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Trusted Saskatoon Furnace & Duct Cleaners Explains What The Cost Will Tell You!

No matter what is in your home, Caliber Air can help! They clean meta, flex and duct boards, clean out dryer vents and disinfect your home with a green, plant-based spray. Just to double-check, Caliber Air Repair uses camera inspections to ensure the vents are clean. Additionally, the Caliber system provides portability and the ability to work year-round with only a small opening of the door!

saskatoon duct cleaning

Caliber Air Repair are your Trusted Saskatoon Furnace & Duct Cleaners

What Are You Paying to Get Your Ducts Cleaned?

Some Duct Cleaning companies try to lure you in with the promise of a cheap clean $169.99 or lower…and that’s exactly what you’ll get…a CHEAP service, not an inexpensive one!

A proper, full furnace and duct cleaning should be in the range of $300.00 to $1000.00 and sometimes above. Pricing should be based on the size of the home or business, how many furnaces you have, and any additional options you may choose. Some companies will charge by the vent or by the hour. Make sure to ask as many questions as you can when deciding on a duct cleaning company.

There are vast differences in pricing from company to company but Caliber provides up front pricing, no hidden fees. We provide “all inclusive” pricing based on the square footage and type of home or business you have. We clean all supply air ducts (hot), return air ducts (cold), main plenum trunks, reusable furnace filters, the furnace blower and heat coils, and the a-coil if you have air conditioning. We don’t count your vents and raise the price on what you expected to pay, or charge you for things that need to be done in order to complete a proper clean (ie: cutting and patching holes in the trunks to access the dirt and debris). Some companies will charge extra to clean the furnace, the a-coil, or the filter. We believe that a proper duct cleaning should include those items in the price otherwise the clean is pointless in most cases. Unless you are having your furnace replaced with a new one in the near future, not cleaning those items will only pass all the dirt and dust collected in those areas back through the ducting once the furnace is turned back on. Therefore making the “clean” ducts a pointless expense you just paid for.

dirty a-coil

LEFT: Dirty a-coil, showing what can be left behind to circulate through your furnace and ducting if not cleaned.

duct cleaning saskatoon

Right: Dirty blower fan showing dirt that will be circulated through your clean ducts once the furnace is turned back on, if not cleaned.

  • We don’t pressure our clients to purchase additional options they don’t understand or even need. Our team will explain the options available and inspect your home to let you know what additional options would be best suited for you. After that, it’s up to you!

*Remember…if it’s too good to be true…it probably is! Always look at the fine print when seeing a deal for under $300.00 unless you live in something below 1000 sq ft. If the company you have called can’t provide honest answers to their pricing and procedures then move on to the next. 

filter clean vs dirty

Above: A clean pleated filter that we have in stock for sale vs. a filter used for 3 months.

Let Caliber help you breathe easy without breaking the bank! Caliber Air Repair at 306-384-1375

Trusted Saskatoon Furnace & Duct Cleaners Share 5 Things You Need to Know About Furnace Filters!

No matter what is in your home, Caliber Air can help! They clean meta, flex and duct boards, clean out dryer vents and disinfect your home with a green, plant-based spray. Just to double-check, Caliber Air Repair uses camera inspections to ensure the vents are clean. Additionally, the Caliber system provides portability and the ability to work year-round with only a small opening of the door!

Caliber Air Repair are your Trusted Saskatoon Furnace & Duct Cleaners

Most people don’t think about their furnace filters, until their home won’t reach a desired temperature or their furnace has a malfunction. Price points tend to be a purchasing factor rather than knowing exactly what your furnace needs. Here are some facts to guide you in the right direction.

indoor air quality

The Importance of Furnace Filters & Their Condition!

(1) Lower energy costs

The main purpose of a filter is to protect the blower fan from dust, hair and debris that your return air ducts pull in. Your furnace has to work harder when your filter is dirty, using more energy to get the desired temperature you want in your home. Changing your filter every 1-3 months will help the furnace work efficiently and save you money on your annual utility costs. 

(2) Maintaining healthy air quality:

Your filter will remove contaminants from your HVAC system. A dirty furnace filter can cause allergens, pet dander, dust and dirt to circulate through your home. It’s especially important for people with asthma and allergies to change their filter on a regular basis to prevent a flare up of symptoms.

(3)  Extend the life of your furnace:

When dirt accumulates on the filter it makes it harder for air to pass through, making the motor work harder and can cause the system to overheat. This can lead to extra costs for a furnace repair and worst case scenario, you would need to replace the furnace. This is especially true for older furnaces that haven’t had proper annual cleanings and maintenance done. Caliber provides a repeat customer discount for our annual clients.

