Find Local Labour

Find Local Labour

"I used Local Labour services and Rory was excellent to deal with. I would definitely recommend them as a great recruiting tool " Scott (Liftech) -Saskatoon

"Exceptional to deal with. Rory is the type of guy that if he doesn't know the answer to something he will get it for you. He's a super guy to work with and I have known him for over 10 years." Cyril (Unique Contract Interiors) -Saskatoon

Find LOCAL, RELIABLE & qualified workers for entry-level jobs.

We have all struggled at some point to find employees for a position we need filled or struggled to find the right job for our skill sets. Find Local Labour solves this problem for you. They recognize that local job seekers and employers need a better venue for connecting efficiently, so they created the solution! is that venue and they are the solution! 

What type of businesses can benefit from Find Local Labour?

  • Construction and General Labour 
  • Food Service & Hospitality
  • Administration Professionals
  • Retail Stores
They also provide a  "Reliability Rating" , this rating tells you what kind of work history the job seeker has. The Find Local Labour team personally  call previous employers to generate this rating.

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Find Local Labour

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