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Trusted Saskatoon's Decora Homes Talks about $21M Custom Home

Our Trusted Saskatoon Directory partners belong to all different industries and create all different products, services, that are delivered by all kinds of passionate local business owners. In the case of Decora Homes, a Trusted Saskatoon home building expert, they're creating a $21M home in the beautiful Saskatoon bedroom community of Greenbryre. But regardless of which categories our Trusted Saskatoon business partners belong in, they all have one thing in common, and that's TRUST. 

Decora Homes, is known for their distinctive design, and custom contemporary homes. Decora will build a home to reflect both your personality and the needs of your family. Their custom designs are eye catching, and in this case, they caught the eye of the CTV Morning News Team. Watch the video to learn more about this beautiful $21M Decora Homes home:


Congratulations to Whitney, Rhonda, and the rest of the Decora Homes team on this great news feature! If you're interested in contacting them with a custom home building inquiry of your own, visit The custom home building process will not only set your property apart from the rest, but it'll also increase the functionality for you and your family. If you're ready for a fun, creative, and rewarding home building process give Decora Homes, a Trusted Saskatoon custom home building expert, a call. 

Why use the Trusted Saskatoon directory when you are looking for a business in Saskatoon

Why Trusted Saskatoon? It seems that everyone these days in the City of Bridges is so busy with life, family, work and a million other commitments. When a need arises for a product or service and you can’t think who to contact where do you turn? Perhaps the business you select randomly yourself or find in other ways lets you down and does a bad in a rapidly growing City like Saskatoon can present it's challenges ....with new businesses springing up all the time and existing businesses getting busier standards can suffer. Trusted is here to save you time, save you hassle, save you money and do the research for you...all the business on this site are contracted to uphold the 5 TRUSTED GUARANTEES.  Trusted is a local and International award winning company run by a local Saskatchewan team who CARE about the community we serve! 


Hear from the Trusted Founder Sara Wheelwright along with a user of Janice Braden  in this video below.   

Choose a Trusted business in'll be glad you did!!

The Trusted Community rebuild of Janice's house. Janice's testimony of her experience


The Trusted team is SUPER excited to announce that the  Trusted Saskatchewan community rebuild of Janice Braden's house has been completed. Janice and her young daughter have a HOME again ...and a beautiful one at that!

We will be sharing pictures of the finished project soon, but first, we had to have a party to celebrate!

On August 13th, 2015 the Trusted team gathered Janice and as many of the Trusted partners who contributed to the project as possible to Village Guitar and Amp and celebrated this completion of this huge project. Nicola from PickNics Catering ( a Trusted Saskatoon caterer ) provided delicious food and the drinks flowed as we all laughed and chatted about the project. Friendships have been made on this project between the partners across Saskatchewan, and Janice Braden was kind enough to allow us to video her giving testimonials to all the Trusted partners and others that stepped up to help her in her moment of need!    

Please enjoy the video below, and please support these wonderful Trusted partners that really did make this happen. We are so proud to support and promote our partners as they really are all the REAL DEAL!   




Below is a list of the Trusted partners who stepped up, along with their suppliers ( Loraas ( free Loraas bin), RONA ( trims), Roofmart Prairie( all of the shingles!) and Dave at Heated Roofing Systems, Colorado, USA donated a brand new heated roofing system! Plus RONA for trims and lots of other bits of material and Winroc!

Perfection Plumbing - All the plumbing

Kitchen & Bath Classics - new bathroom vanity

JABA Construction- Project Management and numerous jobs!


Age Of Electric - ALL the electrics

Sunview Windows & Doors - $250 towards the rebuild

Conexus - donating $250 towards the re-build

Kari Calder- Century 21 - $300 in Home Depot Gift Certs

Hairstyle Inn's - $300 Gift Certificate to HSI

Made In The Shade $700 Gift Certificate for MIS

Adrenaline Roofing - Trusted Regina Partner- a NEW Roof and heated roof system!

Fresh Living - shopping help and design

BOW Home Services - Painting services 

Read The Janice's Build  full story from the beginning -   3 previous articles here the Saskatoon directory you can trust

The Trusted Saskatoon directory and the Trusted marketing Services team are thrilled to be doing what we do. We really believe the Trusted community is making a difference in Saskatoon and area. Trusted is still a fairly new Saskatchewan business, some have still not heard about us, others have heard of but don't know what we do differently to other places you can source local companies. Perhaps the more cynical among us don't think we are the 'real deal' ?

One of the fundamentals of Trusted is we are an unbiased 3rd party that promotes and endorses these ' Trusted'  locally accountable businesses. Unlike the others we actually do our due diligence on the companies before they sign a contract with us to become Trusted. The verification process includes talking to their customers, and we also randomly mystery shop the partners throughout the year!  

One of the favorite moments on our work life at Trusted is when we get feedback from the users of Trusted, and this last few weeks we have received some awesome emails that we wanted to share with you! 

The first is from Claire a newcomer to Saskatoon from Alberta who messaged us via contact us page.


