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Mr Electric a Trusted Saskatoon Electrician shares a tip on Commercial Energy Savings and Audits

posted by Trusted Saskatoon    |   November 16, 2014 17:38

The TRUSTED SASKATOON Residential Electric Service Professionals at Mr. Electric know what a daunting task it can be to identify and solve even the simplest home or business electrical challenges. That’s why they go out of their way not only to offer comprehensive solutions for all your residential electrical needs; They also provide you with the information and resources you need to make educated decisions about which solutions are best for you.

They are Trusted Saskatoon Electrical Experts

Here they provide a tip on Commercial Energy Savings and Audits:

Don’t let unnecessary energy costs take a chunk out of your bottom line. Each year more and more businesses think smart by making the switch to energy efficient electric solutions. From the light bulbs you use to the way you control the flow of energy into and out of your business, improve efficiency and save energy and money with the help of a commercial energy audit from Mr. Electric®.

With the help of the service professionals at Mr. Electric, a room to room commercial electrical energy audit can be performed, examining how efficiently your business utilizes energy as well as how to reduce its use, improving efficiency. By assessing your current energy efficiency level and taking into account the type of results you would like to achieve, Mr. Electric will then develop a custom plan based on the condition of your business to help you achieve energy efficiency and savings goals.

A commercial electrical energy audit can help:

  • Reduce unnecessary energy consumption and increase profits.
  • Provide more stable temperatures.
  • Increase lighting quality.
  • Improve safety.
  • Ensure a more secure energy future for Canada.
  • Add function and style to your business.
  • Protect the environment from fossil fuel pollution.

Solar Energy Systems

Solar powered energy solutions lower energy costs as well as help protect the environment. From stand-alone off-the-grid systems to grid-connected and backup power solutions, learn more about how solar energy can work for your business.

Energy Saving Lighting Solutions

Commercial operations utilize and rely on lighting far more than their residential counterparts. Keep costs under control and provide the right lighting for necessary tasks with the help of Mr. Electric and the array of affordable energy efficient lighting solutions available on the market today.

Wireless Lighting Controls

Wireless lighting solutions put automation, metering, costs, and convenience in your hands – literally – with the help of remote controls, automation, and smart device apps.


Contact Mr. Electric and start saving today! Our professionals are experts at saving your business money on all things electrical, helping you yield the best energy saving benefits for your business.

They are your Trusted Saskatoon Electrical experts



SMP a Trusted Sasktoon Auto Dealer expert share a video tip on SMP News - 100 Year Anniversary

posted by Trusted Saskatoon    |   November 16, 2014 14:13

It is so important to all of us to be able to trust the people we deal with... especially when you are looking at buying a vehicle! Saskatoon Motor Products has a long history of helping people find and purchase the vehicles they need, so you know you are in good hands. SMP's professional staff is here to help you purchase, finance or fix that vehicle!

The staff at Saskatoon Motor Products treats the needs of each individual customer with paramount concern. They know that you have high expectations, and as a car dealer they enjoy the challenge of meeting and exceeding those standards each and every time. Allow SMP the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to excellence!
They are your Trusted Saskatoon Auto Dealers!
Here SMP shares a great video tip on SMP News:
What do the Mann's know about history? With know-how that runs four generations deep, and roots in this Province back to when horses were your transportation, the Mann family thanks Saskatchewan for 100 years of supporting our businesses.
100 years doesn’t come without hard work, it doesn’t come without failures and it definitely doesn’t come without determination.
As everyone knows, success is the sum of all efforts, repeated day in and day out. For this we are thankful to Saskatchewan.
Opportunities don’t just happen, you create them. A wise man once said “Do what you can with what you have.” Things will work out for those who make the best of the situation they're dealt.
Passion for the automotive industry and loyal customers got us to where we are today. That’s who we are and that’s our story. Thank you to those we’ve met along the way and to those we will meet in the years to come. Saskatoon Motor Products – The better way to drive.


Let the professionals help you find your next vehicle. 


