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Invisible Fence Brand of Saskatchewan

Invisible Fence Brand of Saskatchewan

"We had our invisible fence installed less than a month ago to keep our 5-month-old lab, Halo, safe from traffic and from leaving our farm. Today she was put to the test when 2 young moose came into the yard. She chased them off the yard then sat at her line and gave them multiple loud barks scaring them off out into the field. As much as she would have loved to give them a good chase, she never crossed her line. We are loving the invisible fence and knowing our new addition is safe in her yard" - Jacqui Thome 

"It is very liberating to have this fence installed. We can now let the puppies run in the yard without worrying about them running on to the road or chasing deer off the yard etc. And no distress on the dogs."  - Hari Nair 

Invisible Fence® Brand systems are invisible boundary systems for your yard and home! Over the last 45 years, they have helped more than two million pets and their owners lead safe and harmonious lives together. It keeps your pet out of harm's way and prevents unwanted behaviours throughout your home and yard. The systems are safe, humane, and highly recommended by Veterinarians, Behaviourists, and pet experts. 

Outdoor Solutions:

  • GPS Wireless System - The best and most advanced dog fence on the market. There's no maximum yard size and is best for farms and acreages over 5 acres in size. It can be customized for your property with no digging and no terrain restrictions.
  • Boundary Plus System - The safest electronic dog fence with patented technology based on time and not distance and your pet cannot run through the boundary. This reinforces their training and teaches them to stay close to home.
  • Shields Plus Solution - These invisible barriers let you protect your pet and your yard. It helps keep your dog or cat out of the landscaping and other outdoor trouble spots like garbage cans, pools, grills and fire pits. 
  • Ask about our Complimentary Stone Kit!
Indoor Solutions:
  • Shields Gate - Our invisible gate allows you to still block rooms without the hassle of stepping over baby gates, pet gates and other barriers. Designed with hallways, doorways and room openings in mind, they protect your pets from exiting or leaving a room or escaping outside through an open door.
  • Shields Plus - Dog proof your home with the drop of a disc while keeping them out of a dog or cat crate. Ideal for furniture, rugs, counter tops  and sections of rooms to protect your pets from hurting themselves when jumping up where they don't belong.
  • Micro Shields - All the protection of Shields Plus, just smaller. Do you have to put your cat dish on the counter to prevent the dog from eating your cat's food? Train your pets to go to their own food and not the others.
Pet Doors:
  • Prevent wildlife from coming inside. This system comes with advanced safety technology that locks automatically and only allows your pet access. Set times and rules for when your pet can go out.

Invisible Fence Total Solutions:

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