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J.A.B.A. Construction Trusted Saskatoon Contractor and Renovations expert shares Mike Holmes comment

Planning a renovation in Saskatoon ? J.A.B.A. Construction Ltd. can help! They offer a wide range of General Contracting services for all aspects of both residential and commercial renovations. Their management team will work with you to ensure that you get the services you want, within the timeframe and budget that you determine. J.A.B.A. Construction is professional, reliable and skilled to transform your space into something a little more luxurious, functional or enjoyable.

J.A.B.A are your Trusted SASKATOON CONTRACTORS on the Saskatoon Directory

Here they shares Mike Holmes comment:

“Mike Holmes’ comment about no good contractor needing more than a 10 per cent deposit hurts our industry.”

Dave Anderchek, JABA Construction, Saskatoon, says that, with totally inaccurate comments like this in the national press, it's "time for Mr. Holmes to leave" our industry.

 Last week we made note of a recent article in the National Post by Mike Holmes, who said that no good contractor needs more than a ten per cent deposit when starting a job. We thought that was highly misleading information, even though Holmes DID say, in his piece, that there was an exception when the demolition phase of a job exposes some previously unknown conditions. But he mentioned NO other exceptions to this iron-clad rule. We all know what influence Mike Holmes has among the general public. We asked for your contractor responses. Here’s one from one of the best contractors in Canada, Dave Anderchek, JABA Construction, Saskatoon.

“I usually don’t say too many things in respect to our industry but I feel that an individual like Mr. Holmes should maybe listen to contractors that actually make a living in the renovation industry. He has made money but not from being a contractor.

As we all know good projects and bad projects of any kind start with trust from both sides. After that is when (trouble) happens.

When solidifying a contract, if you are running your company properly, it means that both parties are held accountable with a binding agreement. This is where most contractors fail. The deposit means business and if additional deposits are required for purchase of specialty ordered products it should also be outlined in that section of your contract.

What Mr. Holmes fails to recognize is that comments like “no more than 10 per cent deposit for contractors” hurt the industry as far as the good contractors to perform what they are good at.



The contract is the starting point if any homeowner or contractor is legit and (willing to) abide by the promises they made. All of the problems originate after the signing if they are not.

I have been a business owner in the renovation /construction industry for 25 years in Saskatoon and I think it is time for Mr. Holmes to keep to himself and move on with they money he has made. Because he is damaging to good contractors with his opinions when he has never been a contractor in the real world.

My company contracts are approx. eight pages long and outline everything as far as protection for homeowners. A good contractor will tailor his contracts, as well as deposits, as he sees fit. A good contractor will have standards as to the amount of deposit required based on the size of the project. We would ask for a 10 per cent deposit, as outlined by Mr. Holmes, if the contract is over $350k.
Time for Mr. Holmes to leave.”

Dave Anderchek


As always, the BEST advice is to choose a TRUSTED SASKATOON CONTRACTOR / TRUSTED SASKATOON RENOVATIONS expert like JABA'll be glad you did!



Trusted Marketing Services share 6 tips to get on 1st page of Google locally

The Trusted Marketing Services team have skill sets & real life experiences that other marketing agencies and social media management companies simply do not share.  The Trusted Marketing Team are not nerds….they are entrepreneurs, net workers and marketers, so If you need affordable website solutions, Social media management or anything to do with advertising and marketing contact them today.

Trusted Marketing Services are your Saskatoon Marketing Agency  

Here they share 6 tips to get on 1st page of Google locally:



“I want to be on the first page of Google” is now the most common response we get at Trusted when we ask people what they want for their marketing goals, and there seems to be a confusion amongst local Saskatchewan business owners as to how this actually happens, so we thought we’d lay it out in layman’s terms. 

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results.

To be on page 1 of Google for your category of business locally is a great goal, especially as recent stats tell us that over 80% of all click throughs to websites on Google searches take place on the first page of Google. Not being there means you will miss out on leads, and that means those on the 1st page have a significant competitive advantage. Except how you get on that first page can be tricky, especially if you are in a very competitive category ( Real Estate, Auto Dealers, Mortgage Brokers for example). Here we outline the main points to consider.



1. You need a website – and it needs to be a good one!

Your website is a TOOL, and it should be out there working for your business 24/ 7 . It’s not just about the ‘look’ of the site, it’s about how well it works overall for good SEO – you need to consider the navigation ( how easy is for your visitors to get around and find the important information) , the key words ( if you are a Plumber make sure it is on your website often) , include the location ( if you are a Plumber in Regina say so ) , choose appropriate images and have good links ( social links, links to other sites that make sense and links to your site from other sites that make sense)

( contact us at Trusted Marketing Services if you want to discuss your website – or lack of.)

