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KTS Cabinets a Trusted Saskatoon Kitchen expert shares the story behind a stunning custom made bamboo kitchen

Kevin at KTS Custom cabinets will work with you to create your dream kitchen...within your budget....and the process will be smooth and painless. If you are looking for a show stopping custom kitchen that combines excellent workmanship at a really good price then KTS is the perfect choice for you ...but if your budget is limited and your kitchen layout works for you, they will transform your tired old cabinets into a place you won't recognize in as little as a few days! KTS Custom Cabinets are your Trusted SASKATOON KITCHEN EXPERTS!

Kevin from KTS Custom cabinets shares the story behind the KTS Custom made Bamboo kitchen in Winnipeg:

The bamboo kitchen was designed for a good friend of mine in Winnipeg, there was a lot of phone conversations and picture swapping involved as we never had the chance to go over stuff face to face. He wanted an elegant and sleek kitchen with very clean lines. I think knowing each other really helped with this one as he just put his trust in me to come up with something that both him and his wife would love. They picked the bamboo colour but i did the rest, from the stainless steel doors with frosted glass to the extra deep fridge cabinet and pantry to hide the actual depth of the fridge. The island was custom sized to fit on as big of a piece of granite they could get and it consists of their sink, trash compactor and dishwasher. If you look closer at the picture you can even see that we suspended a piece of bamboo from the ceiling the size of the island that they hung their lights off of. All in all i think everyone involved in this project did their part and you can tell with the final product.

He had gutted his whole house and was redoing everything. So the fact that he didn't have to worry about the kitchen made this phase of his reno a lot easier. 


Find KTS Custom Cabinets online here or go to their showroom 110 2750 Faithfull Ave . They are your Trusted SASKATOON KITCHEN EXPERTS  on the Saskatoon Directory of excellence.


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