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Enjoy the story of 3’N 1 Construction’s owner Ken Eade interviewed by a Saskatoon magazine

FRIENDLY, SINCERE AND HONEST...DONE BY THE BOOK ..that's what it says on the card of Ken Eade the owner of 3'n 1 construction and this truly is the philosophy he lives and does business by.

They value great relationships with their clients, and believe that this is fostered by truly listening to them. They strive to understand your needs and work with you to achieve your goals. They work hard to add a personal touch to each and every job, treating your home as though it was theirs. 

3'n 1 Construction are Trusted Saskatoon Contractors, Exteriors & Roofers!

Enjoy this latest article written about Ken Eade and his Trusted team - who are best of the best Saskatoon Roofers! 

By Erin Legg- Refined Lifestyles 2016

In a construction industry as competitive as Saskatoon’s, what can a company do to set itself apart? Seven years ago, Ken Eade founded 3 ’N 1 Construction with a golden principle in mind — raise the standards homeowners should expect. “Standards slip when people let them,” he says. “It only takes one guy to change that.”

And change it he did. 3 ’N 1 is well-known for its commitment to integrity, whether it’s with the client, a contractor or a supplier. “In the beginning, I kept wondering, ‘How will people pass along my name? How are people going to recognize me?’ ” Eade reflects. “I decided to be a catalyst for change and raise people’s standards — and exceed them in everything we do.”

3 'N 1 Construction

Whether framing homes or garages, roofing and siding, and soffits and fascia, the 3 ’N 1 team is well versed in all areas. Photo by Neek Photography.

3 ’N 1 is a diverse company that provides quality construction services for projects of any magnitude. Whether framing homes or garages, roofing and siding, and soffits and fascia, the 3 ’N 1 team is well versed in all areas. Eade, a former scientist, says this diversification is something his customers have come to appreciate. On making the leap from the world of science to that of construction, he says, “Science is cumulative. If you don’t understand the basics, you won’t understand the complexities of everything else. Construction is the same; you have to know the basics so you can evolve your company. I think doing everything has really been one secret of our success. It’s eliminated a lot of frustration for customers.”

Another component of the company’s success is its crew of reputable construction professionals. Eade has great pride in his trusted sub-contractors. “We really do work as a team,” he says. “We are very aware when we arrive at a worksite this is someone’s home, someone’s property. We always keep that in mind.”

3 'N 1 Construction

Ken Eade, owner and founder of 3 ‘N 1 Construction. Photo by Neek Photography.

Part of Eade’s leadership in the construction industry is educating homeowners about the construction process and how to choose a reputable contractor. “I always, always, always tell people: do your research!” he stresses. “Get a detailed quote. Compare apples to apples. Research a company thoroughly. Are they insured? Are they WCB certified? Do they carry liability insurance? Are they in good standing with their suppliers?” The passion he enthuses about this topic shows his commitment to homeowners and the industry by raising the level of standards that should be expected — and achieved.

Relationships are something Eade does not take for granted. He recalls a recent project in Craik where he assisted a contractor by installing a new roof on a massive barn project. “My supplier sent two extra pallets of shingles. We’re talking about $1,800 worth! So I called them up and said, ‘You sent too much!’ And I returned the extra right away. I never take the relationships I have with my suppliers lightly. They are integral to our success as a company.”

Does a business with a respected reputation happen by chance? No. When the founder sets a high standard of achievement, the company’s competitive advantage quickly becomes apparent. Recalls Eade: “My dad said, ‘In life, there will be people who will try to take things from you — your wife, your possessions. You may lose everything you have in life, but there’s one thing nobody can take from you and that is integrity. The only person who can give that up is you.’ ”

3’N1 Construction

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Edgewater Spa is a Trusted Saskatoon Spa- meet the owner Melissa

Situated close to the South Saskatchewan River, Edgewater Spa allows clients to "enjoy their escape". Edgewater Spa offers Saskatoon spa goers over 5,000 square feet of luxurious spa serenity. Their highly skilled staff are committed to providing the utmost in relaxation and tranquility.Opened in 2008, a block and a half north of Spa Ahava, Edgewater Spa proudly boasts spa suites where two or three clients may enjoy treatments together as well as a luxurious gallery room where up to six clients can enjoy services together.

Edgewater Spas Treatments and Services

Massage Therapy – Including Prenatal Massage

Whether you are looking to spoil yourself with a decadent body treatment or treat your group to an enjoyable afternoon, the friendly and knowledgeable team at Edgewater Spa in Saskatoon are prepared to assist you with all your spa needs.

