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Trusted Health & Wellness Expert shares a TRUSTED TIP


Reasons Individuals Choose Medical & Dental Treatment Abroad

Save Money! Many individuals are choosing medical tourism due to the cost saving benefits. The cost difference and savings that you will receive will depend upon youor country that you choose as well as the specific medical procedure you are acquiring. The average cost difference ranges from 5—80% savings from what is charged in the United States. For example, a procedure that costs $10,000 could be obtained abroad for $2,000-$5,000. It is important to note that the cost savings of treatments abroad is due to the cost of living and wage differences for professionals in these countries. Save Time! Medical and dental procedures in Canada and the United States may have lengthy wait times. By choosing to seek treatment abroad, you can save yourself a lot of time. Many individuals seek immediate care abroad, something that they cannot often receive in their country of residence. Why wait for medical and dental procedures in your country of residence, when quality treatment is available to you abroad? Relief from Stress! Once the decision to seek medical or dental attention abroad has been made, it can be overwhelming to think of all the planning that goes into having a successful experience. Global Healthcare Connections is your solution to planning your entire medical tourism experience! Our commitment is to deliver your services in a timely, caring and confidential manner, ensuring that you have a safe and comfortable experience from your first call to your return home. Receive the treatment you need abroad without the worry of how you are going to work out all of the details. Let us do the work for you!

Check out listings here in the Saskatoon Health & Wellness Category on THE Saskatoon directory of excellence.


Wiseguys our Saskatoon Mattress expert shares a Trusted Tip

Wiseguys Mattresses offers incredible value to their customers through a boutique style shopping experience, customized service and unbeatable prices. They aim to have every customer leave the store confident in their decision to buy, and with a guaranteed good night's sleep.

Marks from Wiseguys Trusted Tip

A mattress is the most important piece of furniture you will ever buy... because if you don't sleep right, you don't function right.

You can get away with a cheap T.V. or a cheap sofa and it won't affect your quality of life, but not sleeping properly will. When buying a new mattress, avoid all the gimicks and worry about 2 things only, comfort and durability. Two of the biggest gimicks to avoid are the 50% or more "off" sales and the free gifts.Those sales are off of there regular retail price and not the value of the bed. As an example, I had a bed that I retailed for $899 taxes included. The exact same bed was being sold at 70% off at another store. Their "retail" price was $3200. Unfortunitly, people fall for this type of advertising all the time. Do houses or cars or boats go on 50%, 60% or 70% off sales? Then why would mattresses? The same principal works with the free gifts. Often the cost of this gift is worked into the retail price of the mattress, or the free gift is valued far more than it's worth. These are just some of the smoke and mirror tactics that some retailors use to get you into their store. Why is it that these sales are always going on at certain stores, or that some stores have a flyer every week always saving 50%? Unfortunatly because it works on people. They are hoping that you are not aware of what you have just learned.

Again,at the end of the day you should only be worried about 2 things.. comfort and durability. So what have we learned today? That price or preceived savings or free whatever IS NOT a indication of quality or comfort.

Find Wiseguuys Mattress , Circle Dr. E. Saskatoon,,fan them on Facebook or check out their listing here in the Saskatoon Furniture Category on THE Saskatoon directory of excellence. They are YOUR Trusted experts right here in Saskatoon!


Fitness Focus a Trusted Saskatoon Fitness & Gym Expert have a TRUSTED TIP on Designing your own Program

At Fitness Focus, the goal is to offer a fitness center with a welcoming; fun; and safe environment that all ages can enjoy. They are a forerunner in the fitness industry in Saskatoon . With the ever changing fitness demands of new and improved classes, training; and nutrition.

This Fitness Focus Trusted Tip is about Designing Your Own Program

There is no substitue for a professionally desgned program for the gym. But if you consider yourself experienced in the gym and insist on planning your own training routine, make sure to keep your program well rounded but specific towards whatever goals you might have laid out for yourself.

