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Trusted Saskatoon nail expert has a Tip for beautiful Gel nails and some French Manicure ideas!

Rene shares another trusted tip on Gel Nails Saskatoon!

Cool variations on the classic French manicure

At one time or another most Women will have had a French manicure ....but if you prefer to cause a bit of a stir here are some edgy options to consider! 

The Sideways stripe :



To pull it off at home follow the same steps as you would a regular French manicure (personally, I like good ol' fashioned Scotch tape to create a straight line) but paint the inner sides of each nail, instead of the tips, once your base coat is dry. This nail art idea is all about experimenting with color. Personally, I love sweet pinks, purples, blues under darker jewel colors and black, as seen above.


Blingy platinum French nails for the newly engaged:



This is a pic of Jessica Biels nails - They're shiny on the tips and matte down below. Isn't this a cool take on contrast nail tips? And for you flashier types, what a fun way to accent a newly acquired engagement ring! (Vs. the nude manicures many new fiancees choose.)

Go Dark

Instead of Pink nails and white tips change it up for something unexpected - a client recently came in with the picture below on her iphone that she had seen on Pintrest - I LOVE IT!!

So I took the idea and instead of matt on shiny black , I instead did dark grey nails and black is the end result below, i think you will agree that they are GREAT fall / Winter nails !  


Find Rene at by contacting Trusted here -  ( .you will be glad you did...)


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Trusted Saskatoon kitchen cabinet expert share a Tip on Kitchen design

TRUSTED SASKATOON RENOVATION EXPERTS and are waiting to help you with all your home renovation projects.


Tips on the Positioning of Kitchen Cabinets

With the wide array of modern kitchen cabinet designs, homeowners can easily choose models that complement and enhance their lifestyles. Picking out the style and color of your kitchen cabinets is easy. But it can be a little more difficult to decide the best way to arrange your cabinets. When positioning kitchen cabinets, it's best to balance functional workspace while keeping an eye on design. In addition to traditional kitchen cabinets, specialty items, such as wine racks, foldout pantry cabinets and slide-out drawers, allow homeowners to combine good looks with functionality. Here are a few home improvement tips to consider when laying out your kitchen design and cabinet positions.


Positioning Kitchen Cabinets:

Envision a work triangle. You may be using your kitchen design to decide where cabinets should go, but you may also want to consider how people will be moving throughout the kitchen. When positioning kitchen cabinets, keep in mind the distance between different appliances and elements used in food preparation. You want your kitchen remodeling to improve function. Map out a "work triangle" formed by lines connecting the sink, the range and the refrigerator. To minimize excess walking, this triangle should be as small as possible while still being practical. Kitchen-cabinet positioning should accommodate and enhance the work triangle. For example, placing a lower cabinet next to the open-door side of the refrigerator will make it simple to take food items out of the fridge and set them on the counter. Separating the three elements of the work triangle by lower cabinets also allows the cook to remove hot items from the stove and place them on the countertop, and provides counter access near the sink for dirty dishes. In addition, an upper cabinet set above the dishwasher simplifies the task of putting away clean dishes.


Consider standard kitchen cabinet sizes.

Standard cabinet size is a factor when determining how to arrange your kitchen cabinets. The standard height of a base cabinet is 34.5 inches. After allowing approximately 0.5 inches for the thickness of a countertop, the finished counter height is approximately 35 inches. Lower base-cabinets are typically 24 inches deep. When positioning base cabinets, consider the remaining walking space in front of each unit. Leaving at least 4 feet of open floor space in front of cabinet doors, drawers and the stove will give the cook room to move with ease. Upper kitchen cabinets are only 12 inches deep, and they vary in height from 30 inches to as small as 12 inches to accommodate placement over a range or microwave. Both upper and lower kitchen cabinets offer large corner units, sometimes with installed "Lazy Susan" rotating shelves, to lessen the need to reach into far corners of the cabinets.


Focus on kitchen design.