(4) Knowing your MERV rating:

It’s best to check the manufacturer of your furnace for the correct MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating, which ranges from 1-12. A higher rating will filter more particles but also allows less air flow through and can force the system to work harder, possibly causing a malfunction. A rating of 8-11 is adequate for most homes. Some retail stores have their own rating and should be converted to the MERV scale to ensure the safety of your furnace.

(5) Choosing the best filter for your HVAC system

Disposable pleated filter – Most common. The pleated filter is made from paper and polyester or can be made from green materials. The cost can range from a few dollars up to $40 each depending on the brand, size and MERV rating. This is the most common filter used in residential homes. They can filter some small particles like mites, allergens and spores as well as improve the air quality in the home

filter blog 2

Disposable fibreglass filter – Cheapest. Made from 1” thick spun fibreglass. They are flimsy, have lower MERV ratings and tend to be inexpensive. The fibreglass filter doesn’t do much more than stop large particles from entering the blower fan. They have no effect on air quality and should be changed more often than a pleated filter due to the inferior quality. People with asthma or allergies should not use this type of filter unless specifically told by the furnace manufacturer to do so. They are most commonly used when building or renovating a home but some sensitive furnaces will require these to not overheat.

filter blog 5

Electrostatic filter – Most expensive. Made from self-charging cotton or paper fibers. This filter is best suited for homes that have pets, children, allergies or smokers. The self-charging fibers attract and trap small particles such as spores, allergens and mites. Permanent options are removable and washable. These filters can typically be used for 6-8 years if properly maintained through vacuuming or washing every 1-3 months. These filters need to be completely dry before returning to the furnace. This filter has the most resistance to air flow, you should contact your furnace manufacturer to see if it’s safe to use before purchasing.

In Summary, the best thing to remember when maintaining your furnace is that a little goes a long way. Spend the money now on better filters to save you money on repairs or replacements. Set a monthly reminder to check or change your filter. Make sure to have an annual furnace and duct cleaning done by a professional HVAC company. Read your manual and if you don’t understand something, call the manufacturer. Keep your furnace area clear from storage and debris. Lastly and probably the most is to keep your children away from the vent covers. We have seen Christmas ornaments, cans of food, clothing, toys, beer bottles and numerous other items in the ducting. These items can make their way down to the furnace, causing major damage. We have also had to wait for cats to make their way out of the ducting before cleaning and nobody wants to lose their pet if they happen to get stuck, overheat or injured in the ducting.     

Let Caliber Air help you breathe easy without breaking the bank! Contact them today!

5 Reasons Why you Should Choose Caliber Air as your Furnace & Duct Cleaners!

No matter what is in your home, Caliber Air can help! They clean meta, flex and duct boards, clean out dryer vents and disinfect your home with a green, plant-based spray. Just to double-check, Caliber Air Repair uses camera inspections to ensure the vents are clean. Additionally, the Caliber system provides portability and the ability to work year-round with only a small opening of the door!

Caliber Air Repair are your Trusted Saskatoon Furnace & Duct Cleaners

The "Caliber Cares" Pledge

1)      Our customers matter!

We is professional, friendly and knowledgeable, always willing to answers any questions you may have and make sure you feel comfortable about having us in your home. We arrives wearing their brand, so you know who we are. We also provide a two hour promise window of arrival, we don’t like to make you take an entire day off work to sit around and wait for us. We will call half an hour before arriving to make sure you’re ready for us and to ask how you take your coffee or tea. We love your pets of any size and want to make sure they’re as comfortable as can be with us as well. We understand everyone has busy schedules and we try to fit your needs as best we can. If you need to re-schedule an appointment, just give us 24 hours notice. We will find a more suitable date for you and you will keep any promotion you may have booked with for your future appointment.

2)      Your home matters!

Our team has indoor shoes, drop sheets, indoor air lines and floor dusters to clean up after ourselves and protect your flooring from outside dirt. Our equipment is portable, on wheels and compact, allowing us to better maneuver through your home, protecting your walls and furniture. Using our portable equipment is just as effective if not more effective than a truck mount system but it allows us to keep your door from being wide open, keep the weather out and your pets and children in. We also have a Rotobrush system which can be used for extreme cases of build up, fire damage restoration, mice or mold in the ducting.

hybrid-featured Rotobrush_aiR_XP_1024x1024

3)      Your bank account matters!

