SCAT - Street Cat Rescue

SCAT - Street Cat Rescue

"This organization is simply amazing. They have so many cats and kittens in their care, and still, Erin knows pretty much everything about all of them. The fosters are clearly so passionate about what they are doing and do all they can to help these kitties. Every foster I met was so in love with their foster cats, but they still let them go when it's time so they can foster and save more cats. Definitely an organization worth adopting from/fostering for/donating to. " Sabine Kirsch

SCAT Street Cat Rescue is a registered Saskatoon-based charitable organization whose focus is rescuing at-risk cats and kittens living on the streets of Saskatoon. Our harsh weather and no-roaming bylaws, along with all the ‘usual’ risks to outdoor cats, make survival difficult. They focus on the most vulnerable, including pregnant cats, kittens, and those with injuries or medical problems requiring urgent vet care.

Over the years SCAT Street Cat Rescue has grown to the point where they now save over 700 cats every year! This can only happen with a large committed volunteer base with a wide range of skills and interests. They have a volunteer board, a core group of members who help make daily decisions, and a much larger group of individuals who volunteer in the wide range of activities to raise money and support the organization. Interested in adopting? 

Want to get involved?:

There is room for everyone at SCAT. Why not find out what you can do to help today! 

Saving lives since 1996!

SCAT Street Cat Rescue is a Trusted Saskatoon Non- Profit. Registered Charity #BN 884271180RR0001

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SCAT - Street Cat Rescue
P.O. BOX 31041
Saskatoon, SK S7H 5S8

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