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Trusted community steps up to help a local Saskatoon woman after her contractor nightmare Part 1

The Trusted team work for the public, we do that by finding great local businesses, verifying they are as good as we have heard, and contracting them to uphold the 5 Trusted Guarantees. These 5 Trusted guarantees are the cornerstone of our business and the businesses we partner with, and if something does go wrong we hold the businesses to their obligations....thats what the Trusted Saskatoon businesses sign up for. That's why we promote them and why we believe they are the best  businesses in the cities we serve. 



JANICE'S BUILD- the Trusted Rebuild

Last week we heard about Janice, a single Mum in Saskatoon that has not been lucky enough to deal with a  ' Trustworthy' business, in fact she has dealt with the kind of company that we set Trusted Saskatoon up to protect people from....lets share the first part of the story. 

Janice is a lovely women who has been left in a house that was a home 5 months ago & now is a dangerous unfinished, building site. She is trying to keep on a brave face for her 10 year old daughter, but is sick with worry that the house won't survive the Winter cold that is on it's way,  and wondering every day how she is going to manage to get back on her feet .......why? All because of an unscrupulous Saskatoon contractor that has been her worst nightmare! 


We heard of her story last week though a friend of Sara's, the Trusted founder, and we were extremely moved by her plight, and wanted to do what we could to's a great thing we know an amazing group of local Saskatoon businesses, who are invested in their community and who truly set the standard for integrity in the Saskatoon Business community!


We sent out an email at 9pm that night, we had some responses back within the hour and by the end of the week we have already had so many wonderful Trusted Saskatoon directory partners offer Janice their help...and 2 Trusted Regina partners!  



Thank you also to to Aaron Loraas- from Loraas disposal for donating bins and garbage fees for the project , Winroc and rona for materials and Heating roofing systems in Colorado for the roof!! 

Sara went to surprise Janice tonight, who knew nothing of this until was extremely emotional, Janice was completely gob smacked when Sara knocked on her door and told her why she was there. Once the first round of tears were dried, and she realized Sara was above board, she showed her round the house and Sara couldn't believe the state this contractor has left her in. We shared the news about the wonderful Trusted Saskatoon companies that had already stepped up to help her, and she was happy to allow us to document this journey by blog and video, so she could prevent other people from having the same thing happen to this is Part 1 of THE HOUSE THAT TRUSTED SASKATOON REBUILT!   

So whats Next ?
Dave Andercheck from JABA Construction, a well recognized business leader and expert in the construction industry is going to cast his professional eye over Janice's bomb site of a home, and he will then be able to assess just what needs to be done, and from there we can start planning the rebuild, and what we need in regards help & materials from these amazing Trusted Saskatoon companies.
 We will leave you with Sara's comments as the last words of Part 1
" Saskatoon has been amazing to me and my family, and I believe it's important to step up to help people in the community you live in. Janice's situation is not uncommon unfortunately, thing like this happen every day to families and individuals in this city and this province, thats why I was motivated to start Trusted. I am just glad I am in a position, along with the Trusted partners  to help her with this hand up back on her feet again. 
To start the ball rolling I will donate $1000 in  Gift Certificates for Janice to put towards this rebuild. She can use them at any of the partner businesses on the directory.  I am not going to publicly name the contractor, or his business...that is not my place, but after what I saw & heard today I believe strongly that the company  should have their A rating on the Better Business Bureau of Saskatchewan lowered to an F, and the insurance companies should take them off their preferred list of contractors"  

GT Flooring and the Trusted Saskatoon Team make a customer very happy!

The Trusted Saskatoon team love to get feedback from YOU the public when they have used the directory to find a Trusted business and we love sharing those experiences here on our blog.

Here we document some real words from REAL customers about a Trusted partner GT Flooring a Trusted Saskatoon Flooring company.