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Fresh Living a Trusted Saskatoon Home Staging Expert shares a tip on How to Clean Feather Pillows

posted by Trusted Saskatoon    |   November 16, 2014 13:53

You know those spotless, clutter-free, amazing looking rooms you see in magazines? That can be your home. Seriously! Fresh Living’s founder, Chantal Hounjet, created the company out of her combined love and talent for interior decorating and home improvement which paved the way to a career in Home Staging and Interior Redesign. Chantal is an International Staging and Redesign Professional, bringing her talents directly to your door..and she is your Trusted Saskatoon Interior Decorator and Home staging expert!

Here Chantal shares a tip on How to Clean Feather Pillows:

I never thought I would say this, but I actually think the more you clean, the more you actually want to clean. It is addicting to look at the immediate results of your hard work. You see the sparkling surfaces, smell the freshly scented air, and your whole life starts to look a little crisper and clearer. So I want to keep that feeling going by adding more cleanliness and purity to my life.

So when I went to sleep the other day and took a deep contented breath, I was more than a little grossed out my a not-so-fresh hitting my nose. You’re welcome for that overshare.

Feeling empowered and invigorating by all the new cleaning products and tips I have been trying this spring, I took that momentum and used it to tackle my pillows. So on an oddly snowy Sunday this past weekend, my feather pillows got a bath in the washer.

How to Clean Feather Pillows

1. Grab your feather pillows – whether sleeping or inserts. We are just talking feather pillows now because cotton and other fills are different to clean.


2. Wash two pillows at a time to balance the washer. Make sure to use the hand wash or delicate setting. I also recommend using my no-grate laundry detergent to give a nice fresh scent.


3. After the wash cycle toss them into the dryer on your hottest setting with a tennis ball, clean tennis shoes, or dryer hedge hogs like me! In the beginning I liked to fluff them every 15 minutes and just make sure they were doing okay. 

Tip: These will take a long time to dry. For a more eco-friendly approach give them a short cycle in the dryer to allow them to fluff (it is essential to break up the clumps of wet feathers). Then, put them outside in a porch or covered area on a really hot day to lessen dryer time. These take a long time to dry – start them at the beginning of the day!

I was really curious on how these pillows would turn out. For some reason I was dubious if this would work. I am thrilled with how clean, fresh, and fluffy these came out of the dryer. So fluffy. I actually have a Despicable Me unicorn moment (“It’s so FLUFFY!!”)

Now I can breath deep before I go to bed and not be kind of grossed out by my interesting smelling pillows. Don’t worry guests, your pillows are freshly laundered as well.:)

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Kitchen and Bath Classics a Trusted Saskatoon Bathroom store tip on choosing a kitchen sink

posted by Trusted Saskatoon    |   November 16, 2014 13:08

Whether you are building a new home or remodelling a single room, Kitchen & Bath Classics Saskatoon a Trusted SASKATOON BATHROOM EXPERT offer you one of the largest selections of plumbing fixtures, faucets, and accessories from quality names, displaying the latest trends and cutting-edge styles. The showroom consultants offer the best expertise in the business as they understand the building process; working with you to ensure that your project stays within budget and that the right products are delivered on time.

Here Lori shares a tip on choosing a kitchen sink:

When choosing a kitchen sink, design, size and type of installation are all very important.

If you are renovating, it is helpful if you take a couple of measurements inside your cabinet with the width and depth of the cabinet that will be accommodating the sink. If you bring those measurements along to your consultation with our Kitchen & Bath Classics expert they will help you choose your perfect sink. If planning new cabinets, we can work with your cabinet designer to match the size needed. Blanco has a number of options available to choose from, with sinks made from Stainless Steel, Siligranite and Fireclay.

The Blanco stainless steel sinks are 18 gage and have a wide variety of sizes and styles to choose from. The Blanco Attika sink with Steelart design, has a special elevated rim, making it a trendsetter showcasing popular architectural designs. The Blanco Practika laundry sink is an interesting undermount sink that has an integrated washboard for scrubbing.

The Blanco Siligranite sinks have a composite with 80% granite within them, creating a scratch and stain resistant sink. New colours available like Truffle and Cinder, introduce designer colours into your kitchen design. The Blanco Diamond with a low divide is a large sink with a lower centre divider allowing it to be used as both a single and a double sink. At Kitchen & Bath Classics we have many Blanco sinks on display so you can see the new colours and designs.

The Blanco Fireclay sink design is an undermount with an apron front, perfect with Granite, Quartz or other solid surface countertops.

