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Trusted Saskatoon Natural Health Expert shares a tip on healthy shots!

 Trusted shares a tip on  HAPPY PLANET SHOTS!


Happy Planet is a Canadian company, established in Vancouver in 1994. They are leaders in natural and organic foods, and recently introduced a line of all natural vitamin/mineral supplements, in ...the form of “shots”.

At 40 calories each and sweetened with nothing but all-natural fruit juice, the four nutrient supplements, in Energy+, Immunity, Detox and Glow, are made for different occasions in which an extra concentrated dose of nutrients is needed.

Energy+ Contains Cha de Bugre, an all natural South American stimulant, as well as Ginkgo Biloba, which increases blood and oxygen levels to the brain, giving you and instant and lasting energy boost!

Immunity These shots are meant to be a “defense mechanism” to boost your immune system. They contain Fucoidan, an algae that is known to prevent cold and flu, as well as Echinacea, which has long been praised as an immune enhancer.

Detox is meant to be drunk as a hangover tonic. Boosting with Burdock, an allover cleasner and Milk Thistle, a liver detoxifier and kidney protector, it’s a great way to bounce back after a night of bad choices.

Glow is a shot specifically designed to enhance your skin, providing a shot of antioxidants, and ingredients known to be anti-agers including the skin restoring Sea Buckthorn Berry and CoEnzyme Q-10.

Trusted Saskatoon Caterer and wedding cake expert Nicola from PickNics shares a great Video tip

What's the difference betweewn good food and absolutely incredible dining? Fresh, quality ingredients, generous portions, imagination and creativity! From a simple catered lunch with gourmet sandwiches, to a Picknic Box for 2 for a romantic evening in, to a fabulously catered wedding or event, let Picknic's Catering and Fine Foods create something special for you!


PickNics Catering are known for their wedding cakes.

Here Nicola shares some ideas and some trends with us.




Find PickNic's Catering and Fine Foods at 210 33rd Street West or online here- or go to their listing in Saskatoon Catering & Bakeries to read all of the wonderful things her clients had to say about PickNics


SASKATOON APPLIANCE EXPERTS share a Tip on Urnex Brands DEZCAL descaling powder on the SASKATOON DIRECTORY


Here they provide a Trusted Tip  on Descaling and provided us with a youtube video...enjoy!

“ We've been getting a lot of calls about descaling a Tassimo lately. While we do not sell the Tassimo machines, we do sell the Urnex Brands DEZCAL descaling powder which is the same thing as the pucks in this video, just in a different form.” 



Trusted Saskatoon Massage Experts Give Us Great Tips on Massage Therapy


Here we provide a Trusted tip on Massage Therapy: 

How can Massage Therapy help you?
General massage can help lower stress levels and blood pressure by influencing the calming aspect of the nervous system. It also stimulates blood circulation, allowing the built up cellular waste products that initiate the pain response to be cleaned out with fresh oxygenated blood.

Specific therapeutic massage can increase joint range of motion and improve postural imbalance by lengthening muscles that have been shortened from scar tissue (when a tear in the muscle is repaired with a non-elastic tissue unlike the fibre itself) from acute or repetitive strain injuries, along with all the benefits of general massage.
What types of injuries and conditions do you treat?
Sports injuries like muscle strains and ligament sprains, frozen shoulder, low back pain, neck and shoulder pain/tension, numbness/tingling in extremities (most that are impingement related, not neural disorders), carpal tunnel syndrome, MS muscle/nerve pain, radiating pain, headaches, TMJ disorder, shin splints, and sciatica are a few examples of what conditions will benefit from massage therapy.
Is Massage Therapy always appropriate?
There are a few conditions for which certain types of massage therapy is not indicated as a beneficial treatment, most are related to systemic diseases such as cancer, blood clots, and viral or bacterial infection. As the increase of circulation from the massage can risk further spreading of the disease or infection. Your therapist is trained to know when massage is appropriate for most afflictions, however if you do suffer from systemic disease (cardiac, lymphatic, or nervous) please talk to your doctor for their recommendations.
Is Massage Therapy safe during pregnancy?
Not only is it safe, it is recommended!* Massage Therapy can help Mom's body adjust to the fast dramatic changes in the early stages and then relieve discomfort in the lower back and hips from the extra weight bearing in the later months. As well as helping to decrease the swelling of the extremities if necessary.
*In normal pregnancy, and only by a Registered Massage Therapist.