Sara the Trusted Founder was happy when Lee Meyers called her when she was struggling to find a Saskatoon Flooring Contractor, Sara then actually went to meet Lee and Fred and worked together with the Mayers, who have have used the Trusted Saskatoon Directory to find many services and retails destinations, to ensure they were listened to and to try her best to help! 


Here is an email we were excited to receive from them! 


" Dear Sara

We are sending this email to say "thank you" for your help in directing us to GT Flooring to have the back splash tile in our kitchen removed, the gyproc behind the tile replaced, mudding, painting and last of all a GREAT JOB done in installing the new tile. GT Flooring was very professional right from my first conversation with Simon back in Oct to the finished job by Jordan and Leon this past Monday. It is was pleasure to have each one of their crew along with the sub trades they used to complete the job. I will be sending a "thank you" card to GT Flooring, Kaesir and Simon for a job well done and will be recommending their company with the highest of standards. I am also including a  recommendation for your website re GT Flooring if that would work for you.

Again, thanks Sara. If you want to see a professional tile job done, please feel free to stop by anytime. "

Lee and Fred Mayers, Saskatoon


"We recently moved into a new condo with an unsatisfactory tiled back-splash in our kitchen. Several flooring/tile companies were contacted in hope of getting this job redone. Many would take on the job of installing new tile, but were not interested in taking off the existing tile or in repairing the wall behind the tile. We referred to Trusted Saskatoon's website and along with Sara's assistance we contacted GT Flooring. They agreed to help us by taking on the complete job leaving us stress free. Right from our first phone conversation to GT Flooring to the completed job it was handled with total professionalism. The crew from GT Flooring were experienced in their trade which left us with a tiled backsplash in our kitchen that every home owner would be proud of. A job well done! We highly recommend GT Flooring. They certainly live up to the "Five Trusted Guarantees". Thank you Trusted Saskatoon and of course a big thank you to Kaesir, Simon and all of the crew from GT Flooring for an excellent job." 





The Trusted directories were set up based upon the principals of good business, and the foundation of good business is integrity. Simply put, if you don't care about your customers needs as a business then you will never be trusted.

When Sara the Trusted founder came up with the ' Trusted directories concept '  she wanted to have clear, simple guidelines or ' guarantees' laid out for all to see , and she knew it was important for the Trusted partners to sign contracts to uphold those guarantees (and for the partners to be held to them by Trusted).  

Read The Trusted Guarantees here



When Trusted gives the Thumbs up to a business it MEANS something 


Milton Taylor your Trusted Saskatoon Photographer from Imagery Photography is featured in the Starphoenix

Photographs....memories and precious moments in our lives captured in time with a click of a camera shutter. These are the occasions and days of our lives that only happen once. Trust the professionals at Imagery Photography Saskatoon with your special moments because they understand the importance these memories hold, and work with you to ensure that they stay with you for a lifetime.

Imagery Photography are your Trusted Saskatoon Photographer!

Here Milton is featured in the Starphoenix:


The power of "all in"


Professional photographer Milton Taylor's longstanding involvement in the Saskatoon business community has served as a natural channel for his many volunteer pursuits. He spearheaded this vegetable garden project which is managed by the Food Bank.

Photograph by: Photo Courtesy Of Imagery Photography , The Starphoenix


Maybe he won't hang from a tree to get a photo (he'll do the next best thing) but professional photographer Milton Taylor is willing to get 'down and dirty' to spearhead a vegetable garden project for the Food Bank. It's part of his longstanding volunteer philosophy, otherwise known as a lifestyle.

"I've done a lot of volunteering in the past, Kinsmen, K40, that kind of thing. But I've gotten into volunteering moreso in the last few years because the community has been good to me, they come to my door and have their pictures taken, so I like to give back," he says. Imagery, Taylor's photography business, was established 37 years ago, and these days, focuses primarily on commercial style work, as well as a range of portraiture, including large family groups.

