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Minuteman Press is the Trusted Saskatoon Printer to work with if you want a great experience

When it comes to business communications services, Minuteman Press of Saskatoon can do it all. With a complete range of products and services at your disposal, they can help you get your message out to customers, employees and vendors alike.Using the latest printing and document management technology, they handle your projects from start to finish. Their energetic and experienced team are dedicated to delivering what you need, when you need it. Minuteman Press are your Trusted Saskatoon Printers

Minuteman Press your Trusted Saskatoon Printing team share a happy customer review:

Nothing is more persuasive when choosing a business, than reading or hearing about the positive experiences of  happy clients!  Kurt and the Minuteman Press Printing team are wonderful to deal with , we know it here at Trusted, but don’t take it from us read what Selena had to say below! 


Had the pleasure to deal with both Kurt the owner & Robert the sign specialist! Both were exceptionally helpful with printing requirement for an upcoming conference that my business (Square One Coaching) is co-hosting/presenting in September. They also gave me the impression just because I am a "smaller" business didn't mean that I didn't deserve rock star treatment. Will start making them a primary "go to" printer! - Serena (Square One Coaching)

To find out more about Minuteman Press and to read more reviews check out their listing on Trusted Saskatoon here:  


Trusted Saskatoon Tutors discuss IQ tests

Using an IQ test for kids is an attractive tool for those looking to benchmark a child’s educational progress. With clear-cut standardized scores, IQ tests make it obvious that a child with a low score would need different instruction than one with a high score. Seems helpful, right? Unfortunately it’s not quite that easy.

While these tests have been the intelligence testing standard for the past 100 years, there has been controversy in the education world as to how effective they truly are – especially for children.

Let’s get to the bottom of the debate around IQ tests for children: what’s the problem and what’s the best alternative?


IQ tests aim to measure mental capacity using a variety of categories – including verbal skills, visual-spatial reasoning, memory and processing speed. Children who take IQ tests are provided with a number based on how they score against their age group, which signifies whether they are considered gifted, average, or at risk of learning and behavioural issues.


Research shows that labels of all types are harmful for children – and can influence future behaviour in drastic ways. Instead of focusing on learning style, IQ tests provide children with a fixed score that teachers and parents use to determine the course of their education.


IQ tests can be a great way to analyze specific aspects of a child’s intelligence, but they ultimately fail to look at the entire picture. Examinations of intelligence should not be fixed to a one-size-fits-all mentality. They need to consider a child’s overall pattern of strengths, weaknesses, environment, and culture.

To overcome the number of issues that come with IQ testing for children, parents and teachers should consider using programs that focus on qualitative learning and overall potential, not just quantitative scores. Instead of determining what their intelligence level is based on a few fixed categories, assessments should focus on how a child learns, and what educational tools they respond best to.


Dynamic tests and assessments are an effective alternative to the standard IQ test for kids. They provide children with the opportunity to work in a comfortable, open environment — one that leaves room for mistakes, exploration and creativity. This gives the administrator of the evaluation the opportunity to assess the child’s needs using a more holistic approach.

Parents and teachers should also look for tests and assessments that provide more than just a final score.

All educators and parents just want to give students what they need to thrive and succeed throughout their school years. And with different personalities, experiences, and learning styles comes a need for personalized testing.

By avoiding standardized IQ tests, and instead opting for dynamic styles of assessment, each student will be given the care and attention required for them to achieve their best throughout their educational journey.


Trusted Saskatoon Tutors tip on activities for your summer learner


Whether your child loves to read, play outside, or get techy, there are many fun but effective ways to promote learning over the break. Since the summer will be here before you know it, it’s a great idea to start planning now what activities you’ll use to avoid summer learning loss. Our quick tips can help!

Ways to incorporate reading into your summer plans:

  • Take a trip to your local library
  • Bring a book with you to the park or the beach
  • Read a chapter in the morning, when your child is used to learning and before other plans cause distraction


Use these ideas to make reading an enjoyable pastime for both you and your child.

Ways to incorporate physical activity into your summer plans:

  • Sign your child up for a team sport
  • Encourage learning a new skill such as swimming
  • Go on walks and explore your city

Be sure to take advantage of all the different opportunities to get outside and get active.

Ways to incorporate educational technology into your summer plans:

  • Challenge your child to a new high score on an educational app
  • Start a tech project together – like a toy robotics kit

Teach kids through your own tasks – ie. baking a cake, or fixing a bicycle

Between 65,200 educational apps, various tech-based toys, and even just household activities, there are an endless supply of tech projects to use to encourage summer learning for your child.

Trusted Saskatoon Tutors tip on Tech-Savvy Kids

Kids today are born Tech-Savvy - They'll never have to be taught to use a keyboard or how to operate a tablet

Which is great news, because education increasingly incorporates technology into the classroom. Technology has become essential to how we access information and how we organize our lives. But just because something is new and useful, doesn’t mean that the old way is no longer relevant.

This is especially true when it comes to writing. Even in the age of technology, there are still plenty of times when putting pen to paper is needed—such as when writing an essay portion of an exam. However, as it turns out, writing isn’t just required for school: writing is an activity that has been shown to have numerous benefits to the brain and the body.

Whether journaling thoughts, chronicling the day, attempting poetry or starting a novel, old-fashioned pen and paper has an immense impact on emotional well being, helping students organize their thoughts and even improve their moods.

Despite being viewed as an old-fashion activity, writing by hand is still considered a valuable skill that has many cognitive benefits both in and out of the classroom.

Trusted Saskatoon is Bragging about Minuteman Press of Saskatoon!

When Kurt Huber first started Minuteman Press of Saskatoon in June of 2011, he knew he was on to something great. Not only is Minuteman Press a company backed with exceptional service and great value to the customer, but they also offer some of the best printing solutions in the industry! They are the newest addition to the Trusted Saskatoon Legal and Professional Services Category.

When asked about his favourite part of the job, Kurt said with a smile that it was simply having the opportunity to bring people’s projects to life. Whether it’s a wedding, an event, or a corporate sale or promotion, Kurt and the team at Minuteman Press will bring your vision to life in the form of beautiful custom invitations, signage, brochures, swag items and other branding materials for your business or special event.

Kurt and his qualified team of professionals at Minuteman Press in Saskatoon have recently expanded their swag merchandise to include everything from customized calendars and pens, to USB sticks, and portable cell phone chargers. The opportunities are truly endless in terms of the resources Minuteman Press has to help you brand your business.

And the story is no different when it comes to wedding invitations. Not only does Minuteman Press Saskatoon offer the best selection of customized wedding invitations through their new Paper Tree branch, but they have also partnered with a local Saskatoon photographer, and offer a thorough consultation process to make sure that your invitations are as special as your big day.

Best of all, Minuteman Press Saskatoon are known for their ability to offer exceptional customer service in the form of education, advice, and inspiration to make your next printing project the best it can possibly be!


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