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Trusted Saskatoon's Decora Homes Talks about $21M Custom Home

Our Trusted Saskatoon Directory partners belong to all different industries and create all different products, services, that are delivered by all kinds of passionate local business owners. In the case of Decora Homes, a Trusted Saskatoon home building expert, they're creating a $21M home in the beautiful Saskatoon bedroom community of Greenbryre. But regardless of which categories our Trusted Saskatoon business partners belong in, they all have one thing in common, and that's TRUST. 

Decora Homes, is known for their distinctive design, and custom contemporary homes. Decora will build a home to reflect both your personality and the needs of your family. Their custom designs are eye catching, and in this case, they caught the eye of the CTV Morning News Team. Watch the video to learn more about this beautiful $21M Decora Homes home:


Congratulations to Whitney, Rhonda, and the rest of the Decora Homes team on this great news feature! If you're interested in contacting them with a custom home building inquiry of your own, visit The custom home building process will not only set your property apart from the rest, but it'll also increase the functionality for you and your family. If you're ready for a fun, creative, and rewarding home building process give Decora Homes, a Trusted Saskatoon custom home building expert, a call. 

Trusted Saskatoon brags about Platinum Home Plus a Trusted Saskatoon custom home builder

IF you have decided to take the huge step of building your own home in Saskatoon and area, you will understand how smart it is to choose your home builder with extreme care. When you choose a Trusted Saskatoon Home builder we GUARANTEE you will have the best in service, product and care.  A home is generally your biggest investment and we check out our home builders thoroughly! The owner of the latest Saskatoon home builder to join the ranks in the Saskatoon Home builders category is not a stranger to us fact his other company J.A.B.A Construction is one of the highest rated and respected renovation companies in Saskatchewan

The Trusted team are thrilled to brag about Platinum Home Plus a Trusted Saskatoon custom home builder 

Dave Anderchek has built his reputation over many years in the Saskatchewan renovation and contracting industry. His company JABA Construction has won many awards for their outstanding service and for the quality of the work. He was asked for years to expand into the custom home building market, and resisted until 2009. At that time he realized with so many of the major reno's on older properties that people hired JABA to make their home ' almost perfect' , he could build them their EXACT dream home for a comparable cost from scratch!    

Whether you fantasize about an A-Frame house at the lake, like this beautiful Platinum Home ( see gallery here


You fancy a fancy bungalow overlooking the golf course like this stunning property in Delise, SK below (FYI- Dave lives in this property, he just sold the home he built on the lot next door ( a 1282 Sq Ft beautiful home)  and he is also the Mayor of Delisle, talk about a HOME BUILDER YOU CAN TRUST!)  


Or perhaps you want to build condos - you can rent out for revenue, perhaps just rent out part,  live in part yourself and be mortgage free! Why not make a great start or addition to your property portfolio with a builder you can trust!    

Be aware that Dave and his team at Platinum Home Plus build one house at a time. Dave works very closely with his clients, and he cares immensely about his clients needs - in fact he is a very generous and community spirited man!  Dave has had several write ups in the Canadian contractor magazine lobbying for higher industry standards and he is the project Manager for the huge Trusted rebuild of Janice Bradens home

see the full Trusted rebuild story here

We can't tell you exactly how many hours he and his team have put in, or how much product he has donated ( or got donated ) but we know the end project will come in at over $100,000 of labour and product donated by the Trusted partners who STEPPED UP  ! All for free to help a single Mum who had been ripped off by a disreputable contractor, the very thing Dave is the opposite of! 

He has been called the Mike Holmes of Saskatchewan, but he dislikes the comparison. Dave believes Mike is a TV star, who rarely gets his hands dirty. Dave on the other hand is a contractor with over 35years hands on experience, and he has all the testimonials and happy customers to prove it!  

Platinum Homes Plus  are a Trusted Saskatoon Home Builder! 