Being in business in Saskatoon over many years has led to numerous volunteering opportunities. "If you've been steeped in the business culture and you're observant, you do those things, it just comes natural to you," he says.

Taylor was the instigator of "100 People 100 Reasons" when Saskatoon turned a hundred. He's in his third year on the board of the Saskatoon Golf & Country Club where he oversees two committees. He's been a Jazz Festival volunteer for 15 years, serves on the board of the NSBA (North Saskatoon Business Association) and with the Club Connect committee. He just completed a couple of two-year stints with the Tourism Board. 

Taylor's general approach seems to be "all-in" no matter what he does. But some opportunities tug at the heart strings in a special way. Like Care and Share, an organization that seeks to ensure all children have the same opportunities. It serves 17 inner-city community schools, addressing their wish lists of goods, services and programs that would best fulfill the students' needs.

Taylor has been on the board of Care and Share Saskatoon for about 12 years. "We have a dignity fund and each school is allotted so much money and the coordinator can take it and buy underwear or rubber boots or a swim suit if they go to swimming classes," he says. In many cases the children don't have these kinds of necessities.

"Many things in life will catch your eye, few catch your heart - pursue those," quotes Taylor, who is so committed to Care and Share he says they'll have to throw him off the board, because he's not leaving anytime soon. Everybody deserves a chance and Milton believes education is the key to the answer. "If we can have a generation of kids who stay in school, learn to be productive, and have positive role models, then we may have to close down a jail or two. That's wishful thinking but you've got to shoot for something," says Taylor.

The Food Bank vegetable garden on Third Avenue is another project that Taylor spearheaded. "I saw the toboggan at the top of the hill and I gave it a shove and got her rolling." The plot is in view from his current business location on the corner of 3rd Ave and Duchess Street. After getting permission from the mayor, some aging housing was removed, the plot was levelled and potatoes were grown the first year. When blight set in, the crop changed. "Last year they planted a lot of corn and squash and root vegetables and things like that, and harvested 19,500 pounds of produce from the three acre plot," says Taylor, who volunteers by going and picking things when they need it.

Taylor and Kearny Korchinski were asked by the Chamber to help form a new Junior Chamber of Commerce and we helped form a club which is now known as SYPE (Saskatchewan Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs).

Professionally, Taylor has served on the provincial and national boards of the PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada) as president and in other capacities. He's also done speaking, competition judging and mentoring for various groups and individuals.

"There's people in our society that are stuck between a rock and a hard place, and dignity is important. Helping them to help themselves or giving them a chance to move forward, helping them get into society a little more and be their own person, don't we want that for people?" asks Taylor.


Read the glowing client testimonials from the clients Trusted spoke to on the IMAGERY PHOTOGRAPHY listing in the SASKATOON PHOTOGRAPHY & FRAMING category on the Saskatoon Directory of Excellence for yourself!!

Trusted Saskatoon Directories founder supports Habitat Humanity Saskatoon $100,000 in 100days build

Sara Wheelwright the S & E Trusted Online Directories Founder is committed to giving back to the community and has got involved with many non profits and initiatives over the last few years across Saskatchewan. See a previous article about Trusted community support here

Whether it be sponsorship, donations, contests or attending events Trusted believes in  helping out. 

The latest initiative is one very close to Sara's heart, as she has been involved with a similar project with Habitat for Humanity Regina for the last 2 years, as one of the 100  in 2011, then 200 in 2012 women who stepped up to raise $300,000 over less than 200days and build 3 Habitat for Humanity houses in Regina.