2. You need to have a blog

Content marketing is a phrase you may of heard bandied about; in reality it means writing new, quality, relevant content about your company and your category – ideally in a blog on your website on a regular basis – This just keeps your website up to date in the eyes of Google ( as Google determines who gets ranked where, it’s important to impress her and do what she values)

(check out our Saskatchewan marketing blog here )

3. You need to be social

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google + – pick whats best for your business and build an audience for your content- quality web traffic from your social media to your website is valued by Google and if you are spending all your efforts sending people to your Social media as the final destination you are WRONG – the social should be the tool to help your www. not the other way around! If you don’t take social media seriously and do it well you are really missing out on the chance to connect with your local audience and share your company personality & values.





4. Your overall marketing strategy

Assuming you DO have a strategy? Too many local business separate online and offline marketing and this is a big mistake, in todays world in many categories online is MORE important than offline, as consumers shop and make more buying decisions online than in person. Your website should be your best sales person, it should reflect who you are & what you are doing at all times.

( if you are not sure about your marketing strategy contact us for a consultation )

5. Online local directories

Online local directories are important to Google ( as they lay out information in a logical manner) and I predict they will be come more so as more and more websites come online locally- Being listed on a good local online directory ( like and ) will help your Google rankings as it shows you are recognized locally in your category, also if the online directory is well ranked in your category you benefit from that – you can get on the first page of Google by being on their directory; along with the others in your category of course. ( Trusted Directories have many, many other advantages & benefits over your regular local online directories – contact us to find out more). 


                                                                     Best online Directories

6. Google products

Google Adwords, Google Plus, You Tube etc..etc.. Buy them , use them – Google likes when you buy INTO their products.

A word of warning ..DO NOT put all your eggs in to the Google Adwords basket to get on the 1st page of Google – this is not a smart long term marketing decision. Google Adwords cost is going to keep rising as more people enter the auction and you can’t all be on the first page…make ORGANIC your priority ( we know customers prefer organic search results too)

At the end of the day the most important thing is to allocate time and effort in to doing the best job you can online. There is no QUICK fix, this is a race…and it’s not a sprint, it’s a never ending marathon, and you need to keep running and adapting to the ever changing conditions or you will fall behind and drop off your prospects and existing customers radars. Don’t be tempted into trying to cheat Google by paying companies to create splash pages, buy back links or by falsely boosting your social followers numbers….. you didn’t become successful in business by cutting corners, it’s the same way online.



Contact us at today, we are your local and international award winning Trusted Marketing Agency!


Kari Calder a Trusted Saskatoon Real Estate expert shares Saskatoon real estate market update

The decision to purchase your home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and will also be one of your largest investments. Done right, it can also be one of the most exciting and fulfilling times in your life! Kari Calder a saskatoon Realtor with Century 21 Fusion is there to help you through the process, and provide you and your family with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have a realtor working with your best interests in mind.

Here Kari shares a great tip on Saskatoon Real Estate Market Update for January 2015: 



The January 2015 Saskatoon real estate market sales has decreased from 2014 where 179 houses for sale in Saskatoon sold. This year we saw a market decrease with 227 houses in Saskatoon selling for the month of January.

The average home price in Saskatoon did see significant changes from last year with the average house price at $358,648 for 2015. This is up 1.2% from last year’s $354,461 in January.


Currently, the average time to sell a house in Saskatoon has increased slightly from December’s 43 days to 55 days.

By the end of January, homebuyers in Saskatoon had 1,484 homes to choose from with 544 of those being condos for sale in Saskatoon.

Listing inventory in Saskatoon has increased with 724 new house listings in Saskatoon in 2015 while in 2014 we saw 637 new units placed on the market, signifying an increase of 13.7%.


Kari Calder is one Saskatoon's top Century 21 Fusion real estate agents. Kari can assist with all of your Saskatoon buying and selling real estate needs and she is a TRUSTED SASKATOON REALTOR 

Kari Calder

Saskatoon Real Estate Agent

Century 21 Fusion



Trusted Saskatoon TUTORS educators share a Guide to Understanding Report Cards

Here they share A Stage-by-Stage Guide to Understanding Report Cards:

Early years—Kindergarten Through Grade Two 

From the ages of five onwards, children are learning to adjust to an academic setting. Report cards tend to report on student’s behavioral and social progress, such as how they are getting along with their peers, and whether they can stay focused on a task.

Academically, young children are being introduced to the basic skills that they will use to build all future learning upon. Reading progression is critical during the early years. Students should be continually meeting, if not exceeding, the reading progression standards.

While young students may have their entire academic future ahead of them, poor report cards could mean potential problems in the long run. If issues are cropping up time and again, parents should consider getting extra help for their child so that the issue doesn’t become a major learning roadblock.