Caliber provides up front, no surprise pricing when you call to book your duct cleaning. Our pricing is all inclusive, based on the square footage and type of home you have. We won’t give you one price on the phone and then count your vents and charge you more once we arrive. The pricing includes all supply and intake vents, main plenum trunks, the blower fan, a-coil and furnace components. The only way you pay more is if you decide to add additional services to your clean like dryer vent cleaning, disinfecting the ducts, cleaning the HRV system or purchasing new pleated filters.

4)      Our community matters!

Caliber has been in business for almost ten years, building a great relationship with Saskatoon and the surrounding areas. We aim to please, no matter the size or price of each job. We are part of the Trusted Saskatoon group, earning our spot through referral, hard work and gret customer service. Caliber is also part of the Duct Cleaner’s Network, each member is held to a pledge of excellence. As part of the DCN we pledge to display professional conduct, pursue only ethical practices, avoid statements that may be misleading or deceptive to customers, describe accurately and honestly the price, procedures and standards of workmanship, and to promote high health and safety standards for customers and employees. Caliber is the winner of the 2016 Consumer Choice Award for best furnace and duct cleaning service for Saskatoon and surrounding areas.

DCN trusted_logo

5)      Our word matters!

Caliber stands behind our procedures, work ethic, pricing and our ability to make your furnace and duct cleaning experience an enjoyable one. We won’t try to sell you something you don’t need or perform additional services without permission and charge you extra for it. Caliber inspects your home and HVAC system with you before the clean begins, at this point we will explain the process of cleaning and suggest additional services that may be helpful to your home. We offer monthly promotions to better serve our community. Caliber will go over the cleaning with you once complete, showing you before and after pictures to see that the clean was done properly. The invoice will be written up with you, going over any issues that may arise, any suggestions we may have for you and the purchase of additional options or furnace filters. We understand that not every home is the same and should any issues arise, Caliber will always make every effort to rectify the situation at no additional cost to you, even if we need to come back on another day. We offer many forms of payment to make things more convenient for you and leave a copy of the invoice for your tax purposes.

Let Caliber help you breathe easy without breaking the bank!

Bridge City Duct Cleaning are given the Thumbs Up from Trusted

Trusted Saskatoon Directory team are pleased to brag about our newest partner in the Saskatoon Air-conditioning and Furnace category.

Bridge City Duct Cleaning are a Trusted Saskatoon Furnace and Duct cleaning company.  The Bridge City team know that cleaner air means a healthier home, and with many years of experience in the HVAC industry they are uniquely qualified! Be assured that Bridge City Duct Cleaning truly care about the condition of your homes air quality, as they see it for themselves every day, up close and personal.




Feel secure in your choice, as the team are all qualified, bonded, factory trained technicians who specialize in air duct cleaning, sanitizing, furnace cleaning, air conditioner coil cleaning and dryer vent cleaning. They come prepared by using next generation equipment, one of the first in Saskatchewan to introduce this technology into people’s homes. The team at BCDC know that duct cleaning is an important part of freeing your environment of contaminants which can include, pollen, mold, rodent droppings, and even pet dander! Removing these from your ducts helps to achieve better indoor air quality which can help to minimize reaction to allergies and asthma.


It’s also easier on your furnace and air conditioning unit, and will definitely prolong the life of your heating and cooling system. When we called their customers as part of the strict and unique Trusted verification process to find out what they thought, they were all thrilled with the service. Brent and Doug truly care about their customers needs and their  reputation!  

Jackie Martine of Saskatoon said " I really liked them because they went above and beyond what I  would normally have come to expect. I found them to be very professional and had excellent customer service. Highly recommend them! "

Check out more testimonials from their REAL clients on their listing in the Saskatoon Air Conditioning and Furnace category here. We are proud to give them the ' thumbs up!'



Trusted Saskatoon Partner logo

A video from Caliber Air Repair -Trusted Saskatoon Furnace and Duct Cleaners

No matter what is in your home, Caliber can help! They clean metal, flex, and duct board ducts, clean out dryer vents and disinfect your home with a green, plant-based spray. Just to double-check, Caliber Air Repair uses camera inspections to ensure the vents are clean. Additionally, the Caliber system provides portability and the ability to work year-round with only a small opening of the door!

Caliber Air repair are Trusted Saskatoon Furnace and Duct Cleaners!


Find Caliber Air in the Saskatoon Cleaning service and read what their clients had to say about them on the Saskatoon Directory. They are your Trusted Saskatoon Furnace and Duct Cleaners!  





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