What should I expect during the first Massage Therapy visit?
There will be a few pages of paperwork to fill out that include an Informed Consent that you will read and sign stating you give the Therapist permission to provide you with massage therapy. Then a couple pages of health history for the Therapist to ensure it is safe to treat you based on any of the conditions listed.
The Therapist will then go over the finer details of the history form to gain insight into what your main issue is you are seeking treatment for. They will then conduct an assessment that could include any active, passive, resisted range of motion, as well as special testing to determine what muscles need to be addressed in the session for the individual's best results.
They will instruct you how to get on the table, then step out for you to do so while they sanitize their hands. They will return and begin the session with some gentle body rocking techniques to get the client accustomed to their touch, and then proceed with discreet sheet draping techniques to access the areas of the body that are being worked on.
The session will end with the client being completely covered once again and more gentle rocking to re-integrate full body awareness and conclude the treatment. They will step out for you to get off the table, return to inform you of any other issues they noted during the session. They will also demonstrate stretches or strengthening exercises to help you maintain your progress, other home care such as the use of hot/cold modalities and give you their recommended treatment plan.
What should I wear during the massage?
The standard is the client will dress down to their underwear and then get underneath the sheet and blanket provided. However, if the client is not comfortable with this, we recommend bringing a bathing suit (for women) or loose shorts (for men along with a sports bra for women).
What should I do during the massage?
Our Therapists encourage you to rest as much as possible during the session. Don't feel obligated to make conversation, you are not there to entertain them! However if conversation is what enables you to relax, you're more than welcome to strike it up. The only other thing we encourage is that the you let us do as much of the work as possible, let them lift your limbs and position them as they need to. This allows for a deeper sense of relaxation for you, and actually makes their job of draping easier.
After my massage therapy treatment, is there anything I need to have on hand or specific I should do?
It is recommended that you try to drink at least 3-4 cups of water post treatment to help eliminate the cellular waste products released from the muscles during the massage. As well as some hydrotherapy such as soaking in a warm epsom salts bath for 10-20 min for further the detoxing and increased relaxation. Your Therapist may also suggest the use of an ice pack over a specific area that was treated to decrease any inflammation.


Do I need a Doctor's referral for Massage Therapy?

Only if you are suffering from a systemic disease that may be contraindicated to receive massage therapy, or if your extended health care benefits require it before they will grant you coverage.

Do you do direct billing?

No we do not. The treatment will have to be paid for up front, then we will give you a receipt to submit to your insurance company.

Does your clinic accept auto accident insurance?

At present we do not have any therapists with the association that is recognized by SGI. Does my extended medical plan cover your treatments? As we have only Registered Massage Therapists, yes we are recognized by extended health care plan coverage.

see the listing on the Saskatoon Directory under Health & wellness if you would like more information on TRUSTED SASKATOON MASSAGE EXPERTS  contact us !


Trusted Saskatoon Photography Expert Shares Some Tips on Family Photos


I look horrible, don’t take my photo! | Saskatoon Family Photography:


Most of us, primarily us mom's I suspect, have all said it before or something close to it as an objection to getting into the photo. Guess what? Our kids and family members don’t care what we look like. They see and love us for who we are, not what we look like. We don't need to be perfect. And if you are waiting for everything to be perfect enough it may never happen.....and it is very important that you are in the family photos. So, this spring and summer when among family and friends, stop fretting about what you look like, put a smile on, feel the love in your heart (which will make you look amazing) and get in that photo! When you look back at family images later you will be happy that you did. (and If you need to hire a professional photographer to come on over and capture some of your family love!)


Find a Trusted Saskatoon Photographer….entrust your memories to a pro!


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