Here are some of the main components to designing your program and deciding how to spend your time in the gym:

One: Cardiovascular training should be well balanced with some high intensity and some low-moderate intensity. Just like your resistance training, your body will adapt to stress if the same stress is applied consistently so it is important to diversify your cardio. Use incline and speed intervals to keep your body guessing.

Two: Muscle conditioning needs to focus on exercises for upper body, lower body, core: including abdominals, sides and lower back, as well as full body workouts including circuits. When choosing your specific exercises you must understand the fundamentals; understand what the function of each muscle does to choose proper exercises.

Print a Free 2-Week Trial Membership for you and your friends. If you're looking for a gym in Saskatoon and have never tried Fitness Focus, this pass is for you to come experience the great atmosphere, people and all the major ammenities Fitness Focus offers. For 2 weeks you will have access to The Weight Room, Cardio Theatre, All Group Fitness Classes, Unlimited Tanning, Free Towel Service, Free Lockers and more... click HERE to print yours

Find Fitness Focus Health & Athletic Centre at 1250 Ontario Avenue, or check out their listing here in the Saskatoon Fitness & Gyms Category on THE Saskatoon directory of excellence. They are YOUR Trusted experts right here in Saskatoon!


CLEANING SUPPLIES Trusted Expert gives us a Great TRUSTED TIP

How much do you know about the cleaning products you use in your home every day? With a growing trend of all sorts of products making "green" claims, it is now harder than ever to be sure you are making the best choice. 

Magic Melt is truly a Magical Product!!

If you haven't tried it out yet ... then what are you waiting for? Magic Melt is an absolutely fabulous ice melter unlike most you'll ever see on the store shelf! This product can be spread with a shaker bottle or a fertilizer spreader to ensure the product covers evenly. You use a third of what you would normally use for other products you buy retail. Anything more is a waste! Shovel your walk or driveway as normal. Then sprinkle Magic Melt on any areas with a snow buildup or icey areas. Keep it light - you don't need much!

IN fact ONE kernel of Magic Melt will melt up to 300 times it's size in snow or ice! What happens is when it connects with ice or snow it creates a reaction that produces heat! This heat is very fast and hot. It melts away even the most stubborn ice situations. Heavier ice build ups may require an additional application. What you will really like is that the water created by the melt will not last long and it's gone - it does not refreeze and leave you another future ice patch to slip and fall on. And it leaves an invisible film on your driveway or walk that makes shovelling even easier after the next snowfall!

It also helps prevent blowing snow from sticking as well. And one of the best things is that when applied correctly it all disappears with the snow and ice! Nothing left to track into your home or business!! And it works to -40 degrees - just what we need for Saskatchewan winters!! Most other products only work to -20 or -30! Magic Melt can be applied to all concrete surfaces without worry of damaging your concrete when used properly. Most rock salt and ice melt products can leave your concrete pitted and ugly. After a couple of years crumbling and an ice sore resulting in costly repairs or replacement. They also risk major damage to nearby vegetation or will kill nearby grass and shrubs. Magic Melt contains some extra help to promote regrowth of nearby vegetation so even if you over apply there is very little risk to vegetation. And it is very pet friendly!! Unlike rock salts that can burn or damage paws ... Give it a try for yourself and tell us if you don't agree that Magic Melt is the best ice melt product you have ever tried!





Find  our TRUSTED SASKATOON CLEANING SERVICES  EXPERTS or go to their listing here on ..THE Saskatoon directory of excellence. They are YOUR Trusted experts right here in Saskatoon!

Trusted brags about J.A.B.A Construction our latest Trusted Contractor and Renovation and Design company on the Saskatoon directory is thrilled to brag about another wonderful Trusted business on the Saskatoon directory of excellence! We are busy catching up, as so many businesses are coming on board each week across the province..sometimes we are stretched pretty will also notice how many TRUSTED TIPS our existing clients are providing us the typing never stops. ..except maybe to film our own TRUSTED TIPS for Global Saskatoons new 6-9am morning show  ( our first consumer tip by Sara the Trusted founder aired today..we will have it up on Youtube asap for you to look at! )...exciting and BUSY times on the run up to Christmas! 