Our Kitchen & Bath Classics experts will need to know what type of countertop you are planning to use, whether laminate, granite, quartz or other solid surface top, so we can suggest a drop in or undermount option for your sink.

Blanco also has a variety of Kitchen and Prep faucets to choose from in both chrome and stainless finishes with some featuring accents to coordinate with Siligranite colours.


At Kitchen & Bath Classics, our design Experts will assist you in making your choice for your kitchen, laundry or bar sink needs with a wide selection of product on display from Blanco.

Find Kitchen & Bath Classics online at in the SASKATOON BATHROOMS category on the SASKATOON DIRECTORY of Excellence...they are your SASKATOON BATHROOM FIXTURES and FITTING Expert ! 





GT Flooring a Trusted Saskatoon Flooring expert tip on 4 Important Steps to Selecting the Right Flooring

posted by Trusted Saskatoon    |   November 16, 2014 11:36

The professionals at GT Flooring Saskatoon believe that your satisfaction is their satisfaction, so they make sure that the workmanship is top notch... and YOU are completely happy when the job is complete. GT Flooring has built their reputation on providing the best customer service in the Saskatoon flooring marketplace. Customer referrals, repeat business and word of mouth have been the core reason that GT Flooring Saskatoon is what it is today.

GT Flooring are Trusted Saskatoon Flooring Expert 

Here they share a tip on 4 Important Steps to Selecting the Right Flooring:

Choosing the perfect flooring for a room may seem complex, but with advice from experts at gt flooring it can become as simple as child’s play! Here are some simple tips to help you explain your flooring needs to our specialists when you come to the shop.

                                                   Engineered Hardwood by Beaulieu Canada


1. Draw on outline of the room you want to install flooring in and note the following:

• Room exits – Are there exits to the outside? Are there sliding patio doors?

• Adjoining rooms – What are the types and colours of flooring in the adjoined rooms?

• Luminosity – How much natural sunlight comes in during the day and from which direction?

• Subfloors – What is underneath the existing floor?

• Measurements – Measure the length and width of the room in inches or feet (Do not forget to include closets)


2. To match your floors with your home decor, bring samples of the following with you:

• Wall paint colour

• Wallpaper

• Curtains or choose some Hunter Douglas window coverings while at gt flooring

• Fabrics

• Bedding

• Furniture

• Accessories

                                  Laminate by Beaulieu Canada


3. Answer the following questions on Durability and Style:


• Is there light or heavy traffic in this room?

• What is the room used for?

• Do you have children or pets?

• How long do you want this flooring to last?

• Will you be installing the flooring yourself?


• Do you have a certain colour in mind?

• Is there a style you’ve owned or seen that you really like?

• What’s the mood of the room? Quiet? Playful? Spacious?

• What is the lifestyle of the room? Bohemian? Contemporary? Modern? Classic?

                             Luxury Vinyl Plank by Beaulieu Canada


4. Important questions to ask the specialists at gt flooring:


• Describe what is under your current flooring

and ask how this material can affect the choice

of your new flooring?

• Will you have to remove the existing flooring?

• Will you need to lay down a new subfloor?


• What are the warranties on the flooring you

want to install?

• Will the warranty be void, if I install the flooring


                                             Carpet by Beaulieu Canada

Just a little preplanning at home with these tips will save you time in the long run and gt flooring will be able to recommend the best product to suit your tastes and lifestyle. gt flooring is your one stop shop carrying the beautiful Hunter Douglas window fashions collection to complete your look.


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Budget Blinds your Trusted Saskatoon Window Coverings Experts share a video on Energy Saving Window Treatments

posted by Trusted Saskatoon    |   November 16, 2014 11:21

BUDGET BLINDS SASKATOON offer their clients an amazing selection at outstanding is no wonder they have such happy clients. Let them help you with all of your Window Covering needs!


Here they share a tip on Energy Saving Window Treatments:

Keep your home properly insulated with the help of energy-saving window coverings by Budget Blinds. Reduce heating and cooling costs by incorporating energy-saving blinds, honeycomb shades, and cellular shades into your home environment. Contact Budget Blinds today at for your free in-home consultation! 



Check out their listing here in Saskatoon Window Coverings to read what their happy clients had to say...they are your Trusted Saskatoon Window coverings experts.