Video tour of a stunning $million home by Trusted Saskatoon Home builders Decora Homes

DISTINCTIVE, CONTEMPORARY...DECORA HOMES. They build to reflect your personality, they design to meet your needs...They build relationships, DECORA's ALL in the details. 

Decora Homes a Trusted Saskatoon Home Builder showcases The Belvadere A stunning 2575 Sq ft Two Story Walkout backing the Greenbryre Golf Course. 3/4 acre lot with breathtaking views!

Sale Price $1,350,000.00

Open House Monday-Thursday 6-9, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from 1-5! 409 Greenbryre Lane, Greenbryre Estates Corman Park, SK  

Decora built this home in partnership with Evolution Homes




Decora Homes a Trusted Saskatoon Home Builder Expert answers the Facebook Fan Page questions

DISTINCTIVE, CONTEMPORARY...DECORA HOMES. They build to reflect your personality, they design to meet your needs...They build relationships, DECORA's ALL in the details. 

Decora Homes are your Trusted SASKATOON HOME BUILDERS on the Saskatoon Directory. Talk to the ExpertsTrusted Real Estate show Questions for Rhonda- Decora Homes: 


Rachael Seemann: My Fiance and I are looking to buy our first home, however, we are also looking at the option of building a home. From what we've seen from different building companies, they have 5 or 6 layouts, and then they build multiples of those layouts. I am personally a fan of the classic home with a big, grandeur entrance and a gorgeous staircase that greets you when you walk in the door, and that have the "private" part of the house separate from where you would entertain guests (i.e. bedrooms upstairs and kitchen, dining, and living room downstairs). But there doesn't seem to be any builders who have these layouts anymore, lots of houses seem to be small, cluttered and don't leave much of an option for a functional basement. What, in your opinion, is the best and most affordable way to work with a building company to build your unique dream home without having to go with one of their already used layouts? 


A: At Decora we believe that when you are building your dream home whether its your first home or your retirement home that you should be building a home which best suites your lifestyle and personality. We do have many plans that we have built for our wonderful clients which a person could choose from or make minor changes to or design a custom plan with your own ideas. We work directly side by side with our clients and the draftsman while designing the dream home. At Decora designing your own home from scratch does not incur any more costs then if we were to use an existing plan. 


Annalee Bruce McSharkbite: With the trends always changing is there a way to keep your new house in style and trendy without going broke trying to keep up with the Jones family?


A: When it comes to custom building and designing your own personal home we at Decora believe the choice of finishing products chosen should reflect on the clients lifestyle and personality not what they believe is trendy. You have to remember that this is your home which you can come home to everyday and should feel proud and get that welcome home feeling every time you walk through the door. 


Nikki MacDonald: Since moving back to Saskatchewan, I've noticed some new houses having their roof built on the ground and then lifted onto the building. Why?


A: Every home has its own truss layout and some can be extremely challenging. When a framer decides to build the roof on the ground and then lift it onto the building it would be for the reason of the challenges on that particular roof would be safer and easier to assemble on a flat surface. 


Rachelle Nieman: If you have a huge lot, with an older house, would you recommend tearing down and rebuilding, or, renovating on existing lot? Area is Nutana and house was built in 1940s. My sis wants to keep her huge backyard. 


A: Decora Homes also does Renovations and we do believe in renovating a character home if the client is happy with the current layout and the renovations that would be involved are feasible to stay within the client’s budget. You can make some changes to a character homes layout if needed but you have to remember that there will be structural walls which cannot be moved. 


Lisa Leavitt-McLeod: What is the number one seller...bathrooms or kitchens? And if you had to choose one to put most money into, which would it be? 


A: The #1 seller of a home we believe is the kitchen. Bathrooms are important but you have to remember that you spend allot more time in the kitchen and that everyone that comes into your home will most likely see the kitchen. It comes down to first impression! 


Find Decora Homes online HERE , or check out their listing under SASKATOON HOME BUILDERS on the Saskatoon directory of Excellence they are a TRUSTED SASKATOON HOMEBUILDER.





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