We are not complaining though..we are breaking new ground in the directory industry with every step forward...not only are we unique because we provide businesses that have a track record of excellence..and are contracted to uphold the 5 Trusted Guarantees of excellence for those people with a NEED right now..but we are evolving into a local source of TRUSTED Experts..who provide tips for the consumers who we know are researching online  BEFORE they decide who to buy from or what to buy!

To see this feature for yourself click on the category you are interested in .......and you will see a link to the right of the category that says CLICK HERE FOR TIPS AND RESOURCES   this takes you to our blog archive where you can pick from our list of Trusted Tips..or you can simply select a category you are interested in from the TAG CLOUD on the left to see all TIPs and blogs on that subject..EASY ..see we truly are the SMART & SIMPLE choice!

Now , lets brag about our most recent Trusted Contractor!  

 J.A.B.A Construction Ltd

Dave Anderchek the owner of J.A.B.A. Construction is instantly likeable and he is extremely well respected in the Saskatchewan Construction industry….Dave  is everything the typical ‘ stereotype’ builder is NOT that’s for sure, and he is pretty proud of the fact that he was the first contractor in the city with a website…he was well ahead of his competition …and in fact most Saskatoon businesses in that regard! He is a family man, and the company name is actually made up of the 3 initials of his kids plus the family name.... Trusted resonated with him instantly…it is how he has always done business, and once he and Lindsay (his astute office manager) took the time to look over the presentation and gather all the facts about how we operate and what the Trusted philosophy is , the decision to go in the Contractor (General) and the Renovation and Design category ( they have a design consultant on staff, so they are really able to help their clients in all aspects from design – completion) was easy.

The Trusted application process involves surveying clients of the businesses that want to be Trusted….we call a random number from a list they provide us, and generally the surveys take anything from 5 – 10 mins / person…in that time we pull the testimonial ( with permission) that you can read in the listings( REAL TESTIMONY FROM REAL PEOPLE)…it is a pass or fail…Trusted only endorse and promotes excellence not average….and it is safe to say that J.A.B.A definitely fall into the first category!

Heather, our wonderful Trusted Saskatoon consultant called me after being on the phone with their clients… “Sara you will not believe the response from J.A.B.A.s clients when I surveyed them!!” ....I wasn’t worried as I knew that J.A.B.A were a fit for Trusted( honestly I can just tell now within minutes of meeting a potential partner..) …but she did have an interesting story to tell…she had been on the phone with 2 of their clients for nearly 1.5 hours!! Look at the survey forms below in the picture…they have testimonials and great comments written all over them from these long phone calls…front AND back!! You can read some of the abridged versions in the listing here  and here …but I can assure you that the many bits that weren’t put into the testimonials on the listing were just as good as the things that are there is a bit more from Joanna of Saskatoon “ Very Clean...when we came home there was never a mess…Dave remembered who we were 4 years later, he is so professional yet personable…the timelines were perfect! “ ...In fact the only negative thing that was said about J.A.B.A was from a client of theirs who is a retired vet…he said “ that darn dog in the office is too fat should tell Dave and Lindsay to put him on a diet!”

See the picture below of their award cabinet….we can assure you that they deserved every single one of them….just as they deserve the ‘ Thumbs up’  from us ...don’t expect them to be the cheapest …don’t expect them to be available to do a job for you next week..but do expect that they will be WORTH the wait and WORTH the investment!



Here are some of the surveys ..9-10's all around for J.A.B.A!


We look forward to bragging about the other 3 wonderful Trusted Saskatoon Partners that went live last week....and telling you why they are SAFE and Trusted businesses and why when searching or Googling, you should choose a TRUSTED business in Saskatoon'll be glad you did!

Stay Trusted my friends..Safe and Trusted of course


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