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J.A.B.A Construction a Trusted SASKATOON CONTRACTOR and RENOVATIONS Expert answers a Question on quotes

Planning a renovation in Saskatoon ? J.A.B.A. Construction Ltd. can help! They offer a wide range of General Contracting services for all aspects of both residential and commercial renovations. Their management team will work with you to ensure that you get the services you want, within the timeframe and budget that you determine. J.A.B.A. Construction is professional, reliable and skilled to transform your space into something a little more luxurious, functional or enjoyable.

J.A.B.A are your Trusted SASKATOON CONTRACTORS on the Saskatoon Directory

Here they share a Tip on Quotes



Question: Why is there such a big difference between quotes received from different renovation companies?

There really is a wide variety of factors that will cause you to see different pricing from contractors in the renovation market. In a commercial setting, usually there are drawings with specifications included so that each contractor is bidding on the exact same scope of work and is pricing the exact same flooring and lighting, etc. You can compare these quotes "apples to apples" and the prices usually come in within only a few percentage points apart. The factors usually causing differences in this pricing are influenced by the prices they receive from their subcontractors and suppliers.

Of course, contractors do not request pricing from every company in the city - they usually only request their pricing from a select 2 or 3 companies they trust and work with on a regular basis. Usually whoever comes in with the lowest bid and / or availability to meet the project deadline requirements will be selected.

Another factor that will affect the bottom line is the cost of the company's overhead, contingency allowances and what profit margin they apply. In the residential setting, the components of the renovation are not usually yet specified. This is where you often see a large difference in pricing from one company to the next. Components such as kitchen and bathroom cabinets, countertop surfaces, flooring, fixtures and lighting can vary wildly in cost. The estimating process is comprehensive and detailed involving a number of meetings between you and the contractor to determine budgets, level of finishes, products required etc. Usually, the end product of the estimate will usually based on the estimator's understanding of your sense of style, purpose & function of the renovation and the existing conditions that is exposed by the naked eye. One contractor may allow a budget for low quality fixtures just to get the price down where the next contractor may include fixtures based on conversations with the homeowner that has expressed a higher level of quality which would help to avoid additional costs for upgrades during the construction. Homeowners need to educate themselves to find out exactly what they are getting for that bottom line. Again, subcontractor & supplier prices, differences in the overhead, contingency allowances and profit margins will further increase the gap between the prices received amongst different contractors.

"Buyer Beware"

In the construction industry, anybody can start a business and do renovations. However, with other trades such as plumbers or electricians, there must be certification. This is where "buyer beware" alert comes in to affect. When you invite somebody in to your home, it is best to ensure you have a qualified, insured TRUSTED contractor that has good referrals. These contractors are often a bit more money because they are paying for offices, employees, insurances, etc but they will often be much more knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy. These companies ensure that they do the work by code and they know when building permits are necessary and they actually call for them when they are. Some of the "cash market" contractors will purposely not get building permits because it allows them to cut corners and they do not have professionals coming to inspect their work. Often, they do not carry WCB or liability insurance so if something should happen during the renovation, the homeowner gets stuck with the costs. Some of them do not even do renovation contracts.

Be sure to do your research and do not give in to the temptation of the lowest price - you often will get what you pay for.


As always, the BEST advice is to choose a TRUSTED SASKATOON CONTRACTOR / TRUSTED SASKATOON RENOVATIONS expert like JABA construction'll be glad you did!



Stay Trusted my friends..SAFE & TRUSTED of course!


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