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Trusted Tips & Resources

Trusted Saskatoon furnace and duct cleaners share another reason to call them!

Caliber - Furnace, Duct cleaning 

Caliber Air Repair:

  • Clear out those Dust Mites and Allergens
  • Reduce the irritation of asthma
  • Remove Debris from Renovations
  • Breathe Better after the cleaning! Disinfect and “Refresh” your air.
  • Spend less on filters, increase the efficiency of your furnace, less repairs of your furnace.

Caliber Air repair Trusted Saskatoon Furnace & Duct cleaning and Saskatoon Auto Detailing professionals

Clean air with an 'all-inclusive' attitude!

Have you recently travelled somewhere hot and 'beachy'?

Whether you had the opportunity or not to get down to Mexico or somewhere else warm this travel season, we wanted to remind you that you can have that 'all-inclusive' feel right in your very own home...
Okay... we don't bring the sandy beach and bikinis with us but we do have a unique approach to furnace and duct cleaning.

Many other duct cleaning companies tend to surprise their customers with expensive add-ons and hidden charges that weren't part of the previous conversation.

When you book with Caliber, the price is determined by the information you provide and what promotions we are offering. When our team arrives for the cleaning, pricing doesn’t change unless YOU decide to add on additional services that may add significant value to your home’s indoor air quality.

*Remember…if it’s too good to be true…it probably is! Always look at the fine print and if the company you have called can’t provide honest answers to their pricing and procedures then move on to the next. Call Caliber Air Repair! 306-384-1375

When you choose Caliber for your furnace and duct cleaning needs, you choose peace of mind. Our pricing allows you to budget for the service and save money, knowing that the cost discussed up front is exactly what you’ll spend. 

For more information and bookings, give us a call at the office or visit our website at

Thanks for reading!

The Caliber Clean Team


Why Choose A Trusted Company?

Caliber is a member of 


1.     Provide the service and quality promised.

2.     Complete the job on time.

3.     Charge the price quoted with NO surprises.

4.     Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs.

5.     Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind.


Caliber Air repair Trusted Saskatoon Furnace & Duct cleaning and Saskatoon Auto Detailing professionals


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Referrals & Testimonials

Everyone knows that the best way to grow a business is through word of mouth.
Honestly, we can't thank you enough for your business, and it's like Christmas when you recommend us to your friends and family!
Please keep us in mind for others that you may know.
You can do us another solid by going writing Caliber an awesome google review.
Every bit helps, and we appreciate it.


A Bit More On Caliber

In business for 9 years, building a great relationship with Saskatoon and the surrounding areas. We aim to please, no matter the size or price of each job. We earn our spot through referrals, hard work and great customer service. As part of the DCN (Duct Cleaner's Network) we pledge to display professional conduct, pursue only ethical practices, avoid statements that may be misleading or deceptive to customers, describe accurately and honestly the price, procedures and standards of workmanship, and to promote high health and safety standards for customers and employees.
Caliber is the winner of the 2016 Consumer Choice Award for best furnace and duct cleaning service for Saskatoon and surrounding areas and has been nominated as a finalist 3 times for the NSBA Business Builder Awards.

Trusted Saskatoon concrete expert tip on Paving Stones vs Stamped Concrete


Paving Stones Vs Stamped Concrete, Pro’s and Con’s.

Before I get into a bit more about the differences between “Concrete vs. Pavers”, we should mention the difference between “Concrete Contractors” and “Landscape Contractors”.

Contractors for either of the above-mentioned products could be described as experienced long-term contractors, with lots of equipment and experienced staff, versus someone new breaking into the business, perhaps undercapitalized and with limited experience. Methods employed by these two installation crews can vary greatly. This affects the pricing and quality of the project.

Ground Preparation – excavation depth, tamping pressure and tools used, rebar (rebar size and spacing for concrete are crucial)

Pavers/Concrete – There are 3 types of Pavers and numerous qualities of Concrete

Concrete Pressure Relief Joints – Depth of cuts and experience dictates where cuts should be.

Concrete Sealers – There are many more sealers on the market now. Silicate Based, Acrylic, and water based densifiers are common with some contractors. Prairie Concrete in Saskatoon is a good source for your information on Sealers.