Sunridge RV your Trusted Saskatoon and area RV experts share a great video

posted by Trusted Saskatoon    |   November 5, 2014 18:10

Sunridge RVs in Radisson, Saskatchewan believes that you and your family must enjoy and relish their experience when finding an RV that meets their needs, lifestyle and budget. Their goal is to provide you with all the necessary information you need to make the right decision for you and your family. Whether visiting their location in Radisson, or shopping via the website, Sunridge RV promises that your concerns are their business. They are your Trusted Saskatoon & area RV Dealers

Here they share a great video:

Winnebago is Happy!

A cast of thousands and a lot of smiley faces came together at the 2014 WIT Club Grand National Rally in Forest City. It’s a four minute frolic complete with the Winnebago Dancers!




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Winmar your Trusted Saskatoon disaster services experts point out BAD advice and off the CORRECT information

posted by Trusted Saskatoon    |   November 5, 2014 18:05

They can handle any and all types of water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, wind damage, hail damage, and mould damage. If you've had any type of property damage to your home, call them now for a free quote!

If your life has been turned up-side-down by a catastrophe, you can count on Winmar, Property Restoration Specialists.

Winmar Property Restoration Specialists are your Trusted Saskatoon disaster services professionals

 Here Winmar shares their opinion about a recent article they saw on Facebook



Selena the owner of Winmar Saskatoon contacted the Trusted Saskatoon team,  as she was concerned  when she saw this article from another compamy pop up on Facebook recently



Grimy bathroom walls are a major red flag to buyers.

Here is an easy way to get rid of surface mold: Mix a spray bottle with one part water and one part bleach. Just spray it on the wall, and watch the mold disappear. Give it a fresh coat of paint, and your grimy bathroom will go from red flag to red-hot.


If they have mould, they should have an expert come in and determine what's causing the mould and remedy the underlying issue. Even if it is just surface mould (which the majority of homeowners wouldn't be able to determine by themselves), bleach is not the right product to use to clean it off. There are several other products specifically meant for this type of application, even a couple at Home Depot for homeowner use.


WINMAR Saskatoon’s experienced and certified staff provide full service restoration for all types of losses; flood/water, fire, wind, mould, sewer, vehicle impact and board-up services. With a 24 hours service, you can count on them to always come through for you. Winmar ARE your Trusted Saskatoon disaster services Professionals   



Kari Calder a Trusted Saskatoon Realtor and a Saskatoon Real Estate expert shares a tip on how to guarantee an increase in your home’s value

posted by Trusted Saskatoon    |   November 5, 2014 18:01

The decision to purchase your home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and will also be one of your largest investments. Done right, it can also be one of the most exciting and fulfilling times in your life! Kari Calder a saskatoon Realtor with Century 21 Fusion is there to help you through the process, and provide you and your family with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have a realtor working with your best interests in mind.


The goal of virtually every buyer out there is to buy a home that will increase in value. Nobody wants a house that turns out to be a money pit. How can you ensure that the home will increase in value? Here are a few things to look for that will ensure that your home purchase is a good solid investment.


Anyone in the real estate industry will tell you the 3 most important things in real estate are location, location, location. If you want your home to appreciate in value, you have to think about the neighbourhood you’re choosing. You can choose many things about a home but location just isn’t one of them. Also be weary of numerous for sale signs in the area. Multiple houses for sale within a small area is usually a clear sign that you should consider looking elsewhere.


The average square footage of a home has risen from less than 1,000 sq ft in 1950 to nearly 2,600 in 2013. Bigger isn’t always better. It’s better to be the smallest home on the block because then you leave yourself more room to build equity. Buy the least expensive house in the best neighbourhood you can afford will ensure an increase in value.


Most people know that curb appeal is important when selling a home but what if the sellers overlooked that key piece of info. As a buyer, don’t overlook the house that may be hiding behind overgrown hedges. If you’re willing to do the work yourself, you may just find a great deal that has been hiding.


You may be drawn to a home that’s been nicely upgraded but don’t run from one that is outdated. As long as the bones of a house are good, consider buying one that needs cosmetic work done to give a home an instant lift in value.


