Treeternity Memorial Forest

Treeternity Memorial Forest

"There is a definite need for this memorial forest in the area. It is a beautiful spot - we just visited it for the second time recently. We totally commend the young couple for their compassion, vision, entrepreneurship, and ambition to make this realization." - Terry and Loretta

"10/10 We had no understanding of how this process would work with Treeternity but we just knew that we needed to find a way to help our children cope with the loss of our beloved family pet. Mia was so great to deal with and helped us through the whole process of choosing a tree, plaque design etc. She was compassionate, flexible and very accommodating. This provided closure for our family and allowed the kids to learn a hard life lesson in a beautiful environment. We now have a celebratory tree to visit as well as a place to remember loved ones for years to come. Highly recommend their services to anyone that has lost a loved one." - Joni Morman (Saskatoon)

Plant a Tree For A Loved One

An eco-friendly, modern way to celebrate an event, loved one, pet or family with a tree and plaque in a beautiful park. Treeternity allows you to celebrate or remember an important person or aspect of your life in an environmentally positive way. A walk through Treeternity Memorial Forest in the future will be a journey of all walks of life, every memory is equally welcome.

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Each tree has its own story so there are countless reasons why planting a tree might be something you want to do. You can also offer it as a unique gift for someone you love, they are the perfect example of something that gives more than once.

Check out the website and contact Mia to get the process started today;


Treeternity is your Trusted Saskatoon Memorial Forest.

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Treeternity Memorial Forest

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