I believe that most Canadian suppliers are selling “Concrete Pavers”, although there are “Brick Pavers”, mostly shipped from the USA. Both pavers are cast under heat, making them strong. The brick pavers are made from clay and shale. They are a little more prone to efflorescence, typically brick pavers are available mostly in red or reddish brown earthy tones while concrete pavers come in a variety of colours.

Concrete purchased by reputable companies is normally a minimum 30mpa, or Dura mix. Dura mix is a standard trademark used by Saskatchewan Redi-mix plants, meeting a minimum standard used in our freeze thaw climates. With the addition of colours to mixes, sometimes the mix design in your concrete may be optimized or modified slightly.


There is no doubt in my mind that properly maintained concrete driveway or patio can stand up very well. Notwithstanding, a concrete slab, in high water table area, high clay saturation in a freeze thaw climate will have movement and crack. But the concrete slab will stay flat, and if the rebar was positioned and lifted, and the concrete was of a good quality and maintained through the use of sealers and rinsing off the road-salts in spring, it will wear very well.

The biggest complaint with paving stones seems to be ground movement. Once the pavers start to move and separate they sink, and gaps occur. My understanding is that most Paving Stone companies have maintenance or are willing to re-lift the pavers. I believe most of them do offer a warranty for this service. (usually for 1 year) Paving stones are a very hard product and stand up well to salt without the use of sealers. A good size paving stone driveway may take a week or longer to install. It would be costly to be forced to continually pay and have them come and level your paving stones. This may be one of the reasons you will see more driveways made of concrete. Price is another factor!


Cost Comparisons – Pavers vs Concrete


My understanding of Paving Stones pricing and Concrete pricing is just a rough guideline, there are many factors that can affect this. 

·         The grade of the land, how much fill needs to be moved or added.

·         Location and access are factors

·         Can equipment be used or is the job all hand work?

·         How complicated is the job, is engineering required?

·         Are custom steps involved in the project?

·         Patio’s and Pool decks are often more difficult, and smaller square footage. Usually priced higher for this reason.


Concrete Pricing ( as a rough guideline)

 - Plain Broom Finish Concrete Driveways - $8.50 - $11.00 per square foot.

 - Plain Broom Finish Concrete Patio’s - $12.00 - $15.00 per square foot.


 - Stamped or Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveways - $11.00 - $14.00 per square foot

 - Stamped or Exposed Aggregate Concrete Patio’s - $14.00 - $18.00 per square foot


 - Paving Stone Driveway - $10.00 - $15.00 per square foot

 - Paving Stone Patio - $17.00 - $25.00 per square foot

Local Trusted Saskatoon Realtor shares new SCAM update!

The decision to purchase your home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and will also be one of your largest investments. Done right, it can also be one of the most exciting and fulfilling times in your life! Kari Calder a Trusted Saskatoon Realtor with Century 21 Fusion is there to help you through the process, and provide you and your family with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have a realtor working with your best interests in mind.

Check out her listing in the Saskatoon Real Estate Category- Kari Calder is a Trusted Saskatoon Real Estate Agent

A new scam to be aware of!

Home → Saskatoon Real Estate News → A new scam to be aware of


If you have recently purchased a home or considering buying a home in Saskatoon, please read this important information. There is a new scam happening once again in real estate that you should be aware of. The plot is this: hackers find out your possession date, email you posing as a representative of your agent or lawyer, ask for money to complete your sale, then you wire transfer them money to a ‘new, updated’ account number.
Now hopefully this won’t happen to you or if it does, you’ll be wise enough to question the integrity of the baited email. Your law firm, your real estate brokerage and your realtor will never email you and tell you there has been last minute changes to the wiring instructions. If you chose to initially wire transfer the deposit to your real estate brokerage at the time of offer, the instructions will not change. Ensure you’re getting the information directly from your trusted real estate agent.
If you receive an email asking you to transfer money from someone that you don’t know personally, there are things you can do to protect yourself before sending over money:
-call your agent or lawyer and ask them why there’s been a change.
-independently confirm the wire transfer account information by calling the office directly.
-call the police and report the scam.

If anyone emails you and asks for money or your banking information, BEWARE. It happens to more people than you think. Don’t let it happen to you!

