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Trusted Saskatoon brags about CRITTERS PET HEALTH STORE the Trusted SASKATOON PET EXPERT on the Saskatoon directory of Excellence  is thrilled to have welcomed 3 more Trusted Partners to the local SASKATOON DIRECTORY of excellence in this last week .. 2 in the category of SASKATOON VETS & PETS to provide 3 wonderful Trusted options in that category and the final Trusted partner was announced in the tasty category of CATERING AND BAKERIES.  Lets tell you about our Trusted Saskatoon Pet Store first!


when you type TRUSTED SASKATOON into Google ..about the 3rd or 4th listing that comes up is Critters...and this would have been the case LONG before was around..Critters is a Trusted Saskatoon family business that has been improving the lives of pets since we are so pleased that it's official!  

They have four convienient locations in Saskatoon that offer the highest quality of pet foods available along with treats, chews and supplies, and they are the only locally owned and operated Saskatoon pet store that focuses solely on dogs and cats which allows them to give more in depth and specialized advice regarding nutrition. Their staff provides a new level of customer service and expertise on pet products to make sure your pet is living healthy, and it is no wonder that they have been Voted #1 Pet Store Saskatoon in Planet S AGAIN!!. Like Trusted they are proud to be truly locally owned and operated!

We could go on and on about how wonderful they are...but we prefer to share what their actual clients have to it really speaks volumes about them as a business and as individuals!   

Here a just a few of the many words of thanks and appreciation on their wonderful Facebook page ... now only if we can convince them to get a CRITTER TWITTER so we could retweet this stuff! Wink  


So, as you can see the Critters team are there to help and advise you in anything Cat and Dog....true local Saskatoon Pet Health experts that are invested in your satisfaction..and in the community they serve. They give back in many ways and support many local animal organizations....including the New Hope Dog Rescue and the Size small Dog Rescue to name just a few! 

They are your TRUSTED SASKATOON PET HEALTH STORE and they are well deserving of all the Kudos we will continue to heap on them! Welcome aboard the Trusted Train Critters...we give The Thumbs up to all 4 of your great Saskatoon Pet stores, and we look forward to your expert Saskatoon pet tips 

Find them online here ..or check out their listing here in SASKATOON VETS & PETS on the SASKATOON DIRECTORY of experts!

Stay TRUSTED my Friends..SAFE & TRUSTED Saskatoon!

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