While function is important, you want your kitchen to look stylish as well. Utilize symmetrical appeal by positioning upper cabinets of similar size on either side of your sink and range, if space permits. Place a tall, pantry-type cabinet next to the refrigerator to camouflage the side closest to your living area. Consider installing a base cabinet or an island cabinet with an attached eating bar on the backside to provide an attractive eating space without taking up lots of floor space in a small kitchen.


Find Saskatoon Woodworks on the Saskatoon Directory- they are Trusted Saskatoon Renovation & Design Experts!


TRUSTED SASKATOON USED AUTO DEALER share a Trusted Tip on Buying a used vehicle Auto tips

What is next now that you have found a car that interests you?

The first and cheapest thing is to do is to take the car for a test drive. Most people have a general idea of how a car should behave. If something feels or sounds wrong to you, this is usually a good indication that you should walk away. If the vehicle seems fine, take down the VIN (vehicle identification number) that you will find at the bottom of the windshield or in the door jam.

What can I do with the VIN number?

With this number in hand, you can get the vehicle history by visiting . This will give you a good indication about any claims that have been made on this vehicle. If the above-mentioned avenue doesn't work out, a VIN history search can be done at Carfax for $150.00. At this point, you should have an excellent idea of what the car you are interested in is worth. You can therefore negotiate yourself a price with the seller. As best as you can, try and have basic arguments as to why the price might be too high: visual damage on the car, higher than average mileage (based on your research), condition of tires or interior.

What's the biggest mistake buyers make?

When you find a vehicle you like, and it drives nice, and the price is good, and you like the dealer, Then you should buy it. To many times people think they just wanna think about it, and they leave the lot, just to let another buyer come along a swoops it up. I don't know why, but that's the way it happens. A vehicle can sit for months on the lot, but as soon as one person is interested in it, you can count on at least 2 - 3 more people making a call or stopping in to see it!

Check out your saskatoon Trusted auto dealers here out here in TRUSTED SASKATOON AUTO DEALERS ..


Trusted Guarantees they are different to those ' stereo typical used car dealers' know the ones we are talking about!



Trusted Saskatoon Mortgage Brokers shares a great Mortgage tip

What To Do With Your Mortgage When You’re Selling

Unless you own your home outright, you'll need to discharge your current mortgage when you move. Usually, you'll have 3 options.

OPTION 1: Pay Off Your Mortgage

This can be a good choice if:

• • You have a 'fully open' mortgage with no prepayment charges

• • Your remaining balance is small

• • You're not planning to buy again

• • Current mortgage rates offer you no financial advantages

This may not be a good choice if:

• • You have a 'closed' mortgage, where charges apply for paying it off

OPTION 2: Take Your Mortgage With You When You Move

• • Take your existing mortgage with you when you buy a new home; if you like, you can increase your loan amount and blend your existing rate with the current market rate for the new funds

OPTION 3: Allow Your Buyer to Assume Your Existing Mortgage

This may be a good option if:

• • You took out your current mortgage when interest rates were much lower (often attractive to buyers)

• • You're buying a smaller property and still have several years remaining on your term (could help you get rid of your mortgage without prepayment charges).  

Trusted Saskatoon Mortgage Broker shares a Tip on Mortgage Brokers vs Banks





Do you know the difference between using a mortgage broker and a bank to obtain your mortgage?

A Saskatoon mortgage broker is independent and works with many lenders to find the right product and rate for the client. The mortgage broker’s loyalty is to their client. We do not get paid unless we can fund the deal for our client. A bank is one lender with a set of products that is accessed by the mortgage broker or the client directly. Banks provide a set of products and rates which the mortgage broker will compare to other lenders to determine if it is the best product and best rate for their client.

One of the reasons mortgage brokers get discounted rates from the banks is that there is no overhead associated with us. The only payment we receive is if we fund the deal with them. A mortgage broker provides an unbiased opinion on your financial options. The bank on the other hand is responsible to its shareholders.







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