Edgewater is a Trusted Saskatoon Spa 

Meet the owner of Edgewater Melissa Hampson in this video and find out more about the spa! 

Book in for your ESCAPE!! 


Cheetham's Pharmacy Saskatoon is your Trusted Saskatoon Pharmacy

Since 1994, Cheetham's Pharmacy has served their customers in Saskatoon and area, offering professional advice and exceptional service.  They have the education, knowledge, experience and skills to offer a wide variety of health care services with a focus on offering exceptional service that goes above and beyond when it comes to their customer’s health and needs.  

Cheetham’s Pharmacy is your Trusted Saskatoon Pharmacy

Please enjoy Rick's latest article - to read all Cheetham's Pharmacy articles & health tips click here

Cheetham’s Pharmacy – You’ve got a friend


Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call, and I'll be there…you’ve got a friend

At Cheetham’s Pharmacy we have a special focus on senior’s wellness. This special generation is our parents and grandparents. They took special care of all of us, made many sacrifices, and helped us get to where we are today. It isour turn to take care of our seniors. Cheetham’s Pharmacy works hard to make a positive difference in our senior’s clients, always improving and adding to our senior’s services whenever possible. If you are a senior and a client of Cheetham’s Pharmacy you can expect the following care and services:

v  Honor, respect, and understanding

v  FREE prescription delivery and pick up

v  Hard work to reduce your medication costs whenever possible

v  FREE senior’s medical shuttle

v  Medication reviews to optimize your medication use and reduce the number of medicines if possible. Cheetham’s pharmacy has a certified geriatric pharmacist specializing in the needs of senior’s

v  FREE basic foot care by a licensed esthetician for senior’s having difficulty managing their own foot care

v  FREE medication compliance packaging for senior’s to help manage multiple medications and improve health outcomes

v  At Cheetham’s Pharmacy, if you need to consult with our specialized pharmacy team but can’t make it to the pharmacy, a pharmacist will come to you

v  Compression stocking fitting by our certified Sigvaris® pharmacists to help with circulation problems as we get older

v  Diabetes education and assessment by our certified diabetes educator pharmacist to help manage the growing number of senior’s with diabetes

v  Smoking cessation counselling and follow up by our certified PACT trained pharmacists

v  Our incontinence trained pharmacists can help with finding the right product and fit to optimize incontinence management and restore peace of mind

v  Personal care home services – Our specialized pharmacy team works closely with physicians and care givers to provide the utmost in pharmacy care to our senior’s living in personal care homes. Cheetham’s Pharmacy is the preferred pharmacy provider to over 30% of the personal care homes in Saskatoon and area.

v  Cheetham’s Pharmacy can help in the finding of a suitable personal care home for our senior’s

v  Cheetham’s Pharmacy partners with a growing number of health professionals having a special interest in senior’s care and wellness including medical, dental, and physiotherapy

v  Prompt and efficient service to handle medication changes immediately

v  22 years of excellent, dedicated, consistent, reliable, and trusted customer service,* our number one priority*.  *BBB A+ rating* and *“Given the Thumbs Up” by Trusted Saskatoon*

v  Read our valuable and helpful health information articles in “Ask the Experts” or online

“You just call out my name, and you know wherever I am, I'll come running to see you again…you’ve got a friend”

Richard Cheetham, BSc, BSP, Owner Cheetham’s Pharmacy

514 Queen St, Saskatoon, S7K 0M5 

Cell: 306-653-5111 

1800: 1-800-695-4788 


Visit us online at, 

Cheetham's Pharmacy your Trusted Saskatoon Pharmacy.

McKercher LLP a Trusted Saskatoon law firm congratulates partner Paul Favel, QC for being selected in The Best Lawyers in Canada 2016 for Saskatoon

McKercher LLP is an experienced and well-established full service Saskatoon law firm whose lawyers are considered leaders in their practice areas.  The Firm has played an integral role in many significant commercial projects and complex litigation cases that have helped to shape the law in both our province and our country.  Promoting the economic and social interests of their clients is their constant objective, and the lawyers of McKercher take pride in being engaged in the communities in which they practice.  

McKercher LLP a Trusted Saskatoon law firm


Congratulations to Saskatoon partner and lawyer, Paul Favel, QC for being selected by his peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in Canada 2016 for Saskatoon.  For 2016, Paul is honoured by being listed in the area of Aboriginal Law for Saskatoon. He has been listed in Best Lawyers® since 2012.

