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"As a Trusted partner it was great to experience it from the other side as a consumer. I know the process a business goes through to be a Trusted partner, I know the work Sara and her team do to make sure each company can be "Trusted" and that makes the decision of who to call so much easier. If a company is on Trusted I don't feel the need to ask friends for recommendations or try to find out about other people's experiences, that work has been done for me."

Tammy, Saskatoon

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The Trusted Saskatoon Team is thrilled to introduce our newest Trusted Saskatoon Partner in the Home Appliances and Fireplace category: Midtown Appliance World /Saskatoon Appliance . As your go-to Saskatoon home appliance stores, Midtown Appliance World and Saskatoon Appliance have been dedicated to serving the Saskatoon community with integrity and excellence since 1981. Get to this reputable local business!  Trusted Saskatoon Appliance Stores for over 40 years Established in 1981, Midtown Appliance World and Saskatoon Appliance have been pivotal in catering to the home appliance needs of Saskatoon... Read more

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Breathe Better Indoor Air Quality is here to service all your Indoor Air Quality needs in Saskatoon and the surrounding area. They pride themselves on providing the best furnace and duct cleaning in Saskatoon. In their latest Trusted Saskatoon duct and furnace expert tip, they introduce and explain their new service: AeroSeal Duct Sealing. Breathe Better Indoor Air Quality Specialists is a Trusted Saskatoon Furnace and Duct Cleaner.  Breath Better IAQ Offers AeroSeal Duct SealingIn Saskatoon, the winters are long, and the summers are warm; maintaining optimal indoor air quality is paramount for comfort... Read more


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