berries); expoxy adhesives; and antifreeze. Please note that some items have special problems. For example, whereas angel hair is usually considered to be of low toxicity, it can irritate eyes, skin, and the gastrointestinal tract; the content of Christmas tree preservatives varies and often effects depend upon the amount ingested; styrofoam, small parts from Christmas tree ornaments and toys, as well as tinsel, can cause mechanical obstructions in the gastrointestinal tract; snow flock can cause problems if sprayed into the mouth and inhaled; and chocolate, of any type, should never be given to a pet. Antifreeze deserves special mention because even a very small amount can be rapidly fatal to pets.

Other Holiday Concerns
If you plan to take your pet with you during holiday visits, make sure that your pet is welcome first (with all the activity, it may be better to board your pet or hire a pet sitter). Holiday treats, such as rich, fatty food scraps, bones from fish, pork, and poultry, alcoholic beverages, and chocolate, can be harmful or toxic to pets. Do not allow friends and relatives to give your pet special treats it could ruin everyone's holiday (including your veterinarian's). Do not allow pets to play with ribbons, yarn, or six-pack beverage holders and don't put ribbons or yarn around your pet's neck. If you want to decorate your pet, invest in a holiday collar. These last for many years, are more attractive, and are a lot safer! Cover or tack down electrical cords. 

Trusted Saskatoon Interior Design Experts share some tips on how to have an interesting ceiling

 How to have an amazing ceiling:  

 Look up...

The ceiling is a plane that often gets overlooked.  We have our favorite ways to add interest up, all the way up. Here are 5 of many ways to do this…

1. Shapely bulkhead- This is a great way to feature lighting, the jewelery of your home.

2. Moldings- Create a shape (as simple as a rectangle) with moldings to differentiate colours or textures.

3. Wallpaper- Use this in combination with bulkheads or trim to pack a powerful punch.

4. Wood- A sure way to add the warmth you are looking for to your space.

5. Coffered ceiling- A more traditional look that dates back to the second century in ancient Rome and still a hot design used today.

Wake up to more than a white stippled ceiling and get help from a design professional today!



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