Since it was first published in 1983, Best Lawyers has become universally regarded as the definitive guide to legal excellence.  Best Lawyers is based on an exhaustive peer-review survey.  Over 52,000 leading attorneys cast more than 5.5 million votes on the legal abilities of other lawyers in their practice areas. Lawyers are not required or allowed to pay a fee to be listed; therefore inclusion in Best Lawyers is considered a singular honor.  Corporate Counsel magazine has called Best Lawyers “the most respected referral list of attorneys in practice.”

Find Mckercher LLP in the heart of Saskatoons downtown on 3rd avenue South. They are your Trusted Saskatoon Law firm.


Jeff Bolton Owner of JOB Heating and Air Conditioning Shares why "Good Enough" Usually Isn't!

Saskatoon, if you are looking for a Trusted company to help you with your home or business Heating or Cooling system problems or to find the best and most high efficient air conditioner or furnace for your home, J.O.B Heating and Air Conditioning is who you need to call! If your family suffers from allergies a new furnace that filters and helps to eliminate those unwanted allergens will make a real difference. 

The amazing staff at J.O.B Heating & Air Conditioning will consult with you to get something that fits your exact and specific needs and budget. 

get to spend a good deal of time explaining to customers what you should ask for when choosing a contractor. We have all heard about the usual things. "Check the reviews", yes I agree that reviews are important but how many of the are legitimate? How many reviews are there because the contractor earned them and how many are there because he paid for them. How many are there because he has a disgruntled employee or a ruthless competitor and of course how many are there because they are real? 

Further to the reviews here are a few things to notice when they are in your house. What are they looking at and what questions are they asking? My Dad tells me that I have 2 ears and one mouth so it should be 2/3 listening and 1/3 talking. What that means is the contractor should be asking questions about your home but also how you live in that home? How can he or she offer you a product or service without knowing how you intend on using that product or service? In the case of an air conditioner are they looking to ensure that the unit can be placed where you would like it? Or are they looking for the most direct route that would save them time and money? Are they just automatically going to the "best" option because well its the Mercedes who wouldn't want it? In reality most of us drive  Chevy's or Fords. 

I believe that there are a couple of documents that they should show you. You should see their contractor license. In the case of heating contractors they should show you their gas licence. So many times guys hang their shingle out and say I can put that water heater in for you and the never take out a permit so the inspector never knows to go see the job. They end up making a mistake when installing it that causes you to have no hot water at the most inopportune of times.  Further to that if that contractor doesn't have a gas licence when the gas inspector issues a deficiency he has to issue it to the homeowner and if the homeowner does not correct it they could loose their gas service. 

Another document you should ask to see is their Workman's Compensation Board letter of good standing. This lets you know that they have a commitment to safety and they pay there premiums to the WCB which gives you an indication of their financial status. You should also ask to see their insurance certificate. How much coverage do they have? Is it enough to cover the worst case scenario? Check the dates, is everything you are seeing current?

If you are going to get a job done and you are researching the job and the equipment on the Internet please be careful with where you are getting that information. Is it a trusted source such as a manufacturer or a professional group or is it just some blow hard on a message board. When you are planning on researching equipment or contract work I think the best place to start is the glossary. Learn what the terms used are and mean. In the heating business we use terms such as delta T. Sounds impressive right? All it means the the difference between the supply temperature and return temperature. I've heard many contractors say "if you can't dazzle them with knowledge baffle them with BS". This can't be farther from the truth. If he can't explain what he's doing or selling in terms that you will understand then he doesn't completely get it himself. 

Now having said that sometimes in contracting there isn't absolutes, that is to say you never know what you'll find in a wall or under a cement floor. When dealing with new products the contractor will have to research it and get back to you. Don't be afraid if a contractor tells you this. This shows diligence and a commitment to getting it right the first time. 

Every job isn't going to go perfectly the best contractors are the one's that have a game plan in place to deal with problems when they arise. Having a plan means the problem gets repaired quickly and with as little disruption to the homeowner as possible. Remember even Mike Homes makes mistakes, he just gets to edit them.

- Jeff Bolton

At J.O.B Heating and Air they strive to hold up the values of Trusted Saskatoon! Find them online at or check out their listing here in the Saskatoon AIR CONDITIONING & FURNACE Directory of excellence!


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