Children are changing greatly during the early years, and what was a problem today, may not be a problem tomorrow. Even if a particular area might be of concern, parents should watch for incremental improvement from one report card to the next. Always discuss report cards with the teacher, who can give a better picture of a child’s progress.

Each report card marks a milestone of achievement. Just because a child is underperforming on one report card, does not mean that there won’t be significant improvement by the next report card.

Middle years—Grades Three to Eight

The middle years of school are all about progress markers. While the early years focus on behavior and development, the middle years are very important academically. Children are introduced to increasingly difficult academic skills and their ability to learn these foundational skills is very much the focus of report cards.

Low grades on report card, while problematic, are not as much of a cause for concern as grades that are dropping. Consistency is key on report cards during the middle years; children should not be going down in grade points.

At this stage, the emotional impact of report cards becomes an issue. Worry about grades can cause stress among children and parents alike. Parents can offer incentives to students to help increase their study time, or learn to ask for help in order to maintain grades.

When poor grades are present on multiple report cards, parents should consider it a red flag and seek help before the problem becomes a major issue.

Teen Years—High School

In high school, report cards are the biggest indicator of academic performance and progression. The first report of the school year is a warning flag—if there are issues, students should get help as soon as possible. There is plenty of time for students to improve grades before the second and final report cards.

In high school, students’ grades should reflect their short and long-term goals in life. Students need to consider the long-term outcomes of what their grades will mean to them based on what their future goals are.

The pressure is on; students are moving quickly on the fast track towards higher education, and every grade counts. Students should seek extra help as soon as they realize that they need extra support, whether in a particular subject, or in study or homework skills. The sooner that students get the support that they need, the less stressful that report cards become.




J.O.B. Heating and Air Conditioning your Trusted Saskatoon plumbing expert tip on Hot Water Heater Tune-Ups

Saskatoon if you are looking for a Trusted company to help you with your home or business Heating or Cooling system problems or to find the best and most high efficient air conditioner or furnace for your home J.O.B. Heating & Air Conditioning is who you need to call! If your family suffers from allergies a new furnace that filters and helps to eliminate those unwanted allergens will make a real difference.

The amazing staff at J.O.B. Heating & Air Conditioning will consult with you to get something that fits your exact and specific needs and budget. With a new high efficient furnace you should cut your heating bills about 35% on average. We all love saving money!


Here they share Why a Hot Water Heater Tune-Up Makes Sense:

Most days you go through life and never give your water heater a second thought. That is until you get up in the morning to have that nice warm wake up shower and you find the water isn't hot. In fact, if you live in a city such as Saskatoon SK, it's down right cold. But what can be done to stop this, or at least cut down the likelihood of this happening to you?

Well thankfully there is an answer to this. A water heater tune up is the answer. I will discuss tank model water heaters in this article and discuss the other styles of water heaters in future articles.

Many manufacturers recommend that a water heater be inspected by a qualified technician at least once per year. Some of the things that will be addressed in a comprehensive water heater tune up are:

  • ensuring the T&P (Temperature and Pressure) valve is operating properly.
  • checking the drain valve to ensure it is not plugged with sediment.
  • checking the anode rod has not used up its useful life.
  • checking that the dip tube is intact and in good condition.
  • and in the case of a natural gas water heater test the gas pressure and any gas safety systems on the water heater.


Even checking these items once is better than the “never” timeframe that happens with most water heaters.

What is an Anode Rod?

The one item that will prolong the life of any hot water tank is the anode rod. You might not know this, but water will want to “attack” the tank of your water heater. It is very similar to the rusting process that occurs on the wheel wells of your car. This is why all tanks will eventually leak. The anode is the "sacrificial lamb" in the hot water heater. Generally speaking residential anode rods are made of magnesium or aluminum. The water will attack these metals first and slow down the process of attacking the tank and subsequently prolonging the life of your water heater. How long will your anode last depends on how bad is the water, and how much do you use your water heater? Here in Saskatchewan they can last from less than a year to as much as ten years. The only way you will know is by pulling it out of your water heater and inspecting it.

 How Often Should You Tune-Up?

The water in Saskatoon is fairly mild, but it makes sense to have a tune-up of your hot water heater once per year. A good idea is to schedule a tune-up of all of your heating systems at once to save some money. The end of summer is a good time to get your hot water heater and furnace checked out. If you have garage heaters and other gas lines (to check for leaks), those could be inspected at the same time.

We have come so far from the days that our parents and Grandparents grew up in. Most of them didn't have running water in a house let alone running hot water. Did you ever ask how did they wash? That one question may bring on some funny stories but it's important to listen to their stories and not take some of the items we rely on every day for granted.



You can find J.O.B. Heating and Air conditioning online Check out their listing here in the AIR CONDITIONING & FURNACE Category on THE Saskatoon Directory of excellence..they are your Trusted FURNACE EXPERTS Right here in Saskatoon!



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