Always get a home inspection to asses a home’s condition. To avoid regretting your purchase always make sure you have a home inspection prior to completing the sale to ensure that the structure and the mechanical of the home are in great shape and won’t eat up any profit you might make.


Look for an expert negotiator to make the smartest home purchase. Hiring an agent, like myself, who will put your best interests first is a valuable one. Purchasing a home that’s undervalue and that essentially increase in value when you take possession is one of the best ways to ensure that your home’s value will increase.

Contact me today to ensure that you have a great REALTOR® working for you and ensuring that your investment is a smart one. 


Kari Calder

Saskatoon Real Estate Agent

Century 21 Fusion 


Kari Calder is one Saskatoon's top Century 21 Fusion real estate agents. Kari can assist with all of your Saskatoon buying and selling real estate needs and she is a TRUSTED SASKATOON REALTOR


Scott Dolan a Trusted Saskatoon Real Estate Expert tip on How to Maximize Your Selling Potential During Winter

posted by Trusted Saskatoon    |   November 5, 2014 15:44

Buying or selling your home is the most important financial decision for most ... and it is also one of the most important life decisions. Your home is where the heart is - where children grow, families and friends gather, and many lifetime memories are made. Trust your decisions about real estate to someone who knows the importance of your home....

Scott Dolan with Realty Executives continually strives to provide the highest professional standards in order to exceed all of your real estate expectations. If you would like some up to the minute information on ANY property, just give Scott a quick call......he can help!

Scott Dolan with Realty Executives is a Trusted Saskatoon expert for all your real estate needs.

Here Scott shares a great tip on How to Maximize Your Selling Potential During Winter:


Some say winter is the worst time to sell a home. Given the cold and stormy weather we have been experiencing, there are definitely challenges, but don't be discouraged. First impressions and lasting impressions are key to progress potential buyers into active buyers. Be very wary as the slightest discomfort or issue can sour this experience and turn a buyer away from your home, but by addressing a few key areas, any winter woes can be easily avoided.

Here are five simple tips to maximize the showing potential of your home during the winter months.

1. Don't Let Winter be an Obstacle

It’s storming or just post-storm, but you have showings booked for your home. (You must have motivated buyers to go out in that weather!) Don't make it even more of a chore for them, be sure to shovel your drive or walkway so that the first impression is a clean and accessible entry. Buyers have been known to turn away, rather than hike to the doorway in knee deep snow and risk snow in their shoes, wet pants, and wet socks.

2. Consider Your Home’s Temperature

Remember, buyers are usually viewing more than one home at a time, and thus traveling around and running in and out of cars or up and down elevators in condos. Typically they will be dressed for the great outdoors, so although having the heat way up is great for lounging on the couch, it can be oppressive for visiting buyers. Be sure to monitor the temperature of the entire house and set it appropriately.

3. Get Buyers Out of the Dark and Into the Light

The winter months also mean shorter days and less natural light. Be sure to have adequate lighting in every room. Dark rooms are depressing when coming in from the cold. Keep it bright in the winter. Some may object for energy saving reasons, but it is best to leave all the lights on before showings or use timers. This allows you to set the mood lighting, and saves the buyers fumbling for light switches. Remember first impressions. Is your home a sanctuary or an oasis from the cold?


4. Preparation is Key

Be sure to prepare for those wet and snowy shoes and boots. No one likes having snow and dirt tracked around there home by shoes or wet socks, just as no one enjoys having wet socks and dodging puddles in the doorway. Be sure to have a "Shoes Off" sign. Place an absorbent mat protecting your stone or wood flooring. Be sure to have a shoe tray or appropriate storage area for shoes, not only to avoid the puddles but to show off the organization of your home. Apply this also to winter jackets, hats and scarves. Show functioning and organization by thoughtfully arranged set ups, don't just have outerwear exploding out of closets or haphazardly hanging on hooks or coat racks.

5. Pet-Friendly—and Groomed!

If you do own pets, be sure to have the appearance of clean pets…especially dogs. We love our furry friends, but it’s best not to leave those dirty slush-soaked towels and doggy outfits laying around. The last thing you want is the smell of wet dog greeting your buyers at the front door.


Scott Dolan is your Trusted Saskatoon Realtor – working hard to find the right fit for you and your family! Give him a call – you will be glad you did!