Heres a picture of Sara at the 2011 H4H 100 women in 100 days celebration gala in Regina



Trusted is thrilled to announce that Sara is one of the seven wonderful ladies on the  Saskatoon Habitat for Humanity $100,000 in 100days committee, and she is excited to champion this wonderful initiative as the owner of Trusted Directories and also as a founding member of The Little Red Dress Club. Also on the committe are the 3 other Little Red Dress Club founding members Leanne Falkowsky ( The Urban Wall - Trusted Saskatoon painter ) , Tammy Wandzura Mortgage Broker ( Trusted Saskatoon Mortgage broker)  &  Chantelle Butterfield ( Funktional Space) along with Dr Dee Dee Maltman ( Leydas Cafe) , Jayne Horachek and Tara Martin ( H4H)  

$100,000 in 100days

Imagine yourself as one of one hundred exceptional women who raised the funds to build an entire home.

Imagine yourself as one of one hundred inspirational women who make it possible for a hard-working, low-income family to purchase that very home.


This is your invitation to do just that , to make a positive impact on a family’s life here in Saskatoon. 100 days from our launch date of October 7th 2013 is January 14th, 2014. Until that time, Saskatoon’s most energetic and influential women will work together to raise $100,000- you can join them by donating here  share this article or the donation letter ( PDF available at bottom of the page )


Habitat homes are built with funding from donations from community partners. As one of one hundred women making a $1,000 investment in our organization, you help to ensure a hard-working family has the opportunity to achieve their dream of home ownership.

Habitat homes are also built with 95% volunteer labour. You are most welcome to volunteer on site at any time alongside other fabulous $100,000 in 100 days ladies


Also there will be a fabulous celebration / networking gala once the objective is achieved to thank all 100 women involved!! 



We encourage and challenge Saskatoon ladies to step up together to GET THIS TARGET ACHIEVED IN RECORD TIME!!


Ways to help:

1.Be 1 of the 100 ladies to donate / raise $1000 – we are well on the way to smash the 100 day target and to celebrating in style at the gala !!

2 Send out the link to this article to your contacts – Encourage their participation in this women lead and owned build.

3.Spread the word on your social media platforms - We will be sharing regular updates to keep the excitement and interest.

It is only 100 Women that can attend the gala event ( due to size of venue required, food, drink etc) - but they don’t have to be business owners or philanthropists – they can be company representatives , wives of male business owners, splurge groups and sports teams ( that draw straws to send one member to the gala), parents buying a daughter in college or chidren buying their Mother a really meaningful and fun Christmas gift or even a family, college class or school clubbing together and sending 1 representative….the website will mention the individuals in combined teams.


2013 100k in 100 days.pdf (506.07 kb)

Trusted Saskatoon directory team share a real testimonial from a happy client of The Glass Doctor your Saskatoon glass expert

The Trusted directories were set up based upon the principals of good business, and the foundation of good business is integrity. Simply put, if you don't care about your customers needs as a business then you will never be trusted.

When Sara the Trusted founder came up with the ' Trusted directories concept '  she wanted to have clear, simple guidelines or ' guarantees' laid out for all to see , and she knew it was important for the Trusted partners to sign contracts to uphold those guarantees (and for the partners to be held to them by Trusted).  

Read The Trusted Guarantees here


On a regular basis we get feedback from YOU the public when they have used the directory to find a Trusted business and we like to share it with you we document some real words from a REAL customer about one of our newest partners on the directory The Glass Doctor 



Hi Trusted

I got my windshield replaced on Friday. They also replaced my wipers which was fantastic (to use up the $500 GC I won from you !!). Everyone was great there (especially the lady at the front, she was very thorough with everything). I will definitely recommend them and use the Glass Doctor for any other needs I have. Thanks so much for picking me as the winner. You don't understand what a huge help it was to be able to replace my windshield, as tuition money comes first. Also, I would not have known where to go to get this done, so it was nice you had a company associated with Trusted Saskatoon. Makes a person feel better about picking a company when they aren't familiar with that industry.

Thanks so much to Trusted Saskatoon and the Glass Doctor!

Best Regards, Sherri


THANK YOU Sherri for taking the time to share your experience and thanks to Jason and the Glass Doctor Team for truly showing they deserve their Trusted status!


When we give the Thumbs up to a business IT MEANS something!




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