Kari Calder is one Saskatoon's top Century 21 Fusion real estate agents. Kari can assist with all of your Saskatoon buying and selling real estate needs and she is a TRUSTED SASKATOON REALTOR


Kari Calder

Saskatoon Real Estate Agent

Century 21 Fusion

Kari Calder A Trusted Saskatoon Realtor hares a tip on the new tax implications of selling your home

The decision to purchase your home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and will also be one of your largest investments. Done right, it can also be one of the most exciting and fulfilling times in your life! Kari Calder a saskatoon Realtor with Century 21 Fusion is there to help you through the process, and provide you and your family with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have a realtor working with your best interests in mind.

The new tax implications of selling your home

At the beginning of this week, Finance Minister Bill Morneau introduced changes to the current tax model around selling your primary residence. This, along with the new mortgage rules is an attempt to ensure foreign investors abide by our current tax laws. Although these changes are focused on foreign investors, the changes will also have an affect on those Canadians who inadvertently did not pay tax when selling their principal residence.

In the past, many people who sold their homes did not report it to the government due to the principal residence tax exemption. CRA has not required you to report the sale if the property was your principal residence and no taxes was owed. This is the part that is changing.

The CRA is now requiring you to report every sale on your principal residence whether you owe tax or not. This is in effect for any properties sold in 2016 and now going forward. You will have to provide the date of purchase, a description of the property, as well as the proceeds of disposition ( the amount you sold your home for) on Schedule 3 on your 2016 tax return.

Here’s another important part to note. If you fail to report the sale in 2016 or going forward, you won’t be entitled to the principal residence tax exemption. If you forget to designate a property as your principal residence in the year of the sale, you could ask CRA to amend your tax return for that year. They likely will do so for a fee.

The onus is placed on the homeowner to understand the rules. What can you do going forward?

  • Ensure you’re filling out a Form T2091 to designate a property as your principal residence.
  • Talk to your accountant if you have any questions about whether or not your real estate sale was considered the sale of a principal residence (for example, adding or removing a suite to the home you live in may require you to report even if you haven’t sold)
  • You’ll also want to track the cost of capital improvements you make to your residence going forward. Keep your receipts! This could save you money later on taxes if it turns out the sale of your property is no longer qualified under the principal residence tax exemption.

Kari Calder is one Saskatoon's top Century 21 Fusion real estate agents. Kari can assist with all of your Saskatoon buying and selling real estate needs and she is a TRUSTED SASKATOON REALTOR


Kari Calder

Saskatoon Real Estate Agent

Century 21 Fusion


Trusted Saskatoon contractor and renovation pro’s at JABA Construction share happy client testimonials

Planning a renovation in Saskatoon ? J.A.B.A. Construction Ltd. can help! They offer a wide range of General Contracting services for all aspects of both residential and commercial renovations. Their management team will work with you to ensure that you get the services you want, within the timeframe and budget that you determine. J.A.B.A. Construction is professional, reliable and skilled to transform your space into something a little more luxurious, functional or enjoyable. 

J.A.B.A are  Trusted SASKATOON CONTRACTORS on the Saskatoon Directory

Trusted Saskatoon partners have a history of offering outstanding customer service 

JABA Construction Client Testimonials

“Every time we had a question or a concern, the JABA team responded quickly and professionally. They went above and beyond to make sure each of our questions were answered to our satisfaction. They were on budget, on time, courteous and the quality of the work was above and beyond what we expected. We could not have been happier with our experience.” Chris Guérette & Jeff Burgess, Saskatoon


"My husband and I met with Dave Anderchek for the first time in the late spring of 2016 at the suggestion of my designer, Kimberly Kruckl.  From the beginning I appreciated his experience as a general contractor in Saskatoon and area going back over twenty-five years and his experience with projects from new builds to the renovations of small, older family homes.  He emphasized the importance of building permits where needed, working to code minimums, and the need for safety at all times.  His J.A.B.A. website answered our questions about examples of completed projects,  and Home Builders Association and Better Business Bureau involvement.  He and his sub-contractors met with us early in the process to formalize a realistic estimate for what we wanted in the reno’s of the kitchen and main-floor laundry / bathroom.  The planning was so complete that there were few changes over the course of the project.  Dave dealt with any issues arising promptly and in person.  He and Rick Knelsen, project manager, were always available by phone or e-mail.

Would I work with Dave and JABA on another renovation project? – without any hesitation. " Ulla, Saskatoon


As always, the BEST advice is to choose a TRUSTED SASKATOON CONTRACTOR / TRUSTED SASKATOON RENOVATIONS expert like JABA'll be glad you did! 



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