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Trusted Saskatoon team brags about Equinox Home Innovations as Trusted Saskatoon renovation specialists

Trusted Saskatoon directory team are delighted to announce our newest Trusted Saskatoon Renovation contractor, Equinox Home Innovations.

The Trusted Team had a number of meetings with this Saskatoon renovation and new home construction business in the last few months. Because of that we have come to know many of their amazing team,  which includes an engineer, a design team, experienced craftsman and a huge support staff.

Equinox team Saskatoon

The reputation of Equinox was built on quality and customer satisfaction, more often than not that means bending over backwards to accommodate their customers wishes and needs where ever possible.

They provide a dynamic experience, focusing first on building relationships with their clients and second on working closely with them to ensure the process of renovating is a positive experience. They concentrate on big renovations, and that means each is a huge task! 

“Renovating a home is much harder than building a new home as there are many challenges that can arise. This is where we are truly the experts as we have the experience to anticipate many of these unforeseen issues and discuss them before the renovation even begins ”, Curtis Legget , Equinox operations manager.


What did their customers say?

Overall, they rated high when we contacted their past customers to discuss their experience. Debbie Haines of Saskatoon said it best when talking about her renovation experience “When little things would go wrong they would always step up to the plate and make sure that everything was going smoothly and made sure whatever had gone wrong that it was rectified. Curt truly is the face of Equinox with his eye for detail and concern. Also, all of the people that work for Equinox are very high quality. You never feel concerned when Equinox people are in your home”.

Equinox have the craftsmanship and expertise to bring your dreams of your home renovation to life, their dedication to design, detail, and value ensures every home is renovated to the same expectation they would have if renovating their own, and they always commit to finishing a renovation BEFORE starting someone else’s! They are Trusted Saskatoon renovation contractors 


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