Thanks Claire we appreciate you taking the time to write to us and WELCOME to the best place in the World :)  


The second is from some one we know really well, as they are a long standing Trusted Partners themselves - Tammy Richmond from GPS Financial - TrustedSaskatoon Financial Planning professionals 


"I have been meaning to write you for a month and give you feedback about my Trusted experience from a consumer perspective: As a Trusted partner I, of course, go to Trusted first when I am looking for a service or business to meet my needs. In May I moved so the first place I looked for my movers was on Trusted Saskatoon. Two companies came up and I immediately contacted both for quotes along with other companies that were not on Trusted. The two companies on Trusted were the only ones that responded to my request for a quote. They were very similar in what they offered and price so I selected one and my experience was great. The owner of the company was calling the guys during our move to check in and see how things were going, they were on time, the cost was what was quoted and there was not one nick in any walls. I was very satisfied with my experience.

Once we had possession of our house it was clear we needed the carpets cleaned badly. So again I went to Trusted and found Hal at the Carpet Guys. This is the second time I have reached out to Hal through Trusted. He is great. He fit me in, he is fast, and he does a fantastic job. I have recommended him to others several times.

As a Trusted partner it was great to experience it from the other side. I know the process a business goes through to be a Trusted partner, I know the work Sara and her team do to make sure each company can be “Trusted” and that makes the decision of who to call so much easier. If a company is on Trusted I don’t feel the need to ask friends for recommendations or try to find out about other people’s experiences, that work has been done for me. If you are a Trusted partner why wouldn’t you reach out to the other partners for their services and products first? It just makes sense! Thanks Sara & the Trusted team, Tammy.


Trusted SK community steps up to help a local Saskatoon woman after her contractor nightmare Part 3 Janice's rebuild

The Trusted teamwork for the public, we do that by finding great local businesses, verifying they are as good as we have heard, and contracting them to uphold the 5 Trusted Guarantees. These 5 Trusted guarantees are the cornerstone of our business and the businesses we partner with, and if something does go wrong we hold the businesses to their obligations....that's what the Trusted Saskatoon businesses sign up for. That's why we promote them and why we believe they are the best businesses in the cities we serve. 

The first time you have heard of this?

Read/watch Part 1 here - see where it all began! 

Part 2 

Read the CBC Story Here  



JANICE'S BUILD- the Trusted Rebuild PART 3 

It's been over 6 months since we first brought you Janice's story, and we are getting to the final stages of this huge renovation here in Saskatoon!  CBC covered the story province-wide in December and it has also been featured in a number of National Publications including Canadian Contractor Magazine


Dave Andercheck from JABA Construction and his team have been project-managing the build - this is no mean feat!! Coordinating contractors, multiple companies across Saskatchewan's work schedules, inspectors and a plan to do everything in a logical order! Weather, vacations and material delivery has hampered efforts to get this job finished sooner and in this video you can really see what goes on to get a huge renovation ( estimated materials and labor donated will be $80-$100k) like this completed, and meet some of the amazing Trusted partners who tell us why they have stepped up to the plate!




We have already had so many wonderful Trusted Saskatoon directory partners offer Janice their help and have gone over and above in both free labour and materials ...  Trusted Regina partner Adrenaline Roofing - a new roof!!  

These partners, along with their suppliers ( Loraas ( free Loraas (bin), RONA (trims ),  Roofmart Prairie( all of the shingles!) and Dave at  Heated Roofing Systems, Colorado, USA donated a brand new heated roofing system! Plus RONA for trims and lots of other bits of material and Winroc! 



  1. Perfection Plumbing - All the plumbing
  2. Kitchen & Bath Classics - new bathroom vanity
  3. JABA Construction- Project Management and numerous jobs!  
  4. KTS Custom Cabinets - A NEW CUSTOM KITCHEN
  5. Age Of Electric - ALL the electrics
  6. Sunview Windows & Doors - $250 towards the rebuild
  7. Conexus- donating $250 towards the re-build
  8. Kari Calder- Century 21 - $300 in Home Depot Gift Certs
  9. Hairstyle Inn's  - $300 Gift Certificate to HSI
  10. Made In The Shade Gift Certificate for MIS
  11. Adrenaline Roofing - Trusted Regina Partner- a NEW Roof and heated roof system! 
  12. Fresh Living - shopping help and design 
  13. BOW Home Services - Painting services 
  14. Trusted Directories - $1000 of the project 



So whats next?  We are ever so close to getting done - so watch out for the final blog with the reveal video ....oh yes, then a PARTY!!  

A message from Janice Braden. " Yes, I have been terribly impressed by everyone who is coming in to work. It's almost like everyone feels a responsibility to prove what good workmanship should be - I hear snips of conversations about doing it right, double and triple checking, making sure things will last for years. Everything that is going in, layer by layer, is solid and of excellent quality and I couldn't be happier or more impressed. And yes, the ridiculous potlight is gone (Arlen from Age Of Electric said none of them was actually hooked to a switch anywhere..oh my!). "



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