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Trusted Saskatoon Insurance experts share a tip on Commercial Insurance

 Trusted Saskatoon Insurance experts!


Here they share a tip on Commercial Insurance: 




Commercial insurance can provide a wide array of coverages that in case of loss can be vital to your business and it's employee's. Tailored to suit your own needs, we can help you mold a flexible policy that will keep your business safe and sound. Most policies will ensure coverages against:

- Business interruption (loss of income, continuing expenses, and employee wages)

- Accounts receivable, builder's risk, contractor's equipment, and glass breakage

- Boiler, water heater and other machinery

- Liability claims: extension coverage can include personal and advertising injury liability, employer's liability, contingent employer's liability, tenant's legal liability, non-owned auto liability, non-owned aircraft liability

- Crime (employee dishonesty, theft of money or securities, burglary, robbery, forgery and counterfeit currency)






Trusted Saskatoon Insurance experts tip on SGI's New Legal Expense Insurance

 Trusted Saskatoon Insurance experts! 

SGI's New Legal Expense Insurance Is Included In Your Policy:


All SGI Canada Home Pak, Mobile Pak, Tenant Pak, Condominium Unit Owner's Pak, and Prestige insurance policies have automatically been updated to include SGI's new Legal Expense Insurance. This new coverage comes at no extra fee and is now standard on all previously listed SGI Canada policies. Having one of these SGI Canada policies now covers you for:

Automatic Coverage for Legal Costs:

You will be automatically covered for lawyers fees (and other legal costs), for the following:

  • Contract Disputes - arising from you buying or selling goods or obtaining services.
  • Property Protection - pursuing a claim if a neighbor damages your property or interferes with the use of your land.

Free Legal Advice Hotline 1-855-953-1430

You will also have access to a free telephone legal advice helpline. There are limits to which disputes your insurance will pay for, but no limits on free advice from a lawyer, about any legal subject under the sun. Just ask!

What else might you be covered for?

Depending on which insurance policy you have, your legal costs may be covered for the following:

  • disputes with an employer relating to employment contracts and severance;
  • pursuing a claim for damages following an accident which causes your injury or death;
  • responding to a tax audit/appealing a Canada Revenue Agency decision for personal tax returns;
  • defending criminal charges laid against you arising from your work as an employee; and
  • disputes relating to your purchase, sale, lease, rental and service of  an insured vehicle.






Part 2 -Trusted Saskatoon community steps up to help a local Saskatoon woman after her contractor nightmare.

The Trusted team work for the public, we do that by finding great local businesses, verifying they are as good as we have heard, and contracting them to uphold the 5 Trusted Guarantees. These businesses are the best and when they found out about Janice, a hard working single Mum in Saskatoon who had been ripped off from a local contractor and left living in a building site with her 10 year old daughter ...they STEPPED UP !

Here is Janices's Story Part 2 ...including the first video of the property so you can see for yourself whats she' dealing with. ( here is a link to Part 1 so you can read the full story


JANICE's BUILD a Trusted Rebuild 


After the initial meeting with Janice last week, the next step was to get a Trusted Contractor in to look at Janices's house.
Dave Andercheck from JABA Construction, is a well recognized business leader and expert in construction , he and his team met with Janice so he could look over Janice's bomb site of a home, he was shocked at the mess and terrible workmanship.  He is now compiling a report so he can lay out just what needs to be done, and from there we can start planning the rebuild, and what we need in regards help & materials from the amazing Trusted partners across Saskatchewan and their suppliers -





Thank you also to Aaron Loraas- from Loraas disposal for donating bins and garbage fees for the project , Rona for their huge donation and Winroc for many of the materials , and of course the new heated roofing system donated by Heated roofing in Colarado! 

Trusted Saskatoon Insurance Brokers answer your Insurance questions Talk to the ExpertsTrusted Finance Show - Questions for a Trusted Saskatoon Insurance Broker

Q: Courtney Saliken: What's a good insurance policy? Is one needed? What do you look for in them?

A: Great questions Courtney.  If you have a mortgage, your mortgage agreement states you must have Fire Insurance.  This is one of the coverages under a Broad Homeowners Policy.  For more extensive coverage, you can purchase a Comprehensive Homeowners Policy.  This includes additional coverages, such as Accidental Damage – by falling object in interior or by spillage and staining (i.e. you spill wine on your carpet); Mysterious Disappearance (i.e. you notice your wedding ring is gone but cannot prove how it went missing); Water Escape Due to Melting of Snow and Ice on Roof (snow melts and water enters the interior of your home causing ceiling or wall damage). 

It depends on what coverages are important to you and it is something you should review with your insurance broker.  Coverages I would definitely look for are Sewer Backup Coverage - has to be stated on your policy to be covered (not an automatic coverage); $2,000,000 liability (basic is $1,000,000).  Some people decide they do not want to pay the premium for Sewer Backup Coverage as they do not have articles of any real value in their basements which can be a very costly mistake; I have seen damage amount to over $100,000 for the costs of cleaning up after a Sewer Backup Loss (tearing out and replacing drywall and carpet, etc). 

If it is not cleaned up properly you can have a mold issue, which would not be covered under your insurance policy.  Increased liability can help protect you if a tree in your yard falls onto the neighbor’s house and causes damage; or if you are renting an apartment and cause a fire that burns the entire building down.  Many tenants think they do not need insurance as their personal property is not worth very much, but liability coverage alone is a great reason to get tenant insurance.  A basic tenant policy can cost less than $20 a month.

Q: Mike Maille:  Is there a type of insurance for people with chronic illness such as Chron’s disease?

A: If a client has Crohn's disease prior to having coverage in place, it would be considered a pre-existing condition and would not be eligible for coverage under our Health Plans we sell as this is a medically underwritten plan.  In the event the client was coming off of a Group Benefits Plan through work, we would be able to provide them coverage under our Conversion Plan; the Conversion Plan offers continuous coverage without completing an additional medical questionnaire. However, we are only able to offer this plan within 31 days from being terminated from their employer benefits plan and are only able to convert the coverage they held previous (additional benefits would be subject to medical underwriting).

Most Personal Health Plans are medically underwritten at the time of application, and any pre-existing conditions are not eligible from coverage, but will provide coverage for any conditions, etc that may develop in the future.

You may also be able to look into coverage through the provincial health programs such as the Special Support Program; you can visit their website to learn more at 

I would suggest you apply for both the Blue Choice Personal Health Plan and Special Support Program.  The Blue Choice Plan will provide coverage for anything the client may develop in the future and the Special Support Program may cover off cost relating to the clients current medical expenses such as medications and treatments for Crohn's. 



The Trusted Saskatoon Finance Talk To The Experts show 2014

Trusted THE Saskatoon Directory   is proud to be hosting a Talk to the Experts show " The Trusted Show' Monthly on Newstalk 650 ..the first show aired June 9th.  Find them all here in our tips library or on our Trusted Channel on You Tube which is a fabulous resource of Tips , Interviews, Demos and Tours.

What this means is you can listen to all the shows ON DEMAND, you can share them with friends who may be interested in the shows subjects and this makes sure you never have to miss a Trusted Show - we think out of the Box when it comes to marketing, so we can provide the BEST Possible service for YOU the public- we are the Ony Local Directory that works for you...and the only  place to offer this kind of service in Saskatoon !  

This latest show we are featuring is the TRUSTED SASKATOON  PERSONAL FINANCE SHOW




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