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The Park Town Hotel

"Great service, The Park Town Hotel always go above and beyond…they are very professional but manage to make you feel like family all at the same time."

"I go to the Park Town Hotel once a week for a meeting and our group is always treated very well, the parking is free, the staff are friendly and are quick and courteous, the food is always well cooked, ample and on time…and the meeting room are always spic and span. If we need anything it is never a bother to provide. The new renos are fantastic, and I would highly recommend the Park Town Hotel SASKATOON to any businesses looking for an affordable, excellent meeting place/venue" Sara G The Promotions Club of Saskatoon.

A real gem nestled in the heart of Saskatoon. The Hotel was established in 1958, the Park Town Hotel graces the beautiful South Saskatchewan riverbank along the Meewasin Trail. Many guests comment that the Park Town Hotel is one of the best hotels in Saskatoon. This 3 1/2 star property is privately owned by local shareholders committed to maintaining their excellent reputation for providing the highest standards in service and product, and offering local accountability...which is rare in the hotel industry these days for a hotel it's size!

The Park Town Hotel is a TRUSTED SASKATOON HOTEL , and they are truly care about customer Service 

The Park Town Hotel
924 Spadina Crescent
Saskatoon, SK S7K 3H5
Phone: (306) 244-5564
Toll Free: (800) 667-3999
Obasa Premier Suites

" I have dealt with Obasa Premier Suites for 3 or 4 years now, as part of my role is to book accomodations for company employees that come here to work for extended periods.Before we knew about the 'Obasa option' we used various hotels, Obasa is much preferable. Over that time we have had absolutely no issues, in fact the staff  have gone out of their way to accomodate us...shuffling rooms, moving things around , whatever it took. I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for long term accomodations"'  C.Smith, Stantec 

" Whenever we have clients requiring accomodation in Saskatoon or Regina we always work with Obasa..who make the entire process easy! All the feedback we have received has been positive, and they have been particually wonderful when we really needed them to be when things didn't go to plan with our clients schedules..nothing is too much trouble for the Obasa team and I would have to rate them a 9 out of 10, they absolutely belong on your Trusted directory"  Brandie, Calgary     

Are you a professional who requires short term accomodations?  Perhaps your family is relocating to Saskatoon and you haven't found a permanent home in the city? Maybe you are having issues with your own or flood damage perhaps...and the thought of a lengthy stay in a hotel room while your property is being repaired just doesn't appeal to you? 

Whatever your situation, Obasa Premier Suites offers temporary housing solutions in a wide range of beautiful properties in Saskatoon, Regina and across Canada.  Whether your stay is short-term or long-term, relax in fully furnished housing with style, comfort and convenience.


Obasa Suites are your TRUSTED SASKATOON ACCOMODATION providers 


Obasa Premier Suites
311 6th Avenue North
Saskatoon, SK S7K 7A9
Phone: (306) 931-1700
Toll Free: (877) 996-2272
